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terpinolene terpene

Strain Spotlight: Terpinolene

Alphabetically, we’re nearing the end of the known terpenes within the cannabis plant. But, we can’t talk about terpenes without mentioning terpinolene.    The terpinolene


Terpene Spotlight: Terpineol

With about 100 different terpenes within the cannabis plant, it can be difficult to keep up with the specific ones in your favorite strains. But,

sabinene terpene

Terpene Spotlight: Sabinene

There are dozens upon dozens of terpenes within the cannabis plant, each one playing a direct role in how your weed tastes, smells, and makes

phytol terpene

Terpene Spotlight: Phytol

You’ve likely heard of limonene, pinene, and even myrcene — but what about the phytol terpene?   Phytol is one of the more lesser-known terpenes

Ocimene terpene

Terpene Spotlight: Ocimene

This week’s terpene spotlight, we’re focusing on one that you smell often but may not be as much of a household name as pinenene or

Nerolidol terpene

Terpene Spotlight: Nerolidol

The cannabis plant is packed full of terpenes — some more common than others. The nerolidol terpene, specifically, may not be the most well-known component

myrcene terpene

Terpene Spotlight: Myrcene

Without terpenes, your favorite cannabis strains simply wouldn’t smell and taste the way that they do. The myrcene terpene, in particular, is one of the

Marijuana bud, cannabis flower, and lavender on a gray surface; linalool terpene

Terpene Spotlight: Linalool

If there’s one terpene in cannabis that you’ve undoubtedly experienced before, it’s linalool. The linalool terpene is not only abundant in cannabis plants, but it’s

Hops, marijuana buds, and marijuana leaves on a tray; humulene terpene

Terpene Spotlight: Humulene

We all know that weed smells good. But, what is it that causes those distinct flavors and aromas? Terpenes just like Humulene. The Humulene terpene

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