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With recreational cannabis on the upcoming Missouri ballot, medical marijuana patients in the Show-Me state are curious about med card benefits. 

Among perks like lower costs at the dispensary and a wider selection of cannabis products, patients with a medical marijuana card in Missouri will be able to purchase and possess more weed than potential recreational consumers.

How much medical marijuana can you possess in Missouri? How much weed will nonpatients be able to possess if recreational marijuana passes? Currently, what are Missouri’s marijuana possession laws for unregistered cannabis consumers? 

Here, Elevate Holistics will overview Missouri medical marijuana possession limits and purchase limits, current MO cannabis possession laws, and the easy way of getting a medical card in Missouri.

Are you ready to get canna-educated? We’re here to help!

How Much Medical Marijuana Can You Possess in Missouri?

Let’s jump right into Missouri medical marijuana possession limits. First off, how much medical marijuana can a Missouri patient purchase?

A Missouri patient or caregiver can purchase four ounces of medical cannabis every 30 days unless the state has approved the patient for an increased purchase limit. The state requires that patients obtain the approval of two physicians to increase their cannabis allotment. E

levate Holistics provides doctor’s appointments for allotment increases.

According to Missouri’s DHSS, you can possess eight ounces of weed in Missouri with a medical marijuana card in Missouri – a 60-day supply of cannabis. 

If you have a patient cultivation card, you can possess up to 12 ounces at home with no more than eight ounces in direct possession. 

How do Missouri possession limits of medical marijuana compare to the potential possession limits of recreational cannabis?

Comparing Missouri Possession Limits of Medical Marijuana to Recreational

Compared to MMJ patients, recreational consumers will not be able to possess as much cannabis if the state does legalize the plant. If Missouri legalizes recreational cannabis, recreational consumers 21 and older will be able to purchase and possess three ounces of cannabis.

If recreational consumers exceed the possession limit of 3 ounces, they could face a misdemeanor punishable by a fine, according to Amendment 3. Possessing more than 6 ounces could call for more severe punishment.

Since medical patients tend to have more leniency with possession limits, getting a medical card in Missouri is well worth it. What are the current possession laws for unregistered cannabis consumers?

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Missouri Marijuana Possession Laws

So how much medical marijuana can you possess in Missouri? Missouri possession limits of medical marijuana are eight ounces – a 60-day supply of medical cannabis. If a patient possesses up to twice as much cannabis as they are allowed, they may be fined $200 and have their medical card revoked.

Do Missouri medical marijuana possession limits only apply to MMJ cardholders?

Missouri possession limits of medical marijuana only apply to patients. Currently, nonpatients could face charges for marijuana possession in Missouri that exceeds the legal, decriminalized limit.

What are the Missouri possession laws for nonpatients? The state has decriminalized the possession of 10 grams or less of cannabis. For a first offense, possession of 10 grams or less is punishable by a maximum fine of $500. The offense is still a criminal misdemeanor, but you wouldn’t face jail time. 

The possession of more than 10 grams of cannabis, or a second offense of 10 grams or less, is punishable by jail time plus fines.

MO Medical Card Regulations 

Now that we’ve discussed Missouri medical marijuana possession limits, what are MO medical card regulations? What are the requirements for a MO medical card and the laws surrounding it?

  • To obtain a medical marijuana card in Missouri, patients must:
    • Be at least 18 years of age
    • Be a valid Missouri resident
    • Have a qualifying medical condition
  • MMJ patients can purchase a maximum of four ounces of flower or its equivalent per 30-day period. 
  • MMJ patients can possess eight ounces of medical cannabis.
  • Licensed patients or caregivers authorized to cultivate can grow up to six flowering marijuana plants, six non-flowering marijuana plants, and six clones.
  • Qualifying patients can’t consume marijuana in a public place. Where can I smoke with my medical card in Missouri?
  • Even with an MMJ card, driving under the influence of marijuana is illegal.

We Make Getting a Medical Card in Missouri Easy

How much medical marijuana can you possess in Missouri? Medical marijuana possession limits in Missouri are eight ounces per patient or caregiver – and that’s just one benefit of having a MO MMJ card.

Would you like to discover the perks of a medical marijuana card in Missouri for yourself? You’re in luck! With Elevate Holisitcs, getting a medical card in Missouri is easier than ever. 

Elevate Holistics is a 100% online medical marijuana clinic that virtually connects patients with certified physicians for medical marijuana approval. Our secure, hassle-free process will have you MMJ certified in no time.

That’s not all! Elevate Holistics is offering discounted renewals from November 1 through December. Learn more about how to renew your MMJ card with Elevate Holistics by clicking here.

Start reaping the benefits – book a doctor’s appointment with Elevate Holistics to get your medical marijuana card today.

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