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We’ve witnessed an infamous rise of HHC in the cannabis market despite the scarcity of studies to back its safety and significance.

One of the myths backing HHC’s popularity among consumers is that it won’t show up on drug tests. While that’s the anecdote and word on the streets, some marketers are capitalizing on these rumors to market HHC products.

Whether or not HHC drug tests will show up positive is a debate that got reheated recently, but Elevate Holistics is here to count the scores and settle the debate.

Does HHC show up on a drug test? What are the dynamics surrounding HHC and drug tests? Does HHC show up on a urine drug test?

Let’s dive in!

Understanding Cannabis Drug Tests   

The thing about cannabis drug tests is that the examiner looks for delta-9 THC (simply known as THC) in nearly all cases. THC is the active substance in cannabis and also the psychoactive substance that makes you feel “high.”

For all the psychoactive effects ascribed to THC, it’s no surprise that it is the primary marker that cannabis drug tests look out for. 

To that end, many individuals choose to consume other cannabis-derived products, such as CBD, delta-8, or HHC, when they have a drug test coming up.

Most cannabis drug tests are performed using a urine sample, but it’s not so unusual for examiners to use blood or saliva sample sometimes – in rare cases, hair samples.

These tests measure the presence of cannabinoids (mostly THC) and cannabinoid metabolites (mostly THC metabolites). Metabolites are the immediate by-products formed after your body breaks down the drug you took. In essence, a cannabis drug test checks for THC and THC metabolites.

Unfortunately, in many cases, those who choose to consume non-THC products fail their tests. It may be a very confusing experience, but the answers you seek are not far off.

Does HHC Show Up on a Drug Test?

Does HHC Show Up on a Drug Test?

As we’ve mentioned, cannabis-related drug tests are mostly designed to look for THC and THC metabolites, which raises the question: does HHC show up on a drug test?

Given the limited research on HHC and the seeming lack of lab focus on HHC, it’s unlikely that your workplace, military formation, or any other establishment will conduct drug tests specifically for HHC.

In fact, most drug tests assume a 10-panel approach which tests for various addictive or psychoactive substances across various source materials. The substances include:


      • Amphetamines
      • Barbiturates
      • Benzodiazepines
      • Cocaine
      • Methadone
      • Methaqualone
      • Opiates
      • Phencyclidine
      • Propoxyphene
      • THC

    It is only when the test detects traces of any of these compounds that a more precise test is done to confirm the result.

    So, does HHC show up on a drug test? No, HHC itself will not show up on a drug test. 

    However, if you have been consuming cannabis products of any sort, THC is likely to show up.

    Even if we’re to rephrase the question to include sample type, say, does HHC show up on a urine drug test? The answer would be just about the same.

    The thing about HHC and drug tests is that it simply has not caused enough nuisance for local, state, or federal agencies to count it alongside the big 10.

    How Does HHC Metabolize in the Body?

    Bioavailability is a significant characteristic of HHC; it’s easy for your body to metabolize – break down – HHC and fully absorb and distribute it throughout your bloodstream. This characteristic is not one that CBD and THC can boast of.

    Due to the high metabolization rate, HHC effects are quickly and easily felt throughout the body.

    For context, your body will metabolize about 50% of the HHC you consumed within 30 minutes after it kicks in. The remaining 50% gets metabolized after the effects have waned, and the metabolization will continue for a few days.

    Eventually, you could have HHC in your bloodstream for up to 23 days, depending on your metabolic rate, consumption method, frequency of use, health condition, BMI, and other factors.

    Interestingly, THC and HHC have similar metabolites. 

    With THC, the primary metabolite is 11-hydroxy-THC or THC-COOH, while that of HHC is 11-hydroxy-HHC which can test positive for THC in a drug test.

    With the similarities piling up, will HHC show up on a drug test?

    Can You Pass a Drug Test With HHC?

    No, it’s very unlikely that you will pass a drug test with HHC, especially bearing in mind that the chemical structure and formulae of HHC and THC are very similar.

    This takes us back to the question: does HHC show up on a urine drug test? We’ve stated earlier that HHC does not show up on urine drug tests. However, that does not mean that you will pass your drug tests.

    Due to the substantial similarity between HHC and THC, HHC is most likely to be detected in drug tests as THC.

    Truthfully, there is no conclusive evidence to show that HHC will make you fail a drug test. 

    However, leaning on the side of science and the overwhelming similarity between the chemical structures of HHC and THC, it’s safe to say that HHC can make you fail your drug test.

    Similar chemical structures and metabolites aside, people have failed drug tests while on CBD and hemp-derived products they believed contained zero THC. The same could also be the case with HHC consumers.

    Since HHC is not regulated, most manufacturers do not feel the need to stick to any standard in their manufacturing process. 

    Hence, some products that are not supposed to contain THC have trace amounts of THC – some contain significant amounts!

    Do HHC Drug Tests Exist?

    So far, we’ve seen that the relationship between HHC and drug tests is quite dicey. Although specific HHC drug tests do not exist, you cannot assume that you will pass your drug screening.

    From similar metabolites to THC-contaminated products, the odds are stacked against you. If you have a drug screening coming up soon or work in an environment where random drug tests are common, do well to stay away from HHC and THC for a while.

    Does HHC Show Up on a Drug Test?

    Various sample types have various marijuana use detection windows. Marijuana could be detected in your –


        • Hair for up to 90 days
        • Blood for up to 7 days
        • Urine for up to 3 days
        • Saliva for up to 24 hours

      More so, heavy users may have longer detection windows. So, pending when there is substantive research on HHC and drug tests, think of HHC drug tests the way you would think of traditional drug tests.

      So, it might be best if you quit on time to allow your body to flush out the metabolites before your drug screening day.

      HHC, Drug Testing, and More With Elevate Holistics

      Quick summary:


          • Will HHC make you fail a drug test? Yes, various factors contribute to the likelihood of HHC consumption making you fail a drug test.
          • Does HHC show up on a urine drug test? No, HHC won’t specifically show up on a urine drug test. However, it could be a marker for a positive THC result during a drug screening, thus making you fail your drug test.

        At Elevate Holistics, we’re all about the safe consumption of cannabis and cannabis products. And while we want you to enjoy the health benefits of cannabis, we also want to see you win in your other endeavors.

        Therefore, we advise staying off cannabis products when expecting a drug screening, especially during pre-employment screening.

        And when you have scaled through and need to get back on track, we encourage you to opt for well-researched cannabis products from manufacturers that are open about their products’ analysis/testing.

        It’s easier to access such high-quality cannabis products at a cheaper rate when you have your medical marijuana card, and we can help you get your MMJ card online in 30 minutes, hassle-free.

        Click here or the link below to book a call.

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        About the author

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