Is Marijuana Cheaper in Missouri?

Oct, 2022
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Marijuana is cheaper in Missouri compared to a few states, but it won’t make the top 10 states for the cheapest medical marijuana.

The top states include Oregon, Washington, Colorado, California, Montana, and a few others, where the average price of an ounce of high-quality medical marijuana is less than $300.

That said, to what extent is marijuana cheaper in Missouri? To understand Missouri medical marijuana prices, you need to understand how dispensaries price weed. 

Is Marijuana Cheaper In Missouri

Missouri Weed Price

For a high-quality ounce, the average cost of weed in Missouri and its neighboring states, including Illinois and Oklahoma, hovers between $340 to $350.

This average cost of marijuana is mostly consistent with states that legalized medical weed between 2018 to 2021.

However, the national average cost of marijuana is $326.

On the other hand, the average cost of weed in Missouri and neighboring states is consistently between $280 to $320 for an ounce of medium quality. But, the national average cost of marijuana in the medium-quality category is $266.

If you look at the states with the cheapest prices, you’d note that they legalized weed in the late 90s to early 2000s. 

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What is the Difference between High-Quality Weed and Medium-Quality Weed?

As with every other weed legal state, Missouri medical marijuana price is partly determined by the quality of the weed.

The higher the quality, the higher the average cost of marijuana strain.

High-Quality Weed

Also known as craft cannabis, piff, top shelf, or artisanal weed. High-quality weeds have visible translucent trichomes, brilliant colors (such as purple, blue, red, and pink), and strong flavors.

Growers put a lot of effort into growing high-quality weed, often preferring to use only organic treatments and hand-trim them.

The average Missouri weed price for an eighth (3.5 grams) of high-quality weed range between $45 to $70. 

Medium or Mid-Quality Weed

Is Marijuana Cheaper In Missouri

Also known as reggie or regular weed. Most commercial medical weed falls within this grade; you can easily find them in stores.

Reggies do not have very vibrant color profiles, and their aromas are not as strong as that of top-shelf buds.

They are usually green with hints of purple, orange, and/or yellow hues. Also, the trichomes are not so pronounced when visible.

The average Missouri weed price for an eighth (3.5 grams) of a mid-quality weed falls within the $35 to $40 range.

With this in view, is marijuana cheaper in Missouri? Comparatively, yes. Medium weed is the most commonly available grade of weed in dispensaries, and the average price in most states, even some that legalized in the early 2000s, is higher than the average in Missouri.

For instance, if you are to ask, “how much is marijuana in Vermont?” You might be surprised to learn that the average price is $40+.

This puts Missouri medical marijuana price at a comparatively cheaper or similar rate to most states. 

Low-Quality Weed

Also known as ditch weed, dirt weed, or schwag. Low-quality weeds are usually very brownish with tiny hints of green and a pungent smell.

This weed category is not available in Missouri dispensaries and is not a factor in determining the Missouri medical marijuana price. 

How to Calculate the Cost of Weed

If you have bought medical weed a few times, you must have come across terms like one-eighth, 3.5 grams, and one ounce. If you have never really understood the concepts, this breakdown might be helpful.

The cannabis industry collectively uses grams and ounces as measures to maintain consistency in weed measurement at the point of sale and establish a comparative measure of weed price across all legal states.

Generally, an ounce of weed is the legal possession limit across the U.S, while a gram is the smallest amount of weed you can purchase at dispensaries. So, it makes sense that dispensaries use these metrics to determine the cost of weed in Missouri and other states. 

Understanding the Numbers

For context:

  • 1 oz (one ounce) = 28 grams.

When buying your weed, you may likely notice that the label says 1/8th or 3.5 grams, as in the pictures below:

Screen Shot 2022 10 25 At 12.46.52 Pm

Both refer to the same measurement: one-eighth of an ounce = 3.5 grams.

One-eight of an ounce equals one portion of an ounce of weed divided into eight places.

  • That is, one ounce divided by 8 = one-eighth (1/8) oz. Budtenders often say “an eighth.”
  • Similarly, 28 grams divided by 8 = 3.5 grams.

Knowing this measure of weed helps you understand price differences when comparing prices because you might find that a dispensary sells a particular strain at 7g measures while another uses an eight measure for a similar price.

For instance, if Dispensary A sells an eighth of Peppermint Kush for $40 and Dispensary B sells 7 grams of the same Peppermint Kush for $70, you should go for the latter as theirs is cheaper.

Since an eighth is 3.5 grams, it means that Dispensary A would sell 7 grams at $80.

Note: 7 grams equals a quarter of an ounce (1/4 oz), and 14 grams is half of an ounce (½ oz). You might see these slightly confusing numbers on some products. 

Factors Affecting the Cost of Weed in Missouri

It is safe to say that medical marijuana price in Missouri has significantly decreased since dispensaries opened their doors to patients in late 2020.

As time passes and more businesses join the Missouri cannabis industry, the cost of weed in Missouri will get a lot cheaper.

Below is a brief look at the factors affecting Missouri weed prices:

  • High cost of business setup
  • Taxes at the state and local levels
  • Inflation and other economic factors
  • Quality grade
  • The strain 

Elevate Holistics: Save Money With Your Medical Marijuana Card

Is marijuana cheaper in Missouri? The correct answer should be “comparatively.”

However, given the performance of the Missouri marijuana industry in the past year, it is clear that the prospects for medical marijuana are very bright, and it will be a lot cheaper in the future.

When the first dispensaries started sales, the average cost of marijuana per eighth was $60. Today, it is thereabouts $35 and is likely to get a lot cheaper once Missouri legalizes recreational marijuana.

Basically, as with most other states, recreational users will bear most of the costs in the form of taxes, while medical marijuana prices reduce to give patients easier access to quality weed.

Remember that your medical marijuana card will always give you cheaper and quicker access to weed while saving you hundreds of dollars annually.

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