With how often cannabis laws change, it can be difficult to keep up with where weed is legal and where it’s not. Today, we’re focusing specifically on Maryland marijuana laws, breaking down certain regulations, possession limits, and more. This way, if you ever find yourself in the Free State, you’ll know whether or not you can enjoy your MMJ.  

Maryland marijuana laws

First thing’s first: is marijuana legal in Maryland? Yes and no. It depends on what kind of cannabis you’re talking about! 

While medical marijuana is legal in Little America, the state has yet to make concrete moves regarding adult-use cannabis. 

Recreational Marijuana

Is recreational marijuana legal in Maryland? No. You cannot access recreational cannabis in Maryland yet, and you will face criminal charges if you’re found to possess or cultivate marijuana without a proper license. 

Unfortunately, despite neighboring states like Virginia and New York making cannabis fully legal, Maryland just hasn’t gotten there yet. However, it seems as though 2022 might be a promising year for the state. It’s looking like Maryland residents may be able to vote for adult-use marijuana legalization come November. 

Of course, we don’t know what the outcome of that vote will be, but many Maryland consumers are ready for full-scale legalization.    

Medical Marijuana

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Is medical marijuana legal in Maryland? You bet it is. MMJ is the only way for consumers to get their hands on cannabis legally in Maryland. Thus, the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) — who oversees the MMJ program — has seen over 100,000 patient registrations. 

Maryland first legalized medical cannabis in 2014, but regulations made it somewhat difficult for patients to get their hands on MMJ cards. Then, in 2019, the MMCC announced regulatory changes to the program, adding practitioners like dentists, nurse midwives, and podiatrists to their eligible provider list. 

Even though it is legal in the state, MMJ is still strictly regulated, and medical patients must follow strict guidelines in order to possess it lawfully. Maryland marijuana laws aren’t too far from what other legal states have implemented, but it’s crucial to know what you can and cannot do regarding MMJ in MD.  

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Can You Grow Marijuana in Maryland? 

Speaking of Maryland marijuana laws, residents are always curious about at-home cultivation — and growing weed, in general. That brings us to our next question: Can you grow marijuana in Maryland? Or, more specifically, is it legal to grow weed in Maryland? 

As of right now, you cannot grow marijuana in Maryland unless you have a proper grower’s license. At-home cultivation is illegal for patients and everyday consumers. If you’re a medical patient who is interested in growing their own plants, you cannot do some at home — you have to find a government-approved area for growing. (We’ll go more into detail about that next.)

With the latest recreational cannabis proposal set to happen in November 2022, this would also legalize at-home cultivation for adults and medical patients. It would allow consumers to cultivate up to six plants at home for personal use; however, we’re unsure if this will pass with residents. But, again, at-home cultivation is still currently illegal in Maryland. 

How to Become a Licensed Grower

If you’re interested in becoming a licensed grower in Maryland, you’ll have to go through the MMCC. Here, you fill out their Medical Cannabis Grower License Application. This application requires you to pay the $2,000 application fee, complete all information in full, and attach the necessary documents. 

Before applying, you’ll want to make sure you’ve found an appropriate location to grow your cannabis. Since you cannot do so at home, you’ll need to have a proper, secure location that the state approves. 

How Much Marijuana Can You Possess in Maryland?

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All of this leads us to wonder, how much weed can you have in Maryland? 

Maryland medical marijuana possession laws state that patients can possess up to four ounces (or 120 grams) of dried cannabis or one ounce (36 grams) of THC-infused products during a 30-day period. However, if your medical condition requires a bit more product, your healthcare provider can state you require more on your application, and you’ll have a higher allotment. 

Marijuana possession laws in Maryland state that those who possess less than 10 grams for adult use may receive a fine of up to $100. The state considers it a civil offense. However, if you possess more cannabis than this, you’ll be subject to harsher penalties, fines, and even jail time.  

Medical Marijuana Reciprocity

At first, Maryland did offer medical marijuana reciprocity to out-of-state patients. However, the Free State has now changed its minds, and you can no longer purchase medical cannabis from Maryland if you have an out-of-state MMJ card.

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How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Maryland

Even though Maryland marijuana laws may be a bit confusing, Elevate Holistics makes getting your card easy. Here’s a quick step-by-step process on how to get a medical marijuana card in Maryland.

First, you’ll need to go to the MMCC website and submit an online patient application. After you do this, you will hear back from the MMCC with approval, and they will issue you your ID number. 

Next, you will need to meet with a certified physician to see if you have one of the following qualifying conditions:

If you have one of these conditions, your doctor will approve you and give you your certification. Here at Elevate Holistics, we are a team of expert cannabis care coordinators and MMJ doctors that specialize in helping you get your medical recommendation. With us, you’ll book an appointment online and sit down with us — virtually, of course — to see if you qualify for MD MMJ.  We’ll do everything in our power to ensure you log off our appointment and wait for your electronic recommendation. 

After we approve you and you have your recommendation, you’ll then log back onto your MMCC Patient Registry. Follow the prompts carefully to ensure you provide all proper documentation and information. Finally, you will buy your MMJ card for $50 and you’re all set. It really is that easy. 

Once again, Elevate Holistics is here to help you get the medical recommendation you need to register with the MMCC. Our services are officially live in Maryland, so you can book an appointment by clicking the button below. Before you know it, with your medical card in hand, you’ll be a master of Maryland marijuana laws.