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While Minnesota medical marijuana thrives and expands, patients are reaping the benefits. How can you get your hands on Minnesota cannabis? After getting your Minnesota medical marijuana card, you’ll be able to shop at any medical dispensaries in Minnesota.


Are there dispensaries in Minnesota? What are the top-rated Minnesota dispensaries? Look no further! Elevate Holistics is here to outline the best dispensaries in MN and summarize their reviews.


Top-Rated Medical Dispensaries in Minnesota

When looking for the best Minnesota dispensaries, it’s important to remember that your favorite dispensary in Minnesota will come down to personal preference and experience. What are you looking for? Friendly and
knowledgeable staff? Good vibes? Wide selection? Discounts?

There are two cannabis manufacturers in Minnesota: Green Goods and RISE. These manufacturers have several medical Minnesota dispensaries across the state – eight Green Goods locations and six RISE locations.


Here, we’ll base our Minnesota dispensary guide on customer reviews and dispensary websites. Let’s dive into the top-rated dispensaries in MN.

Dispensaries in Minnesota With Friendly and Helpful Staff

First, let’s start with dispensaries that have the best reviews when it comes to friendly, knowledgeable, and welcoming staff. 

Green Goods in Bloomington 

Customers have given
Green Goods in Bloomington a 4.7-star rating. Patients say that the pharmacist is “professional and informative” and that the staff is always “super pleasant” and “friendly.” While you’re in the area, you can also visit the Mall of America.

Green Goods is physician-owned. Dr. Kyle Kingsley launched Green Goods after “encountering numerous patients who successfully used cannabis to effectively alleviate their pain and suffering.”

RISE in St. Cloud

Customers have rated
RISE in St. Cloud with 4.7 stars. Patients say that the staff offered coffee or water while they waited, that the “staff was extremely friendly and very knowledgeable,” and that the service is great.

Green Goods in Rochester

Customers have rated
Green Goods in Rochester with 4.8 stars. Patient reviews say that the staff is “so very helpful and extremely welcoming,” knowledgeable, and willing to spend time with patients to make them “comfortable and aware” of what they purchased.


According to their website, Green Goods focuses on patient education, helping patients identify the best products for their situation and teaching them how to use them.

Minnesota Dispensaries With Comfortable Atmospheres

Are you seeking out good vibes? While the right vibe will be different for everyone, patient reviews suggest that these dispensaries are all-around enjoyable. 

RISE in Eagan

Customers have given
RISE in Eagan a 4.6-star rating. Patients say they “love the place,” that it “feels and looks professional,” and that the staff provides an “amazing customer experience.”


RISE’s website says that “making you comfortable” is part of the RISE experience. 

Green Goods in Minneapolis

Customers have rated
Green Goods in Minneapolis with 4.6 stars. Patients say this location has “very comforting and caring people,” is easy to get to and park at, and is “clean, secure and safe.”

RISE in Willmar

Customers have given
RISE in Willmar a 4.6-star rating. Patient reviews say that this dispensary is “one of the best” they have ever been to, has “absolutely wonderful staff,” and that the service is “great” and “helpful.”


Both Green Goods and RISE offer curbside and in-store pickup.

Minnesota Dispensaries With the Best Selection

Since flower and gummies entered the Minnesota marijuana scene recently, not every dispensary location will have the same type of product selection.


Based on patient reviews and online menus, these dispensaries seem to have the widest selection of cannabis products.

Green Goods in Blaine

Customers gave
Green Goods in Blaine a 4.5-star rating. Patient reviews say this location has a “great flower selection” that is “getting better all the time.” At the moment, this location is selling 17 different flower strains. 


Green Goods in Woodbury

Customers have rated
Green Goods in Woodbury with 4.6 stars. Patients say that this dispensary has “a great selection of smokable flowers,” which isn’t always the case for dispensaries in MN. Currently, this location has 13 different flower strains for sale.


Always check online menus before visiting a dispensary. And keep in mind, your favorite strain might be at a dispensary with fewer options.

Dispensaries in MN With the Best Discounts

Where can you get Minnesota cannabis products at the lowest prices? Cannabis products at each dispensary in Minnesota teeter around similar costs. Differences in costs typically depend on discounts Minnesota dispensaries offer and their rewards programs.

All Green Goods locations offer a loyalty program. Patients earn a point for every pre-tax dollar spent on qualifying purchases. In response to a review, the owner of Green Goods in Minneapolis stated that Green Goods also provides “compassionate care discounts for which many patients qualify.”

All RISE locations offer a rewards program. For every dollar spent, patients earn a point. Once a patient earns 100 points, they can get cash back on their next purchase. RISE provides weekly specials on certain products and holiday discounts.

Minnesota Cannabis Product Prices

If you’re a Minnesota medical marijuana patient, we suggest you join a dispensary rewards program and keep an eye out for discounts.
Here’s a list of approximate prices for cannabis products in Minnesota:

  • Flower: Raw flower costs approximately $45 per 3.5 grams, and $63 per 7 grams. Most medical dispensaries in Minnesota only offer cannabis flower in 3.5 grams. Some Green Goods locations sell ground flower in 7 grams. 
  • Gummies: The cost of gummies is approximately $30 to $35 per 100mg of THC.
  • Tablets: Depending on the strength, a 30-count of cannabis tablets can cost anywhere from $30 to $100.
  • Concentrates: Distillate concentrates (typically in the form of a syringe), cost approximately $120 to $200 depending on the amount of THC present.
  • Oil cartridges: An oil cartridge can cost between $41 to $125, depending on the amount of THC.
  • Tinctures: Tincture droppers cost about $100 to $200 depending on the strength. Oral sprays cost $45 to $60. 
  • Topicals: Topicals cost about $30 to $90 depending on the amount of product and the strength. 

Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program

Lawmakers legalized medical marijuana in Minnesota in 2014, overseen by the
Minnesota Department of Health. Dispensaries in MN began selling medical Minnesota cannabis to patients in 2015.

Before purchasing cannabis products from any dispensary in Minnesota, there are a few things patients should know:

  • Once you have gone through the MMJ card process and received your medical cannabis identification card, patients must schedule a consultation with a dispensary to develop a treatment plan. Patients can typically meet with the dispensary pharmacist virtually.
  • Now, raw cannabis flowers, gummies, and “chews” are available for purchase at medical dispensaries in Minnesota. Since both are new to the program, the selection of cannabis flowers and gummies is currently minimal – but there are still great options.
  • Under Minnesota’s medical cannabis program, the state requires consultations with a dispensary pharmacist for a patient to change the type of medical cannabis they receive. For example, if you began your cannabis journey with tinctures, you’ll need to schedule a consultation with a dispensary before you can buy gummies. This can typically be done over the phone.

Learn more about MN marijuana laws & how to get your Minnesota medical cannabis card by clicking here.

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Are you interested in our upcoming Minnesota services? Want to know more about cannabis? To stay tuned for Minnesota cannabis updates and boost your marijuana knowledge, subscribe to our newsletter.


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