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Renew Your Medical Card in Queens

Experience the beauty of medical cannabis by renewing your Queens medical card with Elevate Holistics.

100% online, 100% hassle-free — and if you’re not approved, you get your money back.


Queens Medical Marijuana Card Renewals

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Your patient certification has a one-year validity, after which you can no longer use it to purchase medical marijuana products.

The Office of Cannabis Management (OCM), which oversees the cannabis industry in the Empire State, demands that all patients who wish to access medical marijuana products, plants, or seeds from licensed dispensaries in Queens must have active patient certification.

Without an active certification, all the privileges attached to being a medical marijuana patient in Queens are withdrawn.

The OCM allows a 30-day window for patients to renew medical cards in Queens after expiration.

Cost of a Queens MMJ Card Renewal

Queens MMJ Renewal Card Cost:

Just $80 with Elevate Holistics

Registration Fee:

New York doesn’t charge a registration fee to become a part of the medical marijuana program.


Trusted by 125,000+ Patients

Elevate Holistics has served thousands of patients and is innovating to provide doctors and patients a better medical marijuana evaluation experience. Check out how we have helped these people:

Getting Access to Medical Cannabis is Easy

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How to Renew Your Medical Card in Queens

It is very easy to renew medical card in Queens. However, since the review of the New York Medical Cannabis Data Management System, there’s been a slight difference in how patients can renew their medical cards. And the difference hinges on whether or not you got your certification after March 20, 2023.

The steps below provide a guide on how to renew medical card in Queens, NY.

Step 1:

Meet With Our Queens MMJ Doctors

After booking your appointment with Elevate Holistics for your Queens medical card renewal, one of our doctors will meet with you over the phone or computer at your chosen time.

During the consultation, your doctor will assess you to determine if you still have a condition for which medical marijuana would be appropriate.

Step 2:

Renew With the State

If you still have a qualifying condition, your doctor will re-certify you for medical marijuana and submit all the required details to the state, thus updating your profile. You don’t have to re-register with the state.

However, you may need to register with the state if your old MMJ card was issued before March 20, 2023.

In the case that you are a patient with a card issued before March 20, 2023, there are two things to note on how to renew medical card in Queens:

  • You don’t have to register with the state if the new certification number issued by your doctor is the same as your old certification number.
  • If the certification numbers are not the same, you will have to visit my.ny.gov, navigate through Health Applications – Medical Cannabis Data Management System – Start New Registration – Patient to register with the state.

Step 3:

Get Renewed & Start Shopping!

The state automatically approves your renewal once your new certification is confirmed. You will receive a link to a downloadable format of your MMJ card.

Your Queens medical card renewal is complete, and you are ready to start shopping for your favorite cannabis products or seeds once again!

That’s all there is on how to renew medical card in Queens; feel free to ask us any question you may have about renewing your medical card in Queens!

Advantages of Choosing Elevate-Holistics in Queens

Additional Perks

  • If you refer 5 friends or family members to book a consultation your Renewal is FREE! You’ll need to renew your certification in Queens after 1 year.
  • If you’re not approved by a doctor we’ll reimburse you the cost of your appointment. No questions asked.
  • Our prices are the lowest among other options in the industry. If you see a lower price somewhere else, we’ll match it.
    *must share valid proof of lower price prior to appointment booking

Qualifying Conditions to Renew Your Queens Medical Card

Although there are some conditions for which medical marijuana doctors in Queens are most likely to certify a patient for medical marijuana, the OCM authorizes approved doctors to use their discretion to determine conditions that are appropriate for MMJ treatment.

Hence, your MMJ doctor can approve you for medical marijuana if they feel your condition – irrespective of what it is – will benefit from medical marijuana use.

Some conditions that Queensland MMJ doctors commonly approve include:

team 2

The Elevate
Holistics Promise

We are a team who believes in the medical benefits of cannabis; but, we’re also keenly aware that a large percentage of the population doesn’t know where to start on their cannabis journey. This is why we promise to treat every patient with respect, compassion, and love.

We’re all on our own journey and we promise to respect yours.

MMJ Doctors in Queens, New York

Medical Doctors 1024x330 Ohio

Queens is home to 110 OCM-registered medical marijuana doctors in Queens, and Elevate Holistics is home to the most experienced of them.

Our team of Queens medical marijuana doctors has been serving patients in Queens since NYS medical marijuana legalization.

More importantly, Elevate Holistics medical marijuana doctors Queens, NY, offer personalized consultations that ensure you get the best of medical marijuana. For better guidance, always ask our doctors all your MMJ-related questions during your consultation.

The Benefits of Renewing a Medical Card in Queens

If you are booking an appointment for your Queens medical marijuana card renewal, it’s most likely because you’ve experienced and enjoyed the immense benefit that comes with being a registered MMJ patient in Queens.

  • For those that are not in the know, some of the benefits for which patients renew medical cards in Queens include:
  • Continued access to high-quality cannabis at a cheaper rate.
  • To retain the privilege to grow up to six marijuana plants at home
  • Lower age limit for cannabis use – with the help of a caregiver
  • Continued access to medical marijuana home delivery in Queens.
  • Higher possession limit – up to 60-day supply in line with your doctor’s recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ img 1024x329 Ohio

Yes, it is easy to renew medical card in Queens. For a well-guided and smooth experience, book your appointment with Elevate Holistics.

You have to renew your patient certification every 12 months.

It costs only $80 to renew Queens medical marijuana card.

Online medical card renewals are legal in Queens and the Empire State. Ensure you book your appointment through a reputable telehealth provider, such as Elevate Holistics.

Click the button below and select “RENEWAL Medical Cannabis Certification” to book your appointment with us and get certified in 30 minutes.

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