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There are multiple types of wax dabs to choose from, but cannabis budder is one of the most sought-after among regular users. And for good reasons, too: it’s soft, easy to use with dab rigs, and one glob gets you baked.

In this article, we’ll examine all there is to know about this trendy dab.

What is cannabis budder? What are the different techniques on how to use cannabis budder? What unique properties set it apart from the different types of wax dabs? What are the benefits of budder cannabis?

Let’s get right to it.

What is Cannabis Budder?

Cannabis budder refers to a form of solvent-based cannabis concentrate that has the “whipped” consistency of creamy cake frosting. The color of the well-made budder ranges from light tan to deep gold.

If you have wandered the world of cannabis concentrates long enough, you’d realize that concentrates are often named based on their appearance or texture.

Budder cannabis is no different; it’s so named due to its texture which is something between being solid and creamy, just like butter. 

In fact, due to its buttery texture, it is dubbed the softest concentrate.

Why not call it cannabis butter instead? Well, that notion already exists in cannabutter (cannabis butter), which is not to be confused with cannabis budder.

Weed budder results from using hydrocarbons such as butane or propane as solvents to extract cannabinoids from cannabis plant materials. It is not a marriage you can ordain in your kitchen.

On the other hand, cannabutter is basically cannabis-infused butter, a marriage between decarboxylated cannabis and butter. That’s something you can whip up in your kitchen.

With the title “cannabutter” already taken, hash makers settled for budder, a cross between the terms “bud” and “butter,” as the right name for this soft, smooth, and sticky form of concentrate that looks very much like butter.

While you are here, do not mistake cannabis budder for Cake Batter strain, a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie strains.

Budder vs. Badder

You walk into your local cannabis dispensary, and on the shelf, you see three canna concentrates brands of the same strain, respectively labeled as budder, badder, and batter; which would you go for?

You’d be wrong if you thought you would be getting something entirely different with each one. All are different ways manufacturers choose to address the same form of concentrate.

Some hash makers argue that cannabis badder differs from budder because, although both follow the same extraction process, the heat and air pressure hash makers apply during production differ. Consequently, weed batter is thicker than budder cannabis.

However, these said differences in heat or air pressure level are sometimes decisions manufacturers make based on the strain in use to ensure optimal extraction. Hence, budder cannabis from some strains may appear thicker than others.

After all has been said and done, batter, budder, and badder all mean the same.

You can learn more about different types of concentrates in our blogs! Click here to learn about live resin, shatter, and THC diamonds.

The Unique Properties of Budder Cannabis

What are the unique properties of budder cannabis that set it apart from the different types of wax dabs?

      • Texture: Budder cannabis is a bit like butter. It is somewhat soft to touch and quickly melts when you apply heat.
      • Color: The color of the budder may vary depending on the strain and thoroughness of the production. Usually, the color gradient of the end product flows from light tan to deep gold. Some may appear greenish brown.
      • Smell: The odor of cannabis badder is quite hard to place. However, one thing is sure; the odor is more pronounced than shatter and distillate’s but less noticeable when live resin is the comparison.
      • Highness: Although budder shares similar THC levels with the different types of wax dabs, users do report that budder provides a seemingly milder high.

    Now that you know a bit about cannabis budder, you probably want to know how to use cannabis budder.

    How to Use Cannabis Budder

    Some persons have been adventurous enough to explore various techniques of using cannabis butter. But at the end of the day, consuming your budder with a dabbing rig remains the supreme method.

    As a bonus, you don’t have to go racking the internet for tricks on how to use batter. The ease of use is why it is trendy in the cannabis industry.

    All you have to do is follow the steps below:

        • Use your dab tool to scoop a bit of your cannabis budder onto the nail
        • Use a dab torch to heat the nail until it’s red hot, then let it cool for about 30 seconds.
        • Drop your dab into the nail
        • Inhale as much as you can!

      Note that two to three hits may be enough to get you sufficiently high due to the high concentration of the highly psychoactive THC in budders.

      The one trick to learning how to use cannabis budder and enjoy it the same every time is to store it properly. To retain the freshness and potency of your budder cannabis for a longer time, consider putting it in a silicone container before storing it in the refrigerator.

      Note: Dab rigs are our only recommendation for smoking cannabis badder. If you prefer a smokeless experience, you can use budder to create cannabutter or canna-oil as part of your recipes. Do not consume it directly.

      cannabis budder

      How is Weed Budder Made?

      While we’ll never advise or encourage our patients to go googling how to make cannabis budder at home, we think having an insight into how manufacturers make what you consume often is essential.

      That said, batter can be made by:

          • Butane hash oil (BHO) extraction: This is a complicated process involving liquid petroleum gases (LPG) like butane or propane as solvents to extract cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis plants. After extraction, manufacturers use reactants to purge all the solvents (butane and propane) from the extract until only the cannabinoids and terpenes are left behind. Everything happens in a closed-loop extraction system.
          • Supercritical CO2 extraction: This is another method for producing budder. Hash makers tout it as a cleaner process. However, most manufacturers rarely use this as it is more expensive and complex.

        NOTE: While this section is meant to provide insight into the extraction of weed budder, we highly discourage patients and non-professionals from attempting to make it at home. Attempts, even by some professionals, to extract cannabis concentrates in unregulated environments have led to many explosions and casualties across the U.S.

        The Benefits of Enjoying Budder Cannabis

        Although most persons take weed budder to get baked and as high as a kite, it offers other noteworthy benefits, too:

            • You only need a small amount of budder to get all the effects of your favorite cannabis strains.
            • Budder cannabis is fast-acting with reasonably long-lasting effects, so it can help you manage the symptoms of your conditions as quickly as possible.
            • Due to budder’s texture, you can determine the appropriate doses your body can handle.
            • The process of dabbing budder cannabis is much more straightforward than some other concentrates.

          Fall in Love With Different Types of Wax Dabs With an MMJ Card

          The entire cannabis industry generally considers concentrates and wax dabs as high-grade cannabis products due to their high potencies. 

          For this same reason, some states believe that concentrates such as cannabis budder should not be made readily available for recreational consumption.

          Therefore, various weed-legal states have laws to limit how much weed concentrate an individual can buy at a time for adult use — worse still, at significantly higher prices. 

          In MMJ-only states, wax dabs are only available to registered medical marijuana patients.

          However you look at it, you can only get the most out of cannabis concentrates when you have an MMJ card.

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