The Benefits of Getting a Medical Card in Oklahoma

getting a medical card in Oklahoma

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In places like Oklahoma where medical marijuana is the only legal way to enjoy cannabis, having a medical card is imperative. But, the benefits of getting a medical card in Oklahoma stretch much further than just the legal parameters.

If you’ve been on the fence about getting your Oklahoma medical card, we’re here to outline all the reasons why it could be a great decision for your health and wellness. And, once you’re done reading, you can book an appointment right away to get your OK MMJ card right from home.

Let’s get right into it.

Recreational marijuana is illegal in Oklahoma. Only people with OK med cards can legally buy and use marijuana.

Simple possession of marijuana without an OK medical weed card is a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail and a maximum $1000 fine. Depending on how much marijuana the authorities catch you with, the penalty could be even more severe.

There is a ballot initiative to legalize marijuana in Oklahoma, and voters will decide on it in 2023. Governor Kevin Stitt has approved a ballot measure initiative from Oklahomans for Sensible Marijuana Laws (OSML) and Yes on 820.

Voters will vote on the measure titled State Question 820 during a special election on March 7, 2023. 

Michelle Tilley, campaign director for OSLM / Yes on 820, said, “After all the delays caused by the new signature count process, we are excited to finally be going to the ballot on March 7, 2023, so that Oklahomans can experience the benefits of SQ820 without further delay.”

She also appealed to Oklahomans to go all the way and make legal recreational marijuana a reality in the state.

What Happens if Voters Approve SQ820?

If Oklahomans vote to approve the recreational marijuana legalization initiative, it will be legal for residents aged 21 and above to buy and use up to one ounce of marijuana without an Oklahoma medical weed card.

It will also be legal for recreational users to grow up to six mature plants and six seedlings for personal use.

Recreational marijuana will carry a 15% excise tax, and the proceeds will go to an “Oklahoma Marijuana Revenue Trust Fund.” (But, with a medical card, that percentage is much, much lower.)

Under the terms of the measure, People serving jail time for any activity made legal by the measure could “file a petition for resentencing, reversal of conviction and dismissal of case, or modification of judgment and sentence.”

On the other hand, those who have served their sentences can petition the court to expunge their records. 

For now, recreational marijuana remains illegal in Oklahoma, so you can legally buy, possess and use marijuana only if you have a medical card in Oklahoma. 

The Benefits of Getting a Medical Card in Oklahoma

As we’ve said, Oklahoma medical marijuana regulations stipulate that you must get an Oklahoma medical weed card before you can legally use marijuana.

So, what are the benefits of getting a medical card in Oklahoma?  

getting a medical card in Oklahoma

As we’ve mentioned, marijuana is legal in Oklahoma only for registered patients, and a medical marijuana card in OK proves that you have registered with the OMMA

If the police stop you or search your home and find marijuana, they won’t press charges because your Oklahoma MMJ card offers full legal protection — as long as you’re in the confines of the OMMA’s regulations, of course.

Without an OK weed card, you face jail time and fines if the police catch you with marijuana.

You Can Grow Your Marijuana at Home

One other benefit of getting a medical card in Oklahoma is that you can grow marijuana.

Patients can grow up to six marijuana plants in a secure location that is not visible to the public. 

The best part is that the harvest from your home cultivation does not count towards the three ounces limit. So, home cultivation can provide you with a greater supply of marijuana. 

Note that you can grow marijuana only if you have an OK MMJ card. It is illegal for anyone who is not a registered patient to grow marijuana. 

No Recreational Marijuana Until 2023

We told you that state residents will get to vote on recreational marijuana in 2023, and even if they approve it, are you willing to wait till then?

Medical marijuana can improve your health significantly; the sooner you start marijuana treatment, the better.

You don’t need to wait till 2023 when you can register now and begin to enjoy the benefits of an Oklahoma medical marijuana card. 

You Enjoy more Convenience than Accessing Adult-Use Weed in the Neighboring States

Recreational marijuana is legal in neighboring Missouri, Colorado, and New Mexico. You may think you could simply go over the border and buy recreational marijuana without a medical marijuana card, but it is not that easy.

First off, only adults aged 21 and above can buy recreational marijuana in these states. So, it is a wasted cross-border trip if you are not up to 21.

Secondly, if you are up to 21, why do you have to go across the border when you can get a med card in the Sooner State and conveniently buy weed from the nearest dispensary?

A medical marijuana card in OK is valid for two years; imagine going over the border for two years every time you need marijuana.

Lastly, you can’t bring marijuana over the border from neighboring states as it is a federal crime. When you bring recreational marijuana into Oklahoma from states where it is legal, you break Oklahoma marijuana laws.

That means you have to buy and consume your marijuana there.

Simply put, you enjoy convenient marijuana service when getting a medical card in Oklahoma.

You Benefit From Reciprocity 

There is this helpful marijuana service called reciprocity; it allows you to use your OK medical marijuana card to buy and consume medical marijuana in states that offer reciprocity. 

For instance, neighboring New Mexico offers reciprocity, so you can use your OK medical marijuana card to register as a visiting patient and buy medical weed there.

Sticking with the New Mexico example, after registering as a visiting patient with your OK medical marijuana card in NM, you can enjoy the benefits exclusive to medical marijuana patients in the state.

For instance, you have access to a wider range of marijuana products, and you can shop at medical-only dispensaries.

One of the biggest benefits of getting a medical card in Oklahoma is that it always comes in handy — even when you’re in another state.

getting a medical card in Oklahoma

The Steps Towards Getting a Medical Card Oklahoma

Now that you are familiar with the benefits, how do you get a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma?

The first thing you need to note is that you must meet certain requirements before applying for an Oklahoma medical weed card.

The requirements include the following:

  • A physician recommendation
  • A photo
  • Proof of ID
  • Proof of Oklahoma residency  
  • $100 application fee and $4.30 credit card processing fee. You pay a lower application fee of $20 and a $2.50 credit card processing fee if you show proof of enrollment in Medicaid or Medicare or if you are a veteran with 100% disability status.  

We have outlined the step-by-step application process and other important details here

Access Wellness Oklahoma With Elevate Holistics

The Sooner State is one of the many places in America that recognize the therapeutic benefits of marijuana, and you can enjoy these benefits by getting a medical card in Oklahoma.

We’ve helped you answer the question, “What are the benefits of getting a medical card in Oklahoma?” and we can even do more for you, too.

At Elevate Holistics, we have built a medical marijuana program where our patients are at the heart of everything we do. So, if you are looking for a marijuana service to help you maximize the benefits of medical marijuana, you’ve come to the right place.

We can help set up a secure consultation with a marijuana doctor who can give you a physician certification. Our consultations are HIPAA-compliant and adhere to best practices; you are in safe hands. 

Click here below to book an appointment and get expert guidance on your wellness journey — from start to finish. 

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