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types of cannabis concentrates

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You’re probably already familiar with cannabis, marijuana, weed, MJ, or whatever name you choose to call it. And, if you’re not, we have a pretty good collection of articles to get you in the loop.

In recent years, cannabis has gained increasing popularity following research documenting its many benefits, both as a medicine and for recreation. This popularity has led to the evolution of the cannabis industry and the development of several new products just to meet consumer demand. Hence, the introduction of the many types of cannabis concentrates. 

Types of Cannabis Concentrates

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates are products derived from cannabis after extractors remove its excess plant matter, leaving behind cannabinoids with unique properties. These cannabinoids include THC, the psychoactive element known to produce euphoric experiences, CBD, the non-psychoactive responsible for healing, and terpenes that give cannabis its aroma.

Essentially, when someone extracts cannabis oil from the cannabis plant, the goal is to keep the desirable elements of the plants — but without any plant matter. As a result, concentrates are famous for their flavor, potency, and the range of new products they provide.

Now that you’re all caught up, let’s get started on the types of cannabis concentrates you’ll discover on dispensary shelves.

The Different Types of Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates come in various product types, forms, and consistencies. Through the extraction processes, the extracted cannabis oil is incredibly potent with high concentrations of THC. These concentrates are ideal for patients looking for immediate pain relief, experienced cannabis consumers looking for a more powerful high, or people who just want to try something new.

Here are some of the most popular types of cannabis concentrates on the market today.


This cannabis concentrate is named for its texture since it looks like glass and shatters into tiny little pieces when pressure is applied to it. Shatter is a thin, clear, sheet-like extract that is amber or gold in color.

Essentially, manufacturers craft shatter when Butane Hash Oil, a solvent-based extract, is left to cool down. When extractors create concentrates, they typically mix or stir the remaining oil to get more of a viscous texture. However, this is not the case with shatter. To get the fragile appearance, the extract must be left alone, completely undisturbed. Doing so keeps the concentrates’ molecular structure just as we want it. 

Since shatter is a highly pure cannabis extract, it features a very high THC level with a potency ranging between 50-90%. This potency is what makes it efficient for medical marijuana patients. In addition to this, shatter is excellent for people with chronic pain because of how full-bodied and powerful its effects are. Shatter may also help with mood swings, depression, and stress. 


Also named for its appearance, wax is a concentrate with a gooey, ear wax, candle wax-like texture that is typically yellowish-brown in color. It is a potent cannabis concentrate that is thick, malleable, and with high THC levels.

Like shatter, wax is a product of BHO. However, it is different because it requires a lower temperature. Extractors make wax when BHO is agitated with a slight heat. This procedure makes the oil crystallize, solidify and produce a sticky wax product. Wax also has enhanced potency, which relieves several health issues, including chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. More so, it has an appealing flavor and smell, is easier to handle, and can be stored for months.


Budder is an amber/yellowish cannabis extract that closely resembles butter in texture. This concentrate is different from others because it is flavourful, colorful, and aromatic. Its creamy texture makes it great to consume and store. In terms of handling, it is perfect; you can easily scoop it up and enjoy it without any hassles.

Interestingly enough, budder has some of the highest levels of terpenes out of all cannabis concentrates. So, if you’re looking for a tasty, aromatic dab, budder is for you. Since it is a THC-rich cannabis concentrate with over 80% potency, it produces a joyful and euphoric experience.


Customers prefer rosin because it is pure and does not have any solvent residue. This type of cannabis concentrate retains more of the terpenes and flavonoids found in the plan. It is an excellent choice for people looking for flavor and purity. However, don’t get this concentrate confused with resin! The resin, rosin, and live resin are all different extracts. 


Also known as THC crystals or THC diamonds, crystalline is formed by thoroughly refining cannabis oil. It is a marijuana concentrate in solid form, which resembles coarse sugar. In crystallines, the THC or CBD is extracted from all other cannabinoids to produce pure isolate crystals with no flavor, color, or aroma. As another product high in THC, it has a high potency of up to 99.9% — newbies beware.


Cannabis distillate products undergo a complex extraction, separation, and purification process just to produce a unique potent oil. This concentrated oil is entirely devoid of Swaxes, terpenes, flavonoids, or other compounds. All that’s left after the extraction is THC; thus, the oil is a tasteless, odorless, 99% pure THC concentrate with tremendous medicinal and recreational potential.

Why Choose Cannabis Concentrates Over Flower

Cannabis concentrates, such as shatter, wax, budder, rosin, crystalline and distillate, provide a much stronger and more intense high than flower buds. Whereas marijuana flower typically has a THC content of 10-25%, cannabis concentrates can have a THC content that is anywhere between 50-90%. Moreover, the potency of these concentrates means that people don’t need to smoke as much to enjoy the effects. This makes them an attractive option for people who want to get more out of their cannabis experience.

Furthermore, unlike marijuana flower which contains many other compounds like cannabinoids and terpenes alongside THC – which may contribute to the overall “high” – cannabis concentrates only consist of pure THC (or cannabinoids). Because there are no other compounds present in these forms of concentrate, they offer a more concentrated hit of psychoactive effects than flower does. For instance, when consuming wax or shatter with a 70% THC content you will feel the effects much more quickly and intensely than if you were smoking bud with 20% THC.

Finally, due to the fact that cannabis concentrates are composed almost exclusively of THC or cannabinoids and terpenes, they tend to deliver an incredibly clean and smooth high. People who use them often report feeling clear headed with no foggy after effects like those sometimes associated with marijuana flower.

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