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Oklahoma Medical Card: A Quick and Dirty Guide

Oklahoma medical card

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Getting your Oklahoma medical card is a relatively straightforward process that most people can tackle with ease. However, the hardest part is usually getting started. Where do you go, how do you apply, and what happens if you don’t qualify? All of these questions are valid, and that’s why we’re here to help. Here’s your quick and dirty guide to getting your MMJ card in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma medical card

How to Get an Oklahoma Medical Card

1. Obtain A Written Physician’s Certificate 

The first step to getting your medical marijuana card in Oklahoma is meeting with a qualified physician with whom you have a well-established relationship. This physician will then evaluate you and your medical conditions to see if they think you would benefit from medicinal cannabis. 

Unlike other states, Oklahoma doesn’t have a list of qualifying conditions that the state has laid out. Instead, the approval is on a case-by-case basis. If approved, your physician will give you a written certification that you will use to apply for your MMJ card. Do keep in mind that your physician’s certification is only valid for 30 days. 

2. Apply Through the OMMA

Once you’ve received your certification, it’s time to head over to the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) to start your application process. Here, you can apply as a patient, caregiver, or even re-apply if your previous card has expired. 

3. Pay Your Fees and Submit Proper Documentation

When applying through the OMMA, you need to submit your physician’s recommendation, proof of OK residency, proof of ID, and a clear, color, full-face photo of yourself. 

Along with these pieces of documentation, you will also have to pay a $100 application fee. For those on Medicaid, Medicare, or disabled veterans, this fee is reduced to $20.

4. Get Approved and Receive Your OK MMJ Card in the Mail

After you’ve gathered all the correct information, all that’s left to do is submit. Submit all of this documentation to the OMMA, and the program will approve or deny you your OK MMJ card within just 14 days. If you’re approved, OMMA will send your card and all necessary paperwork to you by mail. 

Turning to Elevate Holistics for Your Oklahoma Medical Card

While getting and renewing your Oklahoma medical card may be a reasonably easy process, Elevate Holistics is here to make it even easier. We want you to feel comfortable and confident turning to our services to help you get your MMJ card. So, here’s just a handful of reasons why you can trust us here at Elevate:

  • We’re HEALER certified
  • We work with only leading cannabis experts
  • Our presence stretches from state to state
  • Our program is both secure and easy to use

You can find out even more about Elevate, our legitimacy, and our services on our site. Check out our myriad online reviews to see what people just like you say about what we have to offer. 

All About Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma

Medical marijuana in Oklahoma is still a fairly new idea to the Sooner State, with the state government passing the ballot back in 2018. Oklahoma and its residents embraced the Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative warmly within the state. While it took a bit for the program to get up and running, it’s operating beautifully for the patients of OK today, and you can now get an Oklahoma medical card with a qualifying condition.

There is a chance that Oklahoma may legalize adult-use or recreational cannabis in the near future. The state saw some significant support for it during the 2020 election season. However, with the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic, measures such as these got swept under the rug (at least for the time being).

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) oversees the entire medical marijuana program in OK. They’re responsible for regulating the patient registry and issuing proper licensing. Though the OMMA has big shoes to fill, it appears as though they’re doing well for a state just now getting the hang of the idea of medical cannabis.

Qualifying Conditions

Interestingly enough, Oklahoma is one of the few states in the country that doesn’t have a list of qualifying medical conditions for potential MMJ patients. Instead, your physician must evaluate you and see if medical cannabis may alleviate your conditions.

In OK, this approval process simply depends on you, not necessarily whether you fit a category on a list.  

How to Become a Patient

Becoming an Oklahoma medical cannabis patient is easy. All you need to do is head over to the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority’s website and apply through their online portal. Here, they will provide you with all the information you need to register and become an OK MMJ patient properly. 

And, when it comes time to renew your card, Elevate Holistics can help with that, too.

Oklahoma Caregivers

If you’re unable to apply for a card on your own, you can get a designated caregiver to do all of that for you. The caregiver process is designed for minors with approved medical conditions and those with disabilities that prevent them from obtaining their card/products independently.

Whether you’re interested in becoming a caregiver or having a caregiver apply on your behalf, the OMMA website can help you out with that, too. The process of actually becoming a caregiver is quite straightforward and very similar to registering for an MMJ card. Just let the site walk you through it, and you’ll be all set. 

oklahoma medical card

OK and Gun Rights 

If you’re a gun owner in Oklahoma, there’s no reason to panic if you’re hoping to get an MMJ card. Back in February of 2020, Oklahoma state voted to protect gun owners and MMJ cardholders’ rights. This bill, SB959, works to ensure that those who have a current OK medical marijuana card will not be denied a firearm purchase. In fact, the MMJ database and firearms database are completely separate in the state, protecting identities.

However, it’s always important to stress that, on a federal level, it is illegal to consume cannabis and possess a firearm— whether it’s for medical use or not. This means that there is always some risk to having both, especially when it comes to federal firearms license gun dealers (FFLS).

For more information about Oklahoma gun laws and cannabis use, check out our other blog post

Possession Limits 

The only people who can possess cannabis in OK are medical cardholders. MMJ patients in OK are legally allowed to obtain up to:

  • 3 ounces of cannabis on you and 8 ounces at home
  • 1 ounce of concentrates
  • 72 ounces of edibles

Home Cultivation 

At-home cultivation is legal in Oklahoma for medical patients and designated caregivers. If you’re a cardholder, state law permits the cultivation of up to six mature plants at one time. Also, they permit up to six seedlings. 

When growing any cannabis at home, you must make sure your plants are adequately stored and not visible by the public in any way. 

Unsure If You Qualify for an Oklahoma Medical Card? 

Not everybody is sure they qualify for an Oklahoma medical card, especially with the lack of qualifying conditions. Don’t worry, that’s precisely why we’re here! At Elevate Holistics, we work tirelessly to ensure that those who need a medical card receive an equal opportunity to get one. 

Feel free to reach out to us even if you’re unsure of your qualifications. We will work with you one-on-one through our telehealth visits to see how we can help you get your Oklahoma MMJ card. With all of the services we offer, we’re confident that you’ll be logging off happy. 

For Those With Children 

Of course, having children does not prevent you from having a medical marijuana card whatsoever. However, it does create somewhat of a tricky situation if you’re not careful. 

For those who consume cannabis and have children, you have to be extra mindful of the smell your products produce. If someone suspects that you are under the influence around your child based on the smell of weed, that can be grounds for an investigation.

So, if you have your OK MMJ card and have children, that’s fine! Just be extra cautious not to let those two lives mix. You should always ensure that you properly store and label your products, as well. It’s always smart to keep your medical cannabis in places where your children cannot access it. 

Can You Get an Oklahoma Medical Card if You’re On Probation?

Probation and medical cannabis use is a complicated subject. In Oklahoma, there are various counties that have openly stated that those with MMJ cards will not get persecuted for proper cannabis use while on probation. As long as the person is not possessing more than what’s allowed in the legal limit, many Oklahoma district attorneys are okay with this. However, this isn’t the case for all.

On the flip side, numerous counties across OK have explicitly stated that cannabis use of any kind while on probation is not allowed and in violation of parole. If you’re currently on probation, the best thing for you to do is simply ask. This way, you know right off the bat whether or not you can use your Oklahoma medical card and favorite cannabis products.

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Elevate Team

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