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This November, Missourians will vote on the legalization of recreational marijuana. If passed, greener and better things are on the horizon for recreational and medical marijuana consumers alike. So why have your medical marijuana card in Missouri if the state legalizes recreational cannabis?

If the state passes recreational marijuana in Missouri, it will be quite some time before retail sales begin. On top of the wait, there are plenty of MMJ card benefits – including lower costs at dispensaries, access to a wider selection of products, and higher possession limits.

What’s up with Missouri marijuana 2022? Is marijuana recreational in Missouri? Elevate Holistics is here to overview the possibility of recreational Missouri marijuana and explain the benefits of having a medical marijuana card.

Will recreational Missouri cannabis pass or is the state just blowing smoke? Let’s light one up for this Midwest state and dive into the details.

Missouri Marijuana 2022 Update

So what’s the deal with recreational marijuana in Missouri? Legal Missouri 2022 organized the effort to add recreational marijuana in Missouri to the November ballot. The group garnered more than 200,000 verified signatures across the state, exceeding the 184,720 required signatures.

The initiative faced uncertainty after marijuana prohibitionists filed a lawsuit claiming the initiative did not reach requirements. However, after resolving legal challenges, the amendment is guaranteed to be on the Missouri 2022 ballot. 

Is Marijuana Recreational in Missouri?

Is recreational marijuana legal in Missouri? No, medical marijuana is currently the only legal way to legally purchase, possess, and consume weed in Missouri. In November 2022, Missouri residents will vote on Missouri Amendment 3, the Marijuana Legalization Initiative.

This initiative would amend the Missouri Constitution to: 

  • Remove state prohibitions on the purchase, possession, consumption, use, delivery, manufacture, and sale of marijuana for personal use for adults 21 and older
  • Allow individuals with certain marijuana-related offenses to petition for release from prison or parole and probation and have their records expunged
  • Impose a 6% tax on the retail price of recreational marijuana
  • Strengthen Missouri’s medical marijuana program

A recent survey shows that 62% of Missourians support marijuana legislation for adult use, compared to 26% who think it should remain illegal. So are the odds in cannabis consumers’ favor? We’ll see in November.

Missouri Marijuana Laws

For now, Missouri medical marijuana is the only legal way to access cannabis in the state. In 2014, lawmakers decriminalized marijuana in Missouri through legislation. In 2018, Missouri legalized medical marijuana and sales began two years later in 2020.

So, what are the Missouri marijuana laws?

  • Patients can purchase up to four ounces of marijuana every 30 days. Patients who want to up their purchase limit require two independent physician certifications. 
  • Possession of 10 grams or less of cannabis is punishable by a fine, but the offense remains a criminal misdemeanor. Possessing greater quantities of cannabis is punishable by jail time.
  • Patients licensed to grow marijuana can grow up to six flowering plants, six non-flowering plants, and six clones in a secure area.
  • It is illegal to drive with any amount of marijuana in your system, even if you have a Missouri MMJ card.

Benefits of Medical Marijuana Card Missouri

Is marijuana recreational in Missouri? No, not yet. Why get a medical marijuana card Missouri if there’s a possibility the state could pass recreational cannabis?

There are several reasons to hold on to your Missouri medical marijuana card even if the state legalizes adult-use weed.

Dispensaries Prioritize Patients

Dispensaries always prioritize registered MMJ patients when it comes to waiting times and product availability.

When waiting In the queue, dispensaries will like put patients first. And if cannabis availability dwindles in the state, the available cannabis products are reserved for medical marijuana patients.  

Lower Costs at Dispensaries

Like other states, Missouri will tax recreational marijuana more than medical marijuana to broaden accessibility for patients. 

If legalized, the state will tax recreational Missouri cannabis at 6% of the retail price compared to a 4% tax on medical marijuana. Local governments can also impose an additional 3% tax on recreational marijuana.

On top of that, the state will likely reduce Missouri’s 4% MMJ tax in the future. Also, Amendment 3 will lower the cost of MMJ card renewals and extend the time each renewal stays valid to three years. 

Wider Selection of Products

Compared to recreational marijuana in Missouri, the selection of medical marijuana products will be much more extensive. When states legalize recreational cannabis, there is always a “medical menu” and an “adult-use menu.” 

These menus are very different, as the medical menu at dispensaries boasts a wider variety of cannabis products. Missouri could even limit the products available for recreational sales to edibles and smokeable dried flower.

Higher Possession Limits

If the MO recreational cannabis measure passes, patient possession limits will increase from four to six ounces. Possession limits would be lower for recreational consumers.

Grow More of Your Own Weed

Do you cultivate your own medicine? Although MO’s recreational marijuana measure will allow residents to grow weed for personal use, it will still be beneficial to keep your MMJ card.

Patients will be allowed to grow more cannabis plants than residents without their MMJ cards. In addition, registered cultivators will be able to increase their Missouri cannabis possession limits to 12 or 18 ounces.

If Missouri marijuana recreational passes, the state cultivation fee will be cut in half, totaling $50 rather than the previous $100. The cultivation card will be valid for three years instead of one.

Out-of-State Reciprocity

Currently, Missouri does not offer medical marijuana reciprocity. Medical marijuana reciprocity is the ability to purchase cannabis products from other MMJ states that allow reciprocity. If Amendment 3 passes, that will change for Missouri.

Patients with a medical marijuana card in Missouri will be able to purchase medical cannabis in any other MMJ state that allows reciprocity.

Get MMJ Certified With Elevate Holistics

Is marijuana recreational in Missouri? No. Residents will vote on recreational Missouri cannabis in the November election. If legal Missouri marijuana 2022 passes, there will be a waiting period before retail sales begin. In addition to the wait, there are several other benefits of having your Missouri medical marijuana card. 

Luckily, it’s easier than ever to get your MMJ card – and you’re already in the right place to get one. As voted by Missourians, Elevate Holistics is the best medical marijuana clinic in the state.

Our process to get medical marijuana approval is fully online, secure, and can be completed from the comfort of your home. It’s simple: you choose the date and time, and we virtually connect you with a certified physician.

What are you waiting for? Book a virtual doctor’s appointment with Elevate Holisitcs for MMJ certification today.

Get Your MMJ Card Right From Home

Elevate Holistics’ process is quick, affordable, and done entirely online. It’s never been so easy.

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