Your Guide to Minority-Owned Marijuana Businesses in Missouri

marijuana businesses in Missouri

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There are nearly 200 marijuana businesses in Missouri, but only very few of them are minority-owned cannabis businesses.

Although reasons for the lack of representation in the cannabis space are not clear, various diversity advocates claim that the initial cost of applying for and establishing a weed business in Missouri is too high. And people from minority backgrounds often have limited capacity to join in the process.

Regardless of these restraints, the few minority-owned cannabis businesses in Missouri are putting in efforts as the most advantaged establishments to become part of the best cannabis companies in the state.

Here are the Missouri-based, minority-owned cannabis businesses in operation. 

marijuana businesses in Missouri

Luxury Leaf Marijuana Dispensary

If you had searched “Missouri marijuana dispensary locations near me” about a year ago, none of the results would have been a Black-owned business.

But that changed when Adrienne Scales-Williams became the first Black American to receive a dispensary license in late 2021.

She started with a level of sophistication that most marijuana businesses in Missouri never considered from the onset.

Luxury Leaf, in St. Louis, Missouri, is a small family business that Adrienne runs with her sons. The very exquisite dispensary, largely coated in black and white, provides a sense of calmness and grandeur which customers love.

More importantly, this minority-owned cannabis business is very particular about quality customer service. The shop exemplifies its approach to customers and the cannabis it provides.

It is, therefore, no wonder that patients who patronize this dispensary highly rate it as one of the best cannabis companies in Missouri. 

Franklin’s Stash House

Franklin’s Stash House is the first Black minority-owned cannabis business to produce cannabis and cannabis-infused products that now grace the shelf of various Missouri cannabis dispensaries that pop up when you search “Missouri marijuana dispensary locations near me.”

Based in Kansas City, Franklin’s Stash House is one of the brands that secured a foot in the door just before the state’s health department stopped issuing medical marijuana licenses.

marijuana businesses in Missouri

Still, it is not in any way lagging among marijuana businesses in Missouri producing medical marijuana.

Even with initial limited funding, Franklin’s Stash House goes head-to-head with the big players to become one of the best cannabis companies. And many marijuana dispensaries across the state are happy to have this brand on their shelves.

Franklin’s Stash House is co-owned by Ronald Rice and Michael Wilson. 

The Cola Lounge

When you think of marijuana businesses in Missouri, you probably don’t think of a lounge where users can consume marijuana and relax.

“Where buds meet” is the alternate name for The Cola Lounge. One step through the doors, and you will immediately see why this minority-owned cannabis business is truly where buds meet.

The Cola Lounge, the first of its kind in MO, is a cannabis consumption lounge that provides buds with a space to gather and interact or just chill out and immerse in the experience.

Brennan England, one of the individuals to receive the “Black Men Build – Power 50 Award” in 2021, is the brain behind the Cola Lounge.

marijuana businesses in Missouri

He is a multitalented community personality with a strong knack for community development at various levels where it matters the most.

Bren is also the founder of the member-driven network, St. Louis Cannabis Club, where lots of cannabis education and experience exchange blend to help buds have a better understanding of cannabis.

Although a new type of business in the cannabis sphere, the Coke Lounge is strongly establishing itself as one of the best cannabis companies.

It attempts to cater to the needs of medical marijuana users in a safe space while keeping their spirits high.

Also, Cola Lounge is a business that keeps evolving as patrons suggest what they hope to see.

In a recent interview, Brennan revealed that the lounge would add a rec and entertainment center for those who want to jam their buzz up. 

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