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eucalyptol terpene

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There are various components to the cannabis plants, including terpenes. Terpenes are the aromatic elements of the plant that give you the unique smells, tastes, and effects you love from strain to strain. 


While there are a handful of well-known terpenes, eucalyptol tends to slip through the cracks. But, why? The eucalyptol terpene offers various benefits that are more than worth having in your cannabis plant. 


So, today, let’s learn more about the eucalyptol terpene, what it offers, and which strains you can find it in.

What is the Eucalyptol Terpene?

The eucalyptol terpene (actually considered a “monoterpenoid”), is a compound found in several plant species. 


Most notably, though, you can find the eucalyptol terpene in eucalyptus trees — that’s where it gets its name, after all!


Along with eucalyptus trees, you’ll find this terpene in plants and herbs like bay leaves, tea trees, rosemary, basil, and sage. And, of course, cannabis

The eucalyptol terpene is well-known for its spicy, herbal aroma and mild cooling effects. Because of this, you’ll often find this terpene within certain flavorings and fragrances.

Effects of Eucalyptol

Eucalyptol promotes unique aromas and flavors; however, it also has a very distinct effect profile that’s worth understanding. So, if you smoke a eucalyptol-rich strain, what’s it going to feel like? 

Of course, the exact effects of this terpene are going to vary from person to person. 

Typically, eucalyptol-based cannabis strains are going to be quite therapeutic, offering anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects, as well as a boost in mental clarity and focus. 

Many people turn to the eucalyptol terpene to help with pain relief, as it tends to be a very soothing, supportive compound. 

In products like topicals, the terpene helps to add a cooling element, working well for sore and aching muscles. This is especially true when combined with other cannabinoids like CBD and CBG.

Eucalyptol terpene

Eucalyptol-Rich Strains

With the widespread effects that eucalyptol demonstrates, it’s no wonder that people are in search of strains with high percentages of it. 


In general, it’s worth noting that the eucalyptol terpene, as a whole, is only present in small amounts. However, these strains have higher amounts of the terp than many others: 

  • Girl Scout Cookies (GSC): This sweet yet spicy strain is known for its supportive effects and herbal notes. You can thank eucalyptol for that! (Partially, at least.) 
  • Headband: Great for a strong cerebral high, the Headband strain offers high levels of eucalyptol that add to the strain’s skunky, peppery notes. 
  • ACDC: ACDC is a CBD-dominant strain that’s ideal for people seeking clear therapeutic results from their cannabis. It has high levels of eucalyptol that add to this overall feeling of support. 
  • Sour Diesel: One of the most popular strains on the market, Sour Diesel boasts woody and earthy effects that let you know eucalyptol is hanging around. 
  • Super Silver Haze: This sativa-dominant strain is known for its spicy and citrusy aroma — as well as its high levels of the eucalyptol terpene. 


And these are just a few strains you can find that boast the amazing eucalyptol terpene. You can find many more on the market in your area; you just have to take the time to look!

Where to Find Eucalyptol Strains Near You

If you’re interested in finding eucalyptol strains near you, the best place to start is getting your MMJ card. 


Getting a medical marijuana card grants you access to the highest-quality strains in your area — for the lowest prices.


You get medical-only deals and discounts if you live somewhere that has fully legalized weed. 


So, if you’re ready to try out this terpene for yourself, click the button below to get your MMJ card entirely online in minutes. Trust us: it’s easy, affordable, and you don’t even have to leave your couch. 


Explore other interesting terpenes near you: 


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