What You Need To Know About Craft Cannabis

Jun, 2021
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The term “craft cannabis” describes a unique type of marijuana that uses superior cultivation techniques and nutrients to deliver a fresh product —  just think of craft coffee, premium wine, and organic food. Currently, a lot of people love craft cannabis for its unique and top-notch quality. (And, seriously, who wouldn’t?)

But, what makes this form of cannabis so popular, and why should you use it? Is it worth it to spend a little extra money on these high-end strains? Find the answers and a lot more down below.

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All About Craft Cannabis

What is Craft Cannabis?

Simply put, craft cannabis is organic cannabis that is cultivated by small growers using highly efficient farming techniques. Unlike large-scale cultivators, craft cannabis producers focus on maintaining their products’ integrity and quality. They do this to maximize the capabilities of a cannabis strain and enhance its effects or medicinal attributes.

For this reason, craft marijuana offers a more appealing alternative to commercially produced weed. Besides, many customers are choosing it for its aesthetically pleasing branding and its premium quality. Furthermore, consumers look for higher-quality craft products because small-scale cultivation allows for optimum growing conditions, translating to first-class flavored cannabis with superior quality.

The Start of Craft Cannabis

Craft cannabis involves using farming techniques to preserve and deliver the full genetic strain of cannabis to customers. This art owes its origin to Guadalest, a small Valencian town in Spain.

The Guadalest farmers who developed this practice used eco-friendly techniques and natural resources in their area to grow their marijuana. Some of the methods they adopted were using ladybugs for pest control, collecting water from natural waterfalls, and using bells tied on strings to prevent wild animals and trespassers.

Using this farming method, Guadalest cultivators were able to upgrade the already popular ‘Critical’ strain. As a result, most people believe the Guadalest farmers are the originators of the first varieties of “craft” marijuana.

Today, their legacy of craft marijuana and farming practice is what new-age marijuana growers use to give consumers top-shelf cannabis strains.

The Attributes of Craft Cannabis

Generally, farmers grow craft cannabis in small batches and are both organic and sustainable. Unlike large-scale marijuana producers, craft growers focus on carefully planting and drying each crop after a harvest. Considering this, some common characteristics of craft cannabis include:

  • It is grown on a small scale:  Cannabis cultivators grow craft marijuana on quite a small scale – about 10,000 acres or less – because it requires a more hands-on approach. With a small farm, the farmers can meticulously inspect their plants and immediately spot something wrong.
  • It involves extra care and attention: Growing craft cannabis also demands a lot of care from the beginning to the end of the cultivation process. Essentially, the farmers are committed to producing a more potent flower and developing signature strains with delicious terpenes.  Instead of using machines, small-batch producers hand-trim their plants, and this helps retain potency and quality.
  • It requires organic farming practices: Craft cannabis farmers are very concerned about the ideal organic methods best for cannabis consumers. They utilize organic pest control methods, maintain clean facilities, and do not use banned pesticides or chemicals. All these ensure that customers enjoy a well-cultivated pot.
  • Growers specially package craft marijuana: To stand out from traditional growers, craft marijuana brands differentiate themselves with their sleek branding and packaging. Their upscale and sophisticated packaging appeals to consumers attracted to their aesthetically pleasing logos and high-quality containers, jars, and packages.
  • It utilizes environmentally sustainable methods: Farmers grow craft cannabis with organic and sustainable practices that are safe for the environment. Their techniques are wellness-focused, and they do not use pesticides or harmful chemicals. 

The Best Craft Cannabis Strains

The goal of craft cannabis is to grow the best cannabis products using optimized environmentally friendly techniques that are difficult to replicate at a large scale.

Some of the best strains of craft marijuana include:

White Cherry Truffle

This strain of cannabis is a delicious strain named for its incredibly delicious taste. It tastes just like it sounds – like sweet cherries and chocolate, and the aroma is slightly spicy and savory.   As an 82/20 Sativa, it truly brings you the best of both sativa and indica and delivers full-body euphoria alongside high-flying cerebral stimulation.

Old Betsy

Betsy is a high THC 50/50 hybrid strain that can make you gain appetite and feel euphoric, creative, calm, numb, and relieved from pain. With origins in Northern California, this heritage strain tastes sweet and pungently skunky. Seasoned cannabis consumers enjoy smoking this strain. It is suitable for daytime or evening usage.


White Fire OG, also known as WiFi OG, is a 60% sativa hybrid with uplifting and cerebrally focused effects. This strain features notable aromas that are sour and earthy. It is ideal for social and creative activities. Medical marijuana patients choose this strain to treat anxiety, depression, cancer, glaucoma, pain, and appetite loss.

Gelato #33

This specially crafted strain has two unusual parents – Thin Mint GSC and Sunset Sherbet. It is a well-balanced hybrid that owes a lot to its Cookie genes. Its flavors are fruity, sweet, and citrusy. Gelato strains contain fiery orange hairs, and its buds can be dark green to purple. This hybrid has limonene as its dominant terpene, which lends it to its citrus aroma and flavor.  The effects of this strain are energetic and uplifting, which makes it a popular choice for use at the end of a long, hard day.

Where to Find Craft Cannabis

If you’re looking to sample craft cannabis for its superior quality, you can easily find and purchase it in licensed dispensaries around you. However, this can only happen if you live in a state where the consumption of marijuana is legal. Likewise, only patients enrolled in a medical marijuana program can apply for a card and have access to this especially sought-after brand of marijuana.

Do you have a medical condition but have no card? Don’t worry: if you want to try out these craft cannabis strains, we’re here to help. You can easily apply to get your MMJ card by using Elevate Holistic’s telehealth services! Our goal is to save you stress and lead you towards a comprehensive healing plan — whether you’re hoping to consume craft marijuana or regular ol’ flower. 

Enjoying the Benefits of High-End Cannabis

As marijuana continues to develop into a big business commodity, discerning customers will continue to look for the highest quality weed possible. With this, we should expect newer marijuana products that ensure consistent top-quality like craft cannabis. But, the next time you find yourself in your favorite dispensary coming face-to-face with some boutique cannabis, we recommend splurging a little — it’s more than worth it for those potent puffs and terpene-filled tastes.

Now, it's time to get your own MMJ card.