Your Ultimate Cannabis Gift Guide for this 2022 Holiday Season

cannabis gift guide

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Marijuana is losing its stigma. Now, it’s totally normal – and appreciated – to gift your favorite cannabis consumer weed goodies. What better time of year to spread joy than the holidays?

If you’re looking for the best gift for weed lovers, you’re in the right place. Whether it’s euphoric THC products, the best CBD gifts, or weed accessories, Elevate Holistics has your back with our cannabis gift guide 2022.

Gift the merry stuff that Santa won’t – let’s dive into the ultimate cannabis gift guide.

THC Gift Guide

If your loved one dabbles in getting high, or is a seasoned cannabis consumer, you can spread the holiday cheer with feel-good THC-infused products.

THC products, from flower to edibles, will cause intoxication – and that’s just how we like it! (Just make sure they know it gets them high, too.)

cannabis gift guide

Holiday Drinkables

Let’s start this part of our cannabis gift guide off with holiday drinkables.

Drinkables, or cannabis-infused beverages, are a wonderfully easy and discreet way to consume THC. Instead of creating chaos with alcohol, a gift of drinkable cannabis will leave consumers in a pleasant state.

You’ll be everyone’s favorite person at the Christmas get-together with Cann’s Holiday Party Pack, which includes three different flavors and boasts plenty of five-star reviews. 

Pre-Rolled Joints & a Festive Lighter

A pre-rolled joint (or a few) is a simple gift for weed lovers guaranteed to spark joy.

Gifting joints with a fun new lighter makes it easy for your loved ones to consume their present, creating no extra work for them.

You can buy joints pre-rolled from the dispensary or gather your favorite flower and papers (or cones) to do it yourself.

Brownie points for decorating the joint tube or container with holiday-themed stickers and a bow.

Cannabis-Infused Christmas Cookies

Do you want to give the best gift for weed lovers that’s good enough to eat? Cannabis-infused Christmas cookies, like sugar cookies and gingersnaps, are the perfect treat.

Using a delicious cannabis-infused holiday cookie recipe, you can bake them yourself to add extra freshness and love.

To make the baking process as simple as possible, purchase canna-butter or canna-oil (depending on the recipe) at your local dispensary or online. You can even make your cookies THC-free by using CBD oil.

Learn more about making cannabis edibles for beginners by clicking here.

THC Vaporizers 

Gifting a weed vape is perfect for someone on the go or who desires a more concentrated product. Tie a ribbon around the vape to make it festive!

Cannabis vapes either come in disposable, all-in-one pens or as a cartridge. If you’re purchasing a concentrates cartridge, make sure you’re also buying a vape battery for your recipient.

Ratio 1:1 Disposable Vapes are an ideal option for someone who wants to puff on their vape throughout the day without getting too high, consuming a perfect dose every time.

CBD Gift Guide

No cannabis gift guide 2022 is complete without including the best CBD gifts. Our CBD gift guide features CBD gifts perfect for those who want to relax and relieve stress without getting high. Do you know someone who could benefit from cannabis without intoxication? 

Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture

A full-spectrum CBD tincture is optimal for someone dipping their toes into cannabis. The recipient should hold the oil under their tongue daily to experience its therapeutic perks.

Full-spectrum CBD products contain all compounds of the cannabis plant, including small amounts of THC that won’t get you high.

According to the entourage effect, each part of the plant works synergistically to produce maximum medicinal benefits.

The Pinnacle Hemp Full Spectrum CBD MCT Oil contains CBD and MCT oil (coconut oil), allowing the body to absorb it more quickly.

CBD Vaporizers

Along with THC vaporizers, CBD vapes come in all-in-one disposable options or cartridges that must connect to a battery. CBD vapes can be puffed on throughout the day to provide fast-hitting, relaxing effects.

Clean AF CBD offers inexpensive, disposable, high-quality CBD vapes with hundreds of great reviews.

CBD Mints

Do you want to gift a tasty, refreshing way to consume CBD for calming effects throughout the day?

Mr. Moxey’s Calm CBD Mints are made with broad-spectrum organic hemp extract and a blend of other relaxing herbs, like ashwagandha, boasting a 4.8-star review.

CBD Gifts for Her

Our CBD gift guide includes the best CBD gifts for extra relaxation – for her.

CBD Bath Soak

Every good cannabis gift guide will recommend a CBD bath bomb — and for so many great reasons. CBD bath soaks generally contain Epsom salt and essential oils to relax the muscles in conjunction with CBD.

If your loved one enjoys a good bath, a CBD bath soak is the right gift for them.

Not Pot’s CBD Bath Soak contains 300 mg of hemp-derived CBD and peppermint essential oil.

Intimate CBD Oil

Cannabis is a vasodilator that increases blood flow when applied to an area, heightening sensation. Intimate oil is one of the best CBD gifts for someone who needs to blow off steam in a big way. 

Foria’s Awaken Arousal Oil is award-winning, made with all-natural botanicals. When applied directly to pleasure zones, the oil enhances sensation.

cannabis gift guide

Cannabis Gift Guide 2022 for Weed Accessories

If you’re unsure what cannabis product to gift, you can always stick with cannabis accessories. Cannabis gear, such as grinders, ashtrays, and weed trays, will extend the holiday cheer.

Weed Grinder with Storage

A weed grinder with storage is the best gift for weed lovers who consume flower. This practical gift allows consumers to grind their weed, conceal it, and keep the smell contained.

The Medtainer Storage Container with a Built-In Grinder is an inexpensive option made with medical-grade plastic, making it durable and lightweight.

Personalized Weed Tray

Does your loved one love rolling joints or blunts? A weed tray can have countless themes, making it a fun way to let the cannabis consumer in your life know you notice the little things about them. 

You can find a weed tray adorned with your loved one’s favorite color, TV show, animal, or musical artist. You can even purchase a tray customized with a name or favorite quote.

The longevity of a weed tray will brighten the recipient’s spirits for years to come.

Smoke Filter

For a flower-smoking cannabis consumer who needs to eliminate the smell, a smoke filter – sometimes called a sploof – is the best gift for weed lovers. Blow your smoky clouds straight into the filter to hide the dank stank.

cannabis gift guide

The Sploofy Pro smoke air filter has a replaceable cartridge system. Reviews say it “makes a big difference in the intensity of the smell.”

Functional Ashtray

A useful weed smoker’s gift is a quality ashtray, preferably with a lid. A sleek option is the Sessions Goods ashtray, which features a silicone lid, a built-in bowl stand, and a replaceable debowler. 

If you’re looking for something a little funkier, this matcha green porcelain lidded ashtray or vintage metal ashtray, are great picks.

Artistic Glass Piece

If you want to get artsy with your gift, finding a beautiful glass piece – pipe, bong, bubbler – is a unique way to go. Glass pieces can look like almost anything nowadays.

Maybe a rubber ducky pipe? A mushroom pipe? A pink heart bong?

Elevate Your Gift for Weed Lovers

Finding the best Christmas gifts for stoners can be tricky, but we’re here to help! Our cannabis gift guide 2022 features gift ideas for a THC consumer, a CBD gift guide, and weed accessories. 

Give the gift of peace this holiday season – share the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. To purchase high-quality medical cannabis products, you’ll need your medical marijuana card.

We’re good for more than just crafting some killer cannabis gift guides. Elevate Holistics can help with all your MMJ card needs. Through our secure telemedicine doctor’s appointments, we’ve provided over 70,000 patients with medical cannabis approval.

Book a doctor’s appointment with Elevate Holistics today for an MMJ recommendation.

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