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Wait, is recreational weed legal in Missouri


Whether you’re a Midwest cannabis consumer that hails from Missouri or plan on smoking marijuana while visiting the state known for some of the best barbeques in the U.S., knowing the legal status of Missouri recreational weed laws is important.

Is Recreational Marijuana Legal In Missouri?

In Missouri, the use of cannabis for recreational purposes is now legal


This change followed the successful passing of Amendment 3, a ballot initiative, by a vote of 53% to 47% on November 8, 2022. 


From December 8, 2022, adults aged 21 and older were legally allowed to possess cannabis. The initial sales under license commenced on February 3, 2023.


Understanding Medical vs. Recreational Marijuana in MO 

If Missouri recreational cannabis laws pass under Amendment 3, also known as Legal Missouri 2022, what might medical vs. recreational weed in Missouri look like? Does it even make sense to have a Missouri medical cannabis card even when the marijuana laws have been passed


At Elevate Holistics, we want to make your Missouri marijuana experience the best it can possibly be


And this might just mean having a medical marijuana card even if Missouri recreational cannabis laws pass. 


Keep reading to discover more about medical vs. recreational weed in Missouri and why having your medical card in the Show-Me State might still be the best way to go. 

Should You Have Your Medical Marijuana Card Even If Recreational Marijuana in Missouri is Legal? 

Even if recreational marijuana is legalized, having a Missouri medical marijuana card can be extremely advantageous to cannabis consumers who live in the state. 

Why Getting Your Missouri MMJ Card Is The Way To Go

While the weed itself is the same, you can expect some definitive differences in medical vs. recreational weed laws. 


Even if the Missouri recreational marijuana law has been passed, there are still some serious benefits to having a medical card. 

Benefits of Having an MMJ Card If Recreational Marijuana is Legal in Missouri

Not only will Missouri MMJ patients save some serious cash on cannabis products by paying less money in taxes, having a medical card could ensure higher possession limits, priority in case the state runs out of cannabis product and access to cannabis products before recreational sales actually start. 


Here, we’ll take a deeper dive into the very real advantages of still carrying a medical cannabis card even if Missouri recreational cannabis is legalized. 

Medical vs. Recreational Cannabis Prices

It’s no secret that keeping your stash well-stocked can get expensive, even when you have your medical card. 


Especially when Missouri medical marijuana patients are allowed to purchase up to 4 ounces a month. 


And while the cost of medical marijuana in Missouri is cheaper compared to some other states, it isn’t on the list of the top 10 cheapest MMJ states.

Even if cannabis is recreational in Missouri, one of the biggest advantages of having a medical card is paying lower prices at the dispensary. 

Currently, Missouri medical cannabis patients are required to pay a 4% sales tax on every purchase of medical marijuana. There is no additional excise tax on medical marijuana purchases. 


Recreational marijuana taxes in Missouri would look much different, however. If Missouri recreational cannabis laws are passed, there will be a 6% sales tax on every recreational weed purchase. On top of that, the initiative allows local governments to assess local sales taxes up to 3%. 


This means that in some places, consumers of recreational marijuana in Missouri could pay up to a 9% sales tax on every purchase! This would make recreational marijuana taxes in Missouri more than double that of medical cannabis taxes


Medical vs. recreational prices are a huge deal, and tend to be vastly different in states that have enacted recreational and medical marijuana laws. 


Having your medical card in Missouri even if recreational weed is legal will save you a pretty penny when it comes to purchasing your pot products. 

Updated Possession Limits For Missouri MMJ Patients

Here’s a quick recap of the current rules regarding medical cannabis possession limits in Missouri:


  1. Purchases: A patient or their caregiver is limited to buying four ounces of medical marijuana at a time, which is considered a 30-day supply.
  2. Possession for Non-Cultivators: Patients or caregivers who do not cultivate their own cannabis can legally possess up to eight ounces, recognized as a 60-day supply.
  3. Possession for Cultivators: Patients or caregivers with a cultivation license are permitted to have a total of 12 ounces of medical cannabis. However, they should only carry a maximum of eight ounces at a time. The remaining four ounces must be securely stored at the cultivation site.
  4. Carrying Limit: Remember, do not carry more than eight ounces of medical marijuana at any time.
  5. Caregiver Possession: A caregiver can have separate possession limits for each patient they care for, in addition to their own limit if they are also a qualifying patient.

These guidelines are essential to follow to ensure compliance with Missouri’s medical marijuana regulations.

Missouri residents may experience something similar. Having a medical marijuana card, however, means that patients have immediate access to cannabis products.

Individuals waiting for recreational sales, on the other hand, could be waiting a while. 

Lower Age Restriction For Missouri Medical Patients

Missouri’s medical marijuana program is open to state residents 18 years of age and older.
Minors under the age of 18 can consume cannabis for a qualifying medical condition. However, they must designate a parent or legal guardian as their caregiver. 


Recreational marijuana in Missouri will be a different story. Even if Missouri legalizes recreational weed in Missouri, individuals under the age of 21 cannot purchase it. 

You Can Purchase Medical Marijuana In Other States With Your Missouri MMJ Card

As a Missouri medical marijuana patient, you can use your MMJ card in other medical marijuana states with reciprocity


While not all medical marijuana states allow residents from other medical states to purchase medical cannabis, having your Missouri medical card will come in handy if you happen to be visiting one that does.


Click here to learn more about what states offer MMJ reciprocity, as well as what limitations might apply. 

Increased Legal Protection With a Medical Cannabis Card

Even when weed is legal, having a medical marijuana card in Missouri (or any state for that matter) can offer greater legal protection.


In the instance that you are ever incriminated for cannabis consumption or possession, if you’ve got a medical card, it means that a licensed physician legally supports you. 

Get Your Missouri Medical Marijuana Card with Elevate Holistics

We’re all about access to legal weed and 100% support recreational legislation. We also understand the benefits of having a medical marijuana card, even in states that have legalized cannabis for recreational use


From the drastic difference of medical vs. recreational prices to higher purchase limits and increased access to cannabis products, having a medical card really does make marijuana more affordable and accessible. 


So how do you get a Missouri medical marijuana card? 


At Elevate Holistics, it’s our mission to make getting your medical marijuana card as simple and easy as possible. All you need to do is choose a date and time that works best for you, and we’ll connect you virtually to a physician for your medical card approval. 


We believe in treating patients with compassion and respect. We also believe in having access to cannabis physicians that care about your well-being. 


But, at the end of the day, Elevate truly wants to make attaining your medical marijuana card effortless, which is why we make sure you get all the assistance you need throughout the process. 


Click the button below to get approved in minutes.

Weed is cheaper in Missouri with a medical card.

Get a medical card and pay less in taxes, experience medical-only discounts, and have priority service every time you enter a dispensary. We'll help you get approved online in minutes.

Get Your MMJ Card Right From Home

Elevate Holistics’ process is quick, affordable, and done entirely online. It’s never been so easy.

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