What’s Up With Missouri’s 8-Ounce Allotment? (And Do You Need It?)

Nov, 2022
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MMJ patients in Missouri have a purchase limit of four ounces of cannabis per 30 days – known as the medical marijuana allotment in Missouri.

For some cannabis consumers in the state, a few ounces of medical cannabis every 30 days simply isn’t enough. So how can Missouri residents purchase more weed? How can you increase your Missouri allotment?

For a higher MMJ purchase limit, Missouri patients will need Missouri’s 8-ounce allotment increase. We can help with that. 

Elevate Holistics’ goal is to make MMJ easily accessible for patients, allowing them to obtain the amount of medicine they need. With us, getting an 8-ounce allotment increase – or up to 16-ounce if deemed medically necessary – is easier than ever.

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What’s the Medical Marijuana Allotment in Missouri?

First, what is the current Missouri allotment for medical cannabis?

The standard medical marijuana allotment in Missouri is capped at four ounces every 30 days. The Show-Me state measures cannabis using MMEs: Missouri Marijuana Equivalency units. The standard Missouri allotment equals 32 MMEs, or 112 grams of cannabis, per 30 days

Missouri’s cannabis measurements are as follows:

  • 3.5 grams of marijuana = 1 MME
  • 1 gram of cannabis concentrate = 1 MME
  • 100 mg. THC-infused product = 1 MME

It’s important to note that your allotment does not refresh at the beginning of each month. Instead, your thirty-day period begins with a purchase from the dispensary. After 30 days, the amount you purchased is added back to your allotment.

Don’t worry about accidentally over-purchasing – Missouri dispensaries track your purchase amounts with the state’s tracking system, METRC.

Are four ounces of medical cannabis per 30 days not doing it for you? How can Missouri MMJ patients increase their monthly MMEs?

Requirements for Missouri’s 8-Ounce Allotment

Patients who require more than four ounces of MMJ per 30 days can request that the state increase their Missouri allotment to eight – or even up to 16 – ounces.

To get a Missouri allotment increase, you must attend two separate MMJ doctor’s appointments for two medical cannabis recommendations. For the state to accept your Missouri allotment increase, the recommendations must be for the same condition.

Who Needs an Increased Missouri Allotment?

If you’ve found yourself nearing your limit one too many times, Missouri’s 8-ounce allotment may be the right choice for you. 

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Most patients who need the increased allotment have severe, chronic medical conditions that require higher potency medical cannabis products — and more of them.

How to Get Missouri’s 8-Ounce Allotment With Elevate Holistics

With Elevate Holistics, you can book a Monthly Allotment Increase appointment to double – or quadruple – your medical marijuana allotment in Missouri. 

The “Monthly Allotment Increase 8-16oz, Dual Appointments” includes two virtual doctor’s appointments to provide the two medical recommendations required for a Missouri allotment increase. 

With plenty of dates and times to choose from, patients must schedule the two doctor’s appointments two days apart.

If you already have one doctor’s MMJ recommendation less than 30 days old, select the “Allotment Increase” appointment type to complete your second appointment for a higher Missouri purchase limit. 

Upon acquiring two Missouri allotment increase recommendations, the state will increase a patient’s monthly cannabis allotment to 8 ounces – or up to 16 if deemed medically necessary.

To make the process even easier, we include our full-service application completion add-on with allotment increase dual appointments. Full-service application completion means Elevate Holistics will handle your state registration, ensuring all information is correct and valid.

Can I Buy More Weed With a MO Med Card VS Recreational?

In the future, when Missouri recreational cannabis is in full effect, recreational consumers will have a purchase and possession limit of three ounces. 

Patients with a Missouri medical marijuana card will always be able to purchase and possess more Missouri marijuana than recreational consumers. Missouri’s 8-ounce allotment increase – or up to 16 ounces – is reserved for medical marijuana patients.

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Make the Most of Missouri Marijuana With a Med Card

Are you on the fence about getting a Missouri medical marijuana card since the state passed recreational cannabis? There are many perks of having your Missouri medical card: higher purchase and possession limits, lower costs at dispensaries, a wider variety of cannabis products, and no waiting for recreational to be available.

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Elevate Holistics wants you to soak up all the benefits of Missouri marijuana. With us, you can quickly get medical marijuana certification online with an MMJ doctor. Our process is simple and hassle-free, virtually connecting you with a certified physician via video chat.

Make your cannabis journey the best it can be. Book a doctor’s appointment with Elevate Holistics to get medical cannabis approval today – or to increase your medical marijuana allotment in Missouri.