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Missouri has recognized our passion for making medical cannabis accessible. After helping more than 70,000 happy patients get their medical marijuana cards thus far, Elevate Holistics won Missouri’s Best 2023 Medical Marijuana Clinic!

What is Missouri’s Best? Missouri Magazine started the Missouri’s Best contest in 2017. With over 400 categories in Missouri’s Best competition, voters decide which businesses come out on top. 

In its seventh year of celebrating Missouri’s Best, Elevate Holistics is honored to accept the title of Missouri’s Best Medical Marijuana Clinic. We thank our patients and those who voted for us from the bottom of our holistic hearts. 

What does winning Missouri’s Best 2023 mean? What makes Elevate Holistics Missouri’s Best medical marijuana clinic? Let’s explore what this title means and what makes Elevate Holistics great.

What Does Winning Missouri’s Best 2023 Mean?

Winning Missouri’s Best means that Elevate Holistics is the best of the best when it comes to MO medical marijuana clinics, as voted by Missouri Magazine readers.

With over 350,000 readers, Elevate Holistics will be listed in the special edition “Missouri’s Best Magazine” which will be online for the entirety of 2023.

Elevate Holistics, among other Missouri winners, will be celebrated at the Missouri’s Best Red-Carpet Event. Missouri Magazine will host the Red-Carpet Event on April 27, 2023, at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Why is Elevate Holistics Missouri’s Best Medical Marijuana Clinic?

So what makes Elevate Holistics Missouri’s Best medical marijuana clinic? We are passionate about the medical benefits of cannabis – that’s why we aim to provide the best medical marijuana card service.

Elevate Holistics is a telehealth platform set out to make medical cannabis easily accessible to patients, all from the privacy of their homes. In the summer of 2019, CEO Stephen Stearman created Elevate Holistics to connect doctors with patients for medical marijuana evaluations in the rural communities of Oklahoma. Now, Elevate Holistics serves multiple states and thousands of patients by providing MMJ certifications online.

With industry standard security and compliance-compliant medical marijuana processes and board-certified cannabis physicians, we strive to make obtaining a medical marijuana card as secure and simple as possible. 

How Does Our MMJ Card Process Work?

We know that getting your medical marijuana card can be confusing. Our straightforward, fully online process virtually connects patients with MMJ doctors for medical marijuana approval. 

How does the process work? First, you select a date and time for a virtual doctor’s appointment and fill out intake forms. Same-day appointments are available at a variety of times. Don’t worry – our fully encrypted site keeps your information safe. 

During your online video chat appointment, an MMJ doctor will confirm that you meet at least one qualifying condition for medical marijuana. Then, within 30 minutes, you will either be approved or denied for medical cannabis.

Throughout the process, we update patients using clear instructions regarding the next step. Not tech-savvy? No problem. If a patient needs extra help along the way, the EH team is readily available to support them.

Elevate Holistics also offers additional services to assist patients in the full process of getting an MMJ card. These services include:

  • Full-service application completion: We complete your state application for you, which is the next step in getting your MMJ card.
  • 24-hour priority full-service: We’ll have your state application ready for submission within 24 hours of your doctor’s appointment.

Once you have your medical marijuana card, you can visit dispensaries and legally purchase medical marijuana.

Our Partners

To further provide patients with our MMJ card service, Elevate Holistics partners with dispensaries to offer in-person patient drives. A patient drive is an event in which patients come in person for EH representatives to walk them through the application process. For many patients, this makes the experience of getting an MMJ card even easier. 

Would you like to attend a patient drive? Subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the loop about where we’ll be next. 

Is your dispensary interested in becoming an Elevate Holistics partner? Doing so connects dispensaries with customers and increases traffic. Upon partnering with us, we’ll add you to our growing list of recommended cannabis providers. Submit your contact information online to become an EH partner.

Patient Reviews

More than 70,000 happy patients have trusted Elevate Holistics with the MMJ card process. Let’s take a look at what the patients are saying in our reviews.

“There’s no way I could’ve done this by myself. They were more than helpful and before I knew it the process was done. Very relieved to have had the assistance along the way.” -Karen English

“Elevate Holistics made the process of getting my medical card in MO so very easy! I highly recommend them. The meeting with the doctor was smooth and they handled every single detail…” -Angie Arnold

“You guys are awesome! I am pretty disadvantaged in this world of technology. I would not have been able to get through this process without you. You are kind, considerate, and very patient. WE NEED YOU…” -Candy Hufft

“The application process is so easy only costing you very little of your own time. They literally do all the work. You only have to do a few things and they give you step-by-step instructions on what you have to do. They are super great to work with.” -Stacy Trammell

Elevate Your Life With Elevate Holistics

We take pride in treating our patients with respect, compassion, and love. That’s why we believe that everyone deserves to feel better naturally. The extensive use of cannabis throughout history for medicinal purposes speaks volumes – and we’re ready to listen.

Making sure patients can legally access medical cannabis isn’t all we do. Whether it’s news about a popular cannabinoid or the latest marijuana laws, Elevate Holistics also keeps patients up to date on all things cannabis with our blog

Do you need your medical marijuana card? Book a virtual doctor’s appointment with Elevate Holistics for medical marijuana certification today. 

Get Your MMJ Card Right From Home

Elevate Holistics’ process is quick, affordable, and done entirely online. It’s never been so easy.

About the author

Ally Hilbert is the Content and SEO Manager here at Elevate Holistics, working to publish and run Elevate’s blogs and landing pages, as well as conduct keyword research, competitor analysis, and more. After having brain surgery at the age of 17, Ally became fascinated with medical cannabis and its benefits, and, at 18, had her first CBD-related piece published. Today, she’s been writing about cannabis for the past six years, and simply can’t think of a better company to get to do it for. When she’s not writing or editing, Ally’s side-by-side with her pup Sadie in Seattle.
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