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Donating $7500 to Our Austin and Kansas City Communities


Elevate Holistics believes that when governments fail communities, small businesses and corporations have a responsibility to make up the balance. That’s why, in light of the grave mismanagement of the power grid during the winter storm, the pandemic, and our elected officials’ failure to right the ship in a time of emergency—we’ve decided to jump in with some community-focused giving.

On February 19, 2021, Elevate Holistics donated $5,000 to Austin Area Urban League and $2,500 to Uplift in Kansas City. Because people exposed to unprecedented harsh conditions are dying.

I Live Here I Give Here™

Stephen Stearman, founding member of Elevate Holistics, manages business operations from Austin, Texas, where he lives. As you may know, I Live Here I Give Here is a Central Texas organization that promotes giving back to the community where you thrive.

After personally living through and witnessing the dismal failures of the government to react in these unprecedented times, that simple philosophy of giving where you live was a no-brainer for Stearman and the Elevate team.

During the winter storm, the situation had become dangerous for people across Texas. Especially so for those in our population with insecure housing.

In reaction to the unanswered catastrophe in Austin, Stearman decided to give $5,000 to the Austin Area Urban League. And on behalf of the Elevate Holistics team operating in Kansas City, the company donated $2,500 to Uplift in Kansas City. Both organizations have a focus on homeless outreach.

The Spirit of the Cannabis Community

When you combine the principle that businesses should give in their own backyards with the spirit of the cannabis community—you’ve got nothing but giving for days.

We all know that the cannabis community has grown out of grassroots determination and the spirit of advocacy. It has done for patients with life-threatening conditions what the government should have, but somehow failed to do. The cannabis community also defends those from underserved communities that are unjustly imprisoned with marijuana charges.

Elevate Holistics has determined to launch this grassroots grit and initiative in the communities where it operates. Because it’s up to us to fill in the gaps in our communities through giving back. 

Join our compassionate community of cannabis activists, growers, doctors, and patients and follow us online at our Facebook Group!

About Austin Area Urban League

The Austin Area Urban League is a historic civil rights organization dedicated to providing economic empowerment, educational opportunities and the guarantee of civil rights for African Americans and other underserved/underrepresented populations in the Austin/Central Texas region.

Since 1977, it has enriched the lives of citizens within the greater Central Texas Region. It is one of more than 90 affiliates of the National Urban League providing direct services that impact and improve the lives of thousands in Central Texas. The Austin Area Urban League focuses on programming and services in the areas of education and youth development, workforce and career readiness, health, housing, justice, and advocacy.

About Uplift

Uplift is a homeless outreach program in Kansas City. This organization is an all volunteer group founded in 1990. It is not funded by federal, state, or local government grants or sponsored by other organizations and/or agencies. Uplift survives by donations and the personal commitment of others to feed and clothe the area’s homeless.

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About the author

Michael Lawal is a seasoned content writer with specialized expertise in the medical cannabis industry. With a background that blends journalism and health sciences, Michael has a knack for translating complex medical cannabis research into accessible and engaging content. His writing portfolio showcases a range of work from informative articles and research summaries to patient education materials. Committed to raising awareness about the benefits and responsible use of medical cannabis, Michael's work is a valuable resource for both consumers and professionals in the field.
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