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Marijuana in New Jersey is now recreationally legal, but lawmakers are hoping to add restrictions when it comes to what residents can consume cannabis. These restrictions would be based on one’s occupation, prohibiting residents with certain jobs from consuming weed. Can lawmakers control what citizens do outside of work, in the comfort of their homes? If these bills become law – yes.

Restrictions on Marijuana in New Jersey

Adult-use marijuana sales in New Jersey just began, and its consumption in the state is already meeting restrictions. Lawmakers introduced a series of bills hoping to limit what types of employees can consume cannabis when they’re off the clock, depending on their specific occupation. 

  • Sen. Robert Singer sponsored measure S2518 sponsored which would ban cannabis consumption for any employee who operates heavy machinery, uses weapons, or whose use of cannabis would “put the public at serious risk.” That would target any employee who operates tractors, dump trucks, excavators, and bulldozers, plus law enforcement officers.
  • Assemblyman Lou Greenwald sponsored measure A3914 which would also ban law enforcement from consuming cannabis. This bill would allow employers to carry out random drug tests for THC New Jersey and use drug test results to hire or fire someone as well.
  • Assemblywoman Gabriela Mosquera sponsored measure A3868 which would prohibit paid first responders from consuming cannabis. This would include ambulance and emergency rescue squads, EMTs, paramedics, firefighters, and 911 dispatchers.
  • Sen. Shirley Turner sponsored measure S2616 which would expand the implied consent law to include blood testing for driving under the influence of weed

Lawmakers introduced the bills after Attorney General Matt Platkin released a document saying that New Jersey’s adult-use cannabis law allows cops to consume cannabis off duty. State Senate President Nicholas Scutari has said it would be a “very dangerous, slippery slope” to monitor what residents do outside of work. 

On the other hand, as a possible proponent of banning law enforcement from consuming weed, Gov. Phil Murphy said he’d be open to “restricting cannabis use among police officers.”

If one or more of these bills do become law, would lawmakers’ only concern be THC New Jersey – the psychoactive compound in cannabis? Or would they ban CBD products as well?

So can you buy marijuana in New Jersey if your occupation is listed on these bills? As of now, yes. Employees with these occupations are still able to purchase cannabis products from NJ dispensaries. Residents will continue to be able to purchase cannabis unless these measures are passed.

Is pot legal in New Jersey? Over a year and a half ago, residents voted to approve recreational cannabis New Jersey for adults 21 years of age and older. But, many believe that New Jersey weed laws still criminalize the plant in various ways. Let’s dive into legal marijuana New Jersey.

Learn more about New Jersey marijuana laws by clicking here.

Can You Buy Marijuana in New Jersey?

Can you still buy marijuana in New Jersey? Legal marijuana New Jersey sales began on April 21, the day after cannabis enthusiasts’ favorite holiday. On the state’s first day of recreational cannabis sales, almost 12.5K customers bought nearly $2 million worth of recreational cannabis products, according to the state Cannabis Regulatory Commission.

So what legal marijuana New Jersey cannabis products can you purchase? New Jersey residents can buy cannabis flower, concentrate, and ingestible non-food cannabis products like syrups, capsules, and gummies. The complications with New Jersey edibles are still ongoing, but lawmakers have talked about issuing a plan to resolve this. 

Products available vary depending on the dispensary in NJ. As of now, there are only 13 dispensaries in the state. More medical marijuana dispensaries are expected to be approved for recreational sales soon.

The Complexities of New Jersey Weed Laws

Is marijuana legal in New Jersey? Lawmakers have decriminalized possessing up to six ounces of weed, but you can only purchase one ounce of marijuana legally at a time. And the only place it’s legal to smoke weed in New Jersey is one’s residence. Even then, if you’re a renter, landlords are allowed to prohibit cannabis smoking.

New Jersey is one of only 2 adult-use states that doesn’t permit patients to grow their own marijuana plants, and the only state to prohibit even its medical marijuana patients from cultivating. Growing even just one cannabis plant can result in three to five years in prison and a fine of $25,000, according to New Jersey weed laws.

NJ weed laws now don’t allow employers to use positive marijuana drug test results as a reason to fire someone, since cannabis stays in the system for quite some time after consumption. But if measure A3914 is passed, having THC New Jersey in your system could be grounds for termination.

Don’t forget, driving while high is illegal and could result in a cannabis DUI. Measure S2616 would allow blood testing to determine if a resident should receive a cannabis DUI. It is also illegal to consume marijuana in the car even if you are a passenger.

As we mentioned, traditional edibles like cookies or brownies cannot be sold anywhere in the state. This means that perishable edibles that “resemble food” are not available. However, cannabis products like certain gummies and lozenges are for sale in NJ.

Although all of these technicalities seem nonsensical, the worst part of New Jersey’s continued marijuana criminalization is that many NJ residents are still behind bars for non-violent cannabis charges.

Can you buy marijuana in New Jersey if the bills mention your occupation? Currently, yes. Is marijuana legal in New Jersey still? Yes again, but lawmakers could put in place restrictions regarding cannabis consumption for several types of employees. So how can residents get more legal protection? We’re here to help.

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