Find Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Near Me Cassville, MO

Feb, 2021
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If you’re in Cassville and want to find a dispensary near you, patients can now visit Cassville Dispensary (The Dispensary, LLC) located at 15335 State Highway 76, Cassville, MO 65625. The Cassville Dispensary serves Southwest Missouri. Cassville is a city in Flat Creek Township, Barry County, Missouri with a population of 3,266.

According to good ol' Wikipedia, Cassville is one of the primary markets and job centers for an estimated 14,000 people living in the surrounding area. It is the county seat of Barry County.

The Cassville Dispensary’s website offers a selection of cannabis flowers, Indica, Sativa, THC, and CBD, as well as Wana edibles.

Watch our sneak peak tour of this cool MMJ shop to see how they roll (pun intended, y'all!)!

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Medical Marijuana Shops Near You in Cassville, MO

Find medical marijuana shops near you in Cassville. The Cassville Dispensary is open 6-days a week and “Led by a team of medical professionals and dedicated cannabis activists.” Source The Dispensary, LLC

Cassville Dispensary | Cassville, MO — Barry County

15335 State Highway 76, Cassville, MO 65625

Hours of Operation:

Monday–Saturday:  9 a.m.–6 p.m.

Sundays: closed


The Cassville Dispensary, Cassville, Mo — Barry County
The Cassville Dispensary, Cassville, MO — Barry County

Find Medical Marijuana Doctors Near You in Cassville, MO

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Amendment 2 passed on November, 6th, 2018, and now you can try alternative medicine with Missouri Constitutional protections.

Complete List of All Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Missouri

Missouri voters approved Amendment 2 legalizing the use of medical marijuana for patients recommended for qualifying conditions. They also set limits on the number of dispensaries.

View a full list of all the dispensaries approved to operate near you in Missouri.