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Thai stick

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Cannabis has gone through a lot of changes and developments over the years. But, one product that has consistently stood the test of time is the Thai stick. 

A cannabis Thai stick has a rich history in the world of weed, and it’s one that has intrigued smokers for centuries. 

So, what is a Thai stick? How do you make them? And can you buy them? Let’s find out.

Wait, What is a Thai Stick? (& What’s It Got to Do With Weed?)

Simply put, a cannabis Thai stick is a form of weed cigar. 

Essentially, a Thai stick involves skewering whole cannabis buds on a bamboo stick or similar item. These buds are then bound tightly with hemp fibers or strings. 

Once secured, the stick is sometimes dipped in hash oil or cannabis concentrate and then wrapped in leaves, traditionally the fan leaves of the cannabis plant, though sometimes people choose to use other leaves like tobacco.

These Thai sticks look as intense as they sound, emulating an herbal hotdog on a stick. (Though they’re a lot more appetizing than that, we swear.)

The Long History of the Thai Stick

Okay, you know what a Thai stick is now, but where did these unique, potent forms of cannabis come from?

The exact date of creation is unknown, but history can point to Thai sticks being used throughout Thailand centuries ago (hence the name Thai stick). 

It’s clear that ancient peoples utilized the herbal cigars in their everyday lives, whether it be for medicinal or spiritual purposes. 

From there, the Thai stick became popular in the US in the 1970s after American soldiers smuggled these cannagars during the Vietnam War

However, the smuggling of these products from Asia back to the US was, understandably, not efficient, and the popularity of these cannabis cigars faded about a decade later. 

It wasn’t until the country started legalizing cannabis that residents started seeing these potent products pop back up in the industry. 

Today, Thai sticks have made a great comeback, getting modernized in ways that we’ve never seen before.

Why Thai Sticks?

Many people choose to turn to Thai sticks these days purely because of the uniquely powerful experience they bring. 

As you can imagine, the many layers of the Thai stick allow for intense potency, ideal for those with high tolerances or chronic conditions. 

However, you have to make sure you have healthy enough lungs to smoke these cannabis cigars, as they are quite harsh to puff on. 

A Thai stick may be a great option for a group sesh with some friends who have been smoking for quite some time.

Thai stick

How to Make a Thai Stick At Home

If you aren’t sure your local dispensary has the Thai sticks you’re looking for — or if you just enjoy a nice DIY project — you can easily make a Thai stick at home. 

To make your own Thai stick, you’re going to need the following materials: 

  • Cannabis Buds: High-quality, dense buds work best.
  • Skewer or Thin Bamboo Stick: For the base.
  • Hemp String or Hemp Wick: To wrap the buds.
  • Hash Oil or Cannabis Concentrate (Optional): For added potency.
  • Cannabis or Tobacco Leaves: To wrap around the outside (cannabis leaves are traditional, but can be substituted).
  • Parchment Paper and Twine: For curing.
  • Oven or Heat Source: For curing process.

Once you have your materials, here are the steps you’ll take to make your Thai stick right at home.

The Steps to Make a Thai Stick at Home

Step 1: Skewer  the Buds

Impale your cannabis buds onto the skewer or bamboo stick. Arrange them closely together to form a solid cylinder.

Step 2: Bind with Hemp String

Tightly wrap the hemp string or wick around the buds to hold them together. This compresses the buds against the skewer.

Step 3: Cure

Wrap your Thai stick in parchment paper and then bind it with twine.

Cure it by letting it sit for a few days or by applying low heat. Some people place it in an oven at a very low temperature for a few hours.

Step 4: Apply Hash Oil (Optional):

If you’re using hash oil or a concentrate, carefully coat the outside of the buds. You can repeat this process several times, allowing it to dry in between coats.

Step 5: Wrap with Leaves

Once cured and coated (if using concentrate), wrap the Thai stick with cannabis or tobacco leaves.

This can be tricky as the leaves need to be pliable. If they are dry, you can gently moisten them.

Step 6: Final Curing

Wrap the now leaf-covered stick in parchment paper again and bind with twine. Allow it to cure once more, this time for at least a week.

Step 7: Enjoy!

Once fully cured, remove the twine, parchment, and skewer.

Your Thai stick is now ready to be smoked. Light one end and smoke it as you would a cigar or joint.

Can You Find Thai Sticks Near You?

If you don’t want to make a Thai stick on your own, that’s perfectly okay, too.

Thankfully, you can find high-quality, delicious Thai sticks at a dispensary near you. 

Now, not every dispensary sells Thai sticks, as they’re a more rare product. 

But, if you have a medical card and have access to all the spots in your area, you should be able to get your hands on one, no problem. 

Your best bet is to check out the products that your local dispensary has on their website to see if they have the Thai sticks you want in stock.

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