CBD Consultations to Support MMJ Certifications

Oct, 2020

CBD Consultations to Support MMJ Certifications


Have you been wondering when dispensaries are going to open? Are you trying to enhance your endocannabinoid system and promote your health & wellness?

Elevate Holistics is now offering CBD consultations. Aspen, our Patient Success Manager, managed two local CBD stores for over three  years before joining our team. She holds a Bachelors in Health Science, has a  masters certificate from Cannabis Training University, is HEALER certified, and has an internationally accredited diet therapy diploma! 

In this consultation, you’ll learn about the difference between Isolate, Broad Spectrum, and Full-Spectrum CBD and what you should look for in a product.

Aspen will also discuss an appropriate CBD regime based on your history and goals. There are tons of products that can help relieve anxiety, pain, and even promote a healthy immune system for preventative care. 

Add our CBD Consultation today when booking your new patient or renewal appointment at Elevate Holistics!


Elevate Holistics is an online medical marijuana clinic that provides patients a HIPAA compliant telemedicine service to see a physician from home. We offer cannabis nurse consultations for treatment plans, pharmacist consultation for medication interactions, full-service DHSS account completion, and holistic wellness consultations.

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