Can You Get Denied For a Medical Cannabis Card Online?

Apr, 2022
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The word is out – medical marijuana serves as an effective medicine and people are using it to relieve a plethora of medical conditions. That’s why so many patients are getting their online medical cannabis card through Elevate Holistics. But patients need to know: can I get denied a medical card?

Yes, it is possible to not get approved when applying for a medical cannabis card online.

But, what can cause this to happen?

For safety reasons, patients with certain conditions are likely to get denied when applying for an MMJ card. Here we’ll talk about Elevate Holistics’ disqualifying conditions, other options for those who don’t qualify, and the many qualifying medical conditions for a medical marijuana card.

If you’re interested in getting your online medical cannabis card, this information is essential to know before you book an online appointment with one of our cannabis physicians.

Medical Cannabis Card Online

Disqualifying Conditions for Medical Cannabis

So what conditions can disqualify patients who want to get medical cannabis card online? While cannabis is intrinsically harmless, it may trigger unwanted effects in individuals with certain conditions.

These unwanted effects are generally caused by marijuana’s psychoactive compound THC, which is not present in all cannabis products.

Disqualifying Conditions:

  • Schizophrenia: Consuming marijuana might trigger schizophrenia or psychosis in people at higher risk of these conditions.
  • Bipolar disorder: Marijuana could make manic symptoms worse, or trigger a manic episode, in a person with bipolar disorder.
  • Severe depression: In the same way that marijuana can trigger episodes in other mental health disorders, it can also temporarily worsen severe depression.
  • Prior suicide attempt: Due to the possibility of severe depression being temporarily amplified, it's best to avoid consuming marijuana if you have ever attempted suicide.
  • Prior psychiatric hospitalization: For the same reasons listed above, avoid consuming marijuana if you have ever experienced a psychiatric hospitalization.
  • Substance abuse: Many doctors advise patients to avoid consuming marijuana if they struggle with substance abuse disorder.
  • Severe lung disease/COPD: Smoking marijuana may make symptoms more severe in people with severe lung diseases like COPD.
  • Currently pregnant: Compounds in marijuana, mainly the psychoactive element THC, may affect a baby in the womb.
  • Currently breastfeeding: THC is excreted into breastmilk in small quantities. With insufficient long-term research, professionals advise avoiding consuming cannabis when breastfeeding.
  • Not meeting any qualifying medical conditions for an online medical cannabis card: If you don’t meet any of the qualifying medical conditions (listed below) to be prescribed medical marijuana, it is likely that you will be denied.
  • Error with application documents or fees: Patients must provide certain documents, like proof of identity, throughout the application process. Patients will also need to pay fees (like your state’s MMJ card fee after Elevate Holistics provides you with approval) to complete the application and move forward with getting your card.

During your online MMJ card appointment, it’s important to be honest and discuss any concerns or possible disqualifiers with your Elevate Holistics cannabis physician. This will ensure your safety and wellbeing.

What’s Next If You Can’t Get a Medical Cannabis Card Online

If you do not qualify for an online medical cannabis card, there are other options to consider if you would like to holistically boost your wellness and treat health ailments. It is not unfounded or ineffective to believe you can heal yourself with the earth’s natural elements. It’s proven.

When humans were created, the earth – rich in medicine and remedies – was ready for us. Everything we need is available to us, naturally. Here are some options:

  • Reach out to a holistic medicine practitioner in your area to discuss other natural alternatives. Your practitioner will assess your health and is likely to recommend a diet change (the food we consume plays a significant role in our wellbeing), herbal supplements, and exercise.
  • Along with marijuana, there are other herbs that possess antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anticarcinogenic properties. Many herbs treat anxiety, strengthen your immune system, and can heal you from the inside out. Conduct your own research online and visit your local herb shop. (Turmeric, Passion Flower, Burdock Root, Ashwagandha, Lemon Balm – the list of powerful herbs is nearly endless.)
  • There are many cannabis products that don’t contain marijuana’s psychoactive compound THC. CBD products do not require an MMJ card and can be purchased through any trusted CBD retailer. Avoid buying any cannabis product that is not regulated through a retailer.

If your medical issues are severe, worsen, or are affecting your ability to make it through daily life, contact your primary care physician immediately. Sometimes, chemical-based pharmaceuticals are necessary.

Don’t feel discouraged if you are currently taking chemical-based pharmaceuticals, and DO NOT quit taking them without consulting with your doctor. It is possible to delve into the world of holistic medicine while still taking certain medicines.

Always talk with your doctor before mixing your prescriptions with any herbal treatments.

Qualifying Medical Conditions

Medical Cannabis Card Online

If you don’t have any disqualifying conditions, patients are likely to get approved for a medical weed card online if a qualifying medical condition is met. Qualifying conditions are plentiful, as medical marijuana can be used to treat a nearly endless variety of health problems. Many Americans have at least one qualifying condition.

Elevate Holistics’ qualifying conditions include but are not exclusive to: 

For a complete list of Elevate Holistics’ qualifying medical conditions, click here.

Do You Qualify? Get Medical Cannabis Card Online with Elevate Holistics

If you qualify for a medical marijuana card, this is your sign to begin your cannabis journey. Cannabis can help treat your medical conditions, so why not feel better naturally? To get a medical cannabis card online, book an appointment straight through Elevate Holistics. It’s quick and easy – we’ll connect you with a certified cannabis physician via video chat to get your MMJ card approval and help you the rest of the way.

So, are you interested in learning more about cannabis or creating a holistic wellness plan? Elevate Holistics also offers other services, like consultations with a cannabis nurse or health and wellness expert, when booking your medical marijuana card appointment.

We want to do more than just get you legal, we strive to help patients live their best lives. Book an appointment today.

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