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Terpenes are the aromatic components in the cannabis plant that give each bud its unique, pungent smell.

Terpenes like Borneol, though, provide more than just some good smells: they also play a major role in the effects and benefits of your cannabis plant. 

Speaking of Borneol, this may be a terpene that you’re not quite as familiar with.

Compared to others like myrcene and carophyllene, this terpene is as talked about — but, it’s just as beneficial. 

Below, we’re talking in-depth about the Borneol terpene, its effects, and which strains have high levels for you to enjoy. Let’s get started.

What is Borneol? (And Where Do You Find It?)

First thing first: Borneol is one of many terpenes found both in and out of cannabis plants. 

This terpene is known for its woody, earthy, almost menthol-like profile, and you can find it in various herbs, including rosemary, camphor, ginger, and thyme

The Borneol terpene has a long and extensive history within medicine, particularly, Chinese medicine.

Civilizations have turned to using this terpene for various therapeutic results. (And, don’t worry, we’ll get into those benefits in a minute.) 

These days, while the terpene is still common within traditional medicines, it’s used most popularly in modern society for flavoring agents or as essential oils in perfumes or colognes. 

Of course, you will also find high levels of Borneol in the coveted cannabis plant! But, not every strain is going to have as high levels as others. 

Thus, you have to look for options with high Borneol levels, specifically.

Borneol Terpene Effects & Benefits

The Borneol terpene effects and benefits are widespread, making it a sought-after component — especially in the world of weed. 

So, what are these main effects and benefits? Let’s explore.

Neuroprotective Benefits

There have been various studies looking into the efficacy of the Borneol terpene for its neuroprotective benefits

This means that the terpene may be ideal for reducing oxidative stress and inflammation in the brain — and both of these are key factors in the progression of neurodegenerative diseases. 

While more human trials are needed to draw concrete conclusions, this leads researchers to believe that Borneol could be helpful for those with Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.


Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Like many other terpenes within the cannabis plant, Borneol appears to have helpful anti-inflammatory properties that might help with reducing pain and discomfort. 

Those with arthritis or chronic pain may find Borneol-heavy strains to be extra-supportive within the body. 

With this in mind, the terpene may also be good for those who struggle to fall or stay asleep at night due to discomfort or stress in the body.

Helps With Respiratory Illnesses & Lung Disease

As long as you’re not smoking your Boreol-filled flower — and are consuming it in edible form or applying it topically, for example — then this terpene may prove beneficial for your respiratory health. 

In fact, respiratory health is one of the longest uses of the Borneol terpene.

Studies show its ability to help reduce congestion and improve breathability. This likely happens due to the terpene’s ability to lower lung tissue inflammation and oxidation. 

Again, you likely won’t experience these results as a heavy smoker.

However, there are so many other ways you can consume cannabis to still reap these benefits.

…And More

These benefits are just the start of the capabilities of the Borneol terpene. 

Every person is going to have slightly different reactions to each strain, cannabinoid, and even terpene you try. 

But, in general, this terpene has been used for centuries for its therapeutic properties, and this directly translates within cannabis, as well. 

Strains High in Borneol

Some cannabis strains have higher terpene percentages than others; the same goes for specific terpenes having higher percentages in certain strains. 

If you’re looking for strains high in the Borneol terpene, here are some of the most popular to pick up at your local dispensary — with your medical marijuana card, of course.

OG Kush

The OG Kush strain is a classic cannabis strain that’s been making waves in the industry since the 90s. 

Known for its diesel, skunky, and herbal flavor profile, this strain has high levels of Borneol that help aid the strain’s therapeutic nature. (As well as its earthy flavor.) 

You can find OG Kush strains at dispensaries all around the country, but it may be easier to find ones that have been crossbred with OG Kush. 

These strains will still have significant levels of Borneol, but maybe not as much as pure OG Kush.

Picture of a marijuana leaf with a nugget growing.

K13 Haze

K13 Haze may not be the most well-known strain out there, but it sure is high in Borneol levels. 

This sativa-dominant strain offers a uniquely tropical flavor profile combined with subtle notes of herbs. 

With its sativa origins, you’ll likely find this strain to help boost the mood, enhance creativity, and give you some giggles.

Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is another popular sativa strain that many people flock to for its energizing, stimulating properties.

And, of course, Amnesia Haze has hefty levels of Borneol that you’ll immediately fall in love with. 

Many people find that Amnesia Haze is great for reducing both pain and stress levels, leaving you feeling smiley from head to toe.

Girl Scout Cookies (GSC)

If there’s one strain on this list that you’ve heard of, it’s GSC. (Or Girl Scout Cookies, but we’re not supposed to associate this strain with them anymore… we think.) 

GSC is a classic cannabis strain that has high terpene levels as a whole. This helps contribute to a well-rounded, distinct flavor profile that people will associate with GSC from the first hit. 

Borneol is not the main terpene in GSC, but it does add to the overall profile, enhancing the strain to be as buzzy as it is.

Exploring Terpenes & Strains With Elevate Holistics

Borneol is just one of many terpenes found within cannabis, but Elevate Holistics is dedicated to keeping you informed and knowledgeable about them all. 

Whether you’re interested in trying strains high in Borneol or other terpenes, the first best step to take is getting your medical marijuana card online. 

Having an MMJ card grants you access to high-quality strains at the lowest possible prices. Plus, if you live somewhere that has legalized weed fully, you’ll get medical-only discounts that are definitely brag-worthy.

So, if you’re ready to try to beauty of Borneol for yourself within a cannabis strain, book an appointment to get your MMJ card online today and our doctors will approve you in minutes.

Other Terpene Highlights to Check Out: 


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