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Best dispensaries in PA

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Legalizing Pennsylvania marijuana is an ongoing effort, but the state may finally be closer to legalization than ever before. Although the legislation has seen a lot of uncertainty in its search for the best approach to legalization, legal weed PA shouldn’t be ruled out. It’s not about if Pennsylvania marijuana will be legalized, but when. So is recreational marijuana legal in Pennsylvania yet?

Even though PA legal marijuana for adult use is not yet available, the medical marijuana market is on fire.

Elevate Holistics is here to further discuss the prospect of recreational marijuana in Pennsylvania, teach you how to find a top-notch weed dispensary in Pennsylvania, and list some of the best medical dispensaries Pennsylvania has to offer.

Not quite.

So when will recreational marijuana be legal in PA? We’re not entirely sure, but many lawmakers and residents alike are hoping for legalization this year. 

Both chambers of the state legislature are controlled by the Republican party, and PA lawmakers continue to go back and forth in opposition or support of recreational marijuana PA.

The Independent Fiscal Office has estimated that tax revenues from adult-use marijuana sales could generate between $400 million and $1 billion in Pennsylvania. A May 2020 poll found that 62% of Pennsylvania voters favor PA legal marijuana. 

On top of that, neighboring states Maryland, New York, and New Jersey all have legalized adult-use cannabis. Will Pennsylvania follow their lead? 

Recreational Marijuana Pennsylvania 2022

The Pennsylvania recreational marijuana bills introduced have focused on regulating weed for safety reasons, redirecting money from “black market” sellers back to the state, freeing those with non-violent cannabis convictions, and expunging records. 

Governor Tom Wolf is in support of PA recreational weed, so it seems it might only be a matter of time until the plant is available for retail sale.

Last year, Sens. Dan Laughlin and Sharif Street introduced Senate Bill 473, the first bipartisan bill to legalize the adult use of cannabis in Pennsylvania. This bill would allow adults 21 and older to purchase and possess cannabis from licensed retailers. 

And after co-sponsoring a memo for a state Senate bill that would allow adults 21 years of age and older to purchase and possess legal weed PA, Sen. Mike Regan is planning to introduce his own bipartisan legalization bill.

Representatives have also introduced other bills hoping that PA legal marijuana will come to fruition. Now lawmakers must discuss the complexities of Pennsylvania marijuana legalization like taxes, price, regulation, and supply. 

The state legislature has failed to pass each bill so far, but there’s hope for the future.

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Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Program

In 2016, Governor Tom Wolf signed into law Pennsylvania’s compassionate medical cannabis legislation to legalize medical marijuana in the state. 

After two years of waiting, the first dispensaries in Pennsylvania finally began serving patients in 2018.

On June 30, 2021, Gov. Wolf signed P.L. 210 into law, which made several improvements to Pennsylvania’s medical cannabis program. It allows patients to purchase three times as much cannabis as they previously could, narrows the restriction on people with past drug convictions working in or owning medical cannabis businesses, and more.

What to Look For in a Top-Notch Weed Dispensary in PA

So what should you look for when searching for a weed dispensary in Pennsylvania? The variety of cannabis products available is important, but the vibes are critical. 

How do you know when you’ve hit the jackpot or when you should continue your search for a top-notch dispensary?

  • Atmosphere: Ahhh, the ambiance. Is there music at the dispensary? Good lighting? Art? Occasional events? Smiling faces?
  • Budtenders: What about the budtenders helping you find the best products? It’s a positive experience when the budtenders are friendly, have knowledge of the products, and can answer questions.
  • Cannabis products: Does the dispensary have a variety of cannabis products available? Flower, concentrates, edibles, drinkables? Maybe they even have flower in jars for customers to look at and smell.
  • Discounts and rewards: Many dispensaries will offer discounts throughout the week on certain cannabis products or offer a rewards system for customers. Others offer deals for new patients, seniors, veterans, and more.
  • Patient care: An excellent dispensary will recognize weed as a powerful medicine and treat its consumers as patients. The dispensary will acknowledge all parts of the plant (not just the psychoactive compound) and seek to help its customers by getting them the right cannabis products.

Top-Rated Pennsylvania Dispensaries

PA legal marijuana isn’t hard to come across, but how do you decide where to go to buy it? Finding the best weed dispensary in Pennsylvania comes down to individual preferences and experiences, but that doesn’t mean we can’t consider the opinions of others. 

So, where do PA residents think are the best places to get Pennsylvania marijuana?  Based on reviews, here’s a list of the top-rated dispensaries Pennsylvania has to offer:

Ethos Dispensary

Ethos Dispensary locations have Google ratings between 4.6 and 4.9 stars. Ethos has online ordering, a self-serve kiosk, and a caregiver delivery program. According to reviews, they have the “friendliest, most helpful and educated staff” and an awesome selection of products. Ethos Dispensary has 9 locations in PA. 

Beyond / Hello

Beyond / Hello dispensary locations have Google ratings between 4.5 and 5 stars. Beyond/Hello has a rewards program and a discount for seniors, veterans, and PA government employees. According to reviews, they have a great selection of products, offer discounts, and have an “awesome atmosphere.” Beyond / Hello has 18 locations in PA.


RISE dispensary locations have Google ratings between 4.6 and 4.9 stars. RISE has a rewards program and offers a house brand of weed they cultivate themselves. According to reviews, they have a “warm and welcoming atmosphere,” a wide range of products (even cannabis suppositories), and the locations are clean. RISE has 16 locations in PA.


Trulieve dispensary locations have Google ratings between 4 and 4.8 stars. Trulieve offers new patient discounts, veteran discounts, birthday discounts, senior discounts, and more. They also have a loyalty program. According to reviews, they have the “best customer service” of all Pennsylvania dispensaries, a large selection of products, and minimal wait times. Trulieve has 19 locations with two coming soon. 

The Green Remedy

The Green Remedy dispensary is on a mission to offer medical marijuana patients relief from chronic pain or debilitating conditions by providing top-notch products. As Pennsylvania’s very first medical cannabis clinic, they’ve made it their priority to treat using natural remedies that include marijuana certifications and therapies like nutrition therapy – helping people manage their symptoms in an integrative way. Request an appointment online today and see how The Green Remedy can put the power of nature back into your hands.

Justice Grown Pennsylvania

Justice Grown Pennsylvania is the place to be for a top-notch cannabis care experience. From knowledgeable budtenders and helpful physicians, every staff member welcomes you with open arms – it’s practically like walking into your own living room! And if that wasn’t enough of an incentive, they also have tons of medicinal marijuana products and methods to help you get exactly what you need out of this healing plant.

TerraVida Holistic Centers

TerraVida Holistic Centers are located in the Greater Philadelphia area. If you’re in the Philly region and searching for your next medical marijuana fix, head on down to one of TerraVida Holistic Centers’ three convenient locations! Locals love their outgoing staff, silky smooth facility design, and unbeatable prices. Experience this cannabis paradise first-hand by visiting Abington. Sellersville or Malvern today!

Plenty of Pennsylvania dispensaries exist, so feel free to do your own research, visit dispensary websites, and shop around when searching for the perfect place to purchase legal weed PA.

Stay Elevated With An MMJ Card

Is recreational marijuana legal in Pennsylvania? Not yet, but Elevate Holistics has you covered. To purchase legal weed PA, it’s time to get your medical marijuana card. 

Our secure, fully online service connects you with a certified cannabis physician via video chat for MMJ card approval – all you have to do is pick the date and time. And don’t worry, we’ll walk you through the rest of the process.

Having a medical marijuana card gives patients lower costs at the dispensary, higher possession limits, options when traveling to certain states with MMJ reciprocity, and stronger legal protection. The dispensaries Pennsylvania has to offer are ready to serve you the best natural medicine around. 

So, what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with Elevate Holistics to get your Pennsylvania MMJ card today.

Pennsylvania Patient Resources

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