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Where Can I Smoke With My Medical Card in Missouri?

Where can I smoke with my medical card in Missouri

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Are you a Missouri medical marijuana patient? Do you plan to get your medical card in Missouri soon? Whether you’re a current or future MMJ patient in the Show-Me State, you’ve probably asked yourself a very important question: Where can I smoke with my medical card in Missouri? 

Medical marijuana is 100% legal to consume in Missouri, but you can’t just light up wherever you please.

As tempting as it might be to smoke, vape or pop an edible or two when you’re out and about, it’s important to know where Missouri allows you to enjoy your cannabis products. 

Missouri medical marijuana law is very specific when it comes to where you can (and can’t) consume medical marijuana. At Elevate Holistics, we want your Missouri medical marijuana experience to be the best it can be.

Here we’ll take a deeper look at MO medical marijuana card consumption laws to ensure you remain safe in the eyes of the law when smoking your stash. 

Where can I smoke with my medical card in Missouri

Where Can I Smoke With My Medical Card In The Show-Me State? 

If you’re a medical marijuana patient in MO, it’s vital you know where it’s legal to consume cannabis. Missouri medical marijuana laws aren’t as conservative as some medical states such as Utah that forbid you from consuming anywhere but your own home.

But you can’t just smoke anywhere you please. 

Where can I smoke with my medical card in Missouri, then? 

Missouri medical marijuana law outlines distinctive places the state allows cardholders to consume medical cannabis. Being clear on where these places are can save you from any negative repercussions per Missouri medical marijuana consumption law. 

Missouri MMJ patients, let’s dive right in to determine where you can smoke with your medical card.

Can I Smoke Weed in Public With a Medical Card? 

While it might sound cool to snap a quick selfie standing under the Gateway Arch with a burning blunt in hand, the state prohibits smoking weed in public. Even if you have your Missouri medical card. 

Missouri medical marijuana law defines a public place as “any public or private property, or portion of public or private property, that is open to the general public, including but not limited to, sidewalks, streets, bridges, parks, schools and businesses.”

Can you smoke marijuana in public with a medical card, though? Does having a medical card make it okay? 

Honestly, no. 

Although medical marijuana is legal in 37 states and Washington D.C., smoking weed in public is typically frowned upon no matter how open-minded the state might be. 

Keep in mind, there are less obvious ways to consume cannabis than lighting up a joint or hitting a packed pipe. While it remains illegal to consume cannabis in the above public places per MO medical marijuanas card laws, capsules, oils, and tinctures are far more discreet.

If you’re wondering, “Can you smoke in your car with a medical card?” The answer is also a hard no.

Consuming these low-key products before going out in public are way more inconspicuous than puffing on some fresh flower. 

Where You Can Smoke Marijuana In Public With A Medical Card In Missouri

Just because you can’t blatantly light up on the streets of St. Louis (and other Missouri cities and towns), there are some designated spots where you can smoke marijuana in public with a medical card. 

That’s right. MO medical marijuanas card laws have designated areas for private medical cannabis consumption. If you’re interested in legally smoking weed outside of your house, Missouri does offer medical patients a few options. 

Where can I smoke weed with my medical card in Missouri, then? 

We’re glad you asked. 

Following are a few places where you can smoke marijuana in public with a medical card.

Missouri State Parks

Established in 1917, the Missouri state park system contains 92 state parks and historical sites that span over 150,000 acres.

While you’ll want to refrain from lighting up at the Lewis and Clark Memorial and other historical sites, there are 38 state parks where Missouri medical card holders can consume cannabis. Some restrictions do apply. 

Where can I smoke with my medical card in Missouri

Missouri medical marijuana law permits patients with a current medical card to legally consume cannabis in a private setting in state parks. Although you can’t get roasted while roasting smores around the campfire, you can legally smoke weed in your tent, RV, or other private space. 

If you plan to consume cannabis while in any of Missouri’s beautiful state parks, just be sure to have your Missouri medical marijuana card with you and remember to remain discreet. 

St. Louis Cannabis Club

St. Louis is sometimes referred to as the center of the heartland. It’s a city rich in history with a social scene that’s vibrant, welcoming, and known for community equality. Something else you can find in St. Louis? Missouri’s premier medical cannabis club. 

That’s right. 

St. Louis is home to The Cola Private Lounge, a cannabis consumption lounge and community space. If you’ve ever asked yourself “where can I smoke with my medical card” when in St. Louis or the surrounding areas, here’s your answer. 

With what consumers have described as a “super dope atmosphere, unlike anything else in St. Louis right now,” the Cola is the spot to be for MMJ cardholders in Missouri who want to chill with others while consuming cannabis. 

Keep in mind that the Cola isn’t a dispensary. If you want to join in the St. Louis social cannabis scene, you’ll need to bring your own bud (or cannabis product of choice).

Sharing your stash with others is very much so supported at this private club “where buds meet.” 

With regular rotating events such as a puff, pass, and paint class, and a cannabis and comedy show called “Best Medicine,” this cannabis club is where it’s at for medical patients in Missouri that want to get together with others that share the same passion for the plant. 

So can you smoke marijuana in public with a medical card in Missouri? If you really want to, the Cola Lounge is about as close as you’re going to get. 

Designated “Non-Public Spaces”

Missouri medical marijuana law also permits property or business owners to authorize a specific “non-public space” where medical patients can legally consume cannabis. There’s a catch here, though.

The state defines this space as an “enclosed public space where one qualifying patient may consume medical marijuana.”

Where can I smoke with my medical card in Missouri

This means if you want to blaze with your Missouri MMJ buddies, the state doesn’t exactly allow it. If you’re more of a solo smoker than a social one, however, these specially designated smoke spots could help you expand your smoke sesh horizons beyond the comfort of your own home.

Staying In The Loop Of Missouri Medical Marijuana Law With Elevate Holistics

At Elevate Holistics, we want to make sure your Missouri marijuana experience is the best (and safest) it can possibly be. We’re here to keep you up to date with Missouri medical marijuana card rules and cannabis consumption laws in the Show-Me State. 

Missouri medical marijuana law protects cannabis consumers in MO with a medical card. But this doesn’t mean they can smoke weed wherever they please. 

Countless Missouri medical patients ask, “Where can I smoke with my medical card?” — and we don’t blame them! To date, the few places mentioned above are the only spots to legally consume cannabis in Missouri with your medical card. 

With marijuana laws constantly evolving, public cannabis consumption laws can always change. When and if they do, you can be sure we’ll keep you in the loop of all things medical and recreational marijuana in Missouri.

Still have questions about where you can smoke marijuana in public in Missouri? Contact us at any time. We’re always here to help.  

Click here to book an appointment and get your Missouri MMJ card from the comfort of your home.

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