How Does Passing MO Marijuana Affect Kansas?

missouri marijuana and kansas

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Missouri voters passed recreational cannabis! What will that mean for its neighboring state Kansas? After Missouri marijuana laws go into effect on December 8, 2022, will MO legal weed create complications for Kansas?

Is weed legal in Kansas? Not yet. Will Kansas recreational marijuana ever come to fruition? Eventually, the state’s marijuana laws will have to catch up. For now, legal cannabis in Kansas is not on the horizon.

Can you buy medical marijuana out of state? Can you take medical marijuana out of state? Can I travel with marijuana?

Elevate Holistics is here to answer your questions. Let’s get into how Missouri marijuana and Kansas relate, and the regulations surrounding buying or traveling with cannabis out of state.

missouri marijuana and kansas

Is Weed Legal in Kansas?

Is weed legal in Kansas? Marijuana is illegal in Kansas. Kansas legislation failed to pass medical cannabis in both 2021 and 2022.

Will the passing of Missouri marijuana influence Kansas recreational marijuana to pass in the future? Since Kansas has yet to enact a medical marijuana program, it will be quite some time before the state sees recreational cannabis. 

Still, we hope that the benefits Missouri reaps from legalized cannabis will influence KS lawmakers.

Missouri Marijuana and Kansas

Now that weed is legal in Missouri, how will it affect Kansas? How do Missouri marijuana and Kansas relate? When a state recreationally legalizes cannabis, it’s bound to bring visitors from neighboring states in search of legal weed.

Since weed is illegal in Kansas (and federally), it is illegal to bring cannabis into the landlocked state from Missouri or anywhere else. A Missouri medical marijuana card won’t help your case if Kansas law enforcement catches you with cannabis.

Kansas law enforcement officials say they will arrest impaired or high drivers, but they don’t plan on waiting to stop people for cannabis once they cross the state line. This may not be the standard for all law enforcement in Kansas.

We suggest staying on the safe side of the law regarding marijuana in Kansas. Possession of any amount of cannabis in the state could be punishable by six months in jail and a maximum fine of $1,000.

Can You Buy Medical Marijuana Out of State?

Can you buy medical marijuana out of state? Can I buy weed from another state? Buying weed from another state with a medical marijuana card means that the state offers medical marijuana reciprocity. 

Some states, like Arkansas and Oklahoma, offer MMJ reciprocity. But it isn’t as simple as walking into a dispensary and purchasing cannabis. Each state with reciprocity has unique regulations, such as applying for a temporary card and paying a fee.

According to Missouri’s DHSS, there is no reciprocity between Missouri’s Medical Marijuana Program and other state medical marijuana programs. MO law allows out-of-state patients to possess cannabis with legal protection but doesn’t allow them to purchase it. Only a handful of medical-only states accept MO medical cards

Next, can you take medical marijuana out of state? What about recreational marijuana?

Can I Travel With Marijuana?

Is weed legal in Kansas? No, Kansas medical and Kansas recreational marijuana is illegal – which means Missouri marijuana and Kansas don’t mesh.

Can I travel with marijuana in other states? Traveling with recreational cannabis and crossing state borders goes under federal jurisdiction. 

missouri marijuana and kansas

Since marijuana is federally illegal and classified as a controlled substance, traveling with marijuana is illegal – even across two states with legal marijuana. Typically, the amount of marijuana in your possession will determine the repercussions.

Can you take medical marijuana out of state? Traveling with legally obtained medical marijuana has the same regulations, and a medical marijuana card will not lessen the blow in states like Kansas. 

We are not attorneys. Cannabis consumers can weigh the risks of traveling with cannabis themselves.

Missouri Weed, Kansas, and Traveling Conclusion

Can you buy medical marijuana out of state? If a state offers MMJ reciprocity, yes! Missouri does not have MMJ reciprocity, but a handful of states accept MO medical cards.

Can you take medical marijuana out of state? Can I travel with marijuana? Crossing state borders with marijuana, even legally obtained marijuana, is federally illegal.

Sorry Kansas residents, you’ll have to wait for a Kansas MMJ program and eventually Kansas recreational marijuana to access cannabis in KS legally.

Elevate Your Cannabis Lifestyle

The relationship between Missouri marijuana and Kansas residents will only get trickier as recreational marijuana in MO becomes available next year. Despite recent changes in law, now is the perfect time for Missouri residents to get their MMJ card.

Even though Missouri marijuana is legal, there are plenty of reasons to hold on to your medical marijuana card in the state. Lower costs at the dispensary, employee protection, higher purchase and possession limits – the list of perks goes on.

So what’s the best way to get a Missouri medical card? This year, MO voters gave Elevate Holistics the title of Missouri’s best medical marijuana clinic.

Elevate Holistics virtually connects patients with certified physicians for medical cannabis approval. Our secure, fully online process has helped over 70,000 patients get their medical marijuana cards.

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Elevate Team

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