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We’ve all heard of myrcene and pinene in the world of cannabis, but what about the ocimene terpene?

Ocimene is one of the newest terpenes on the block, and it’s making a lot of noise for its unique properties, aromas, and effects.

But, what is ocimene, and how does ocimene make you feel? Let’s get right into everything this up-and-coming terpene has to offer.

What is Ocimene?

Before we answer this “What is ocimene?” question, let’s briefly recap what terpenes are.

Terpenes are the organic compounds found in plants, including cannabis, and are responsible for plant flavors and aromas. So, when you perceive the distinctive aroma of a particular strain, that’s terpenes at work.

The ocimene terpene has a sweet and woody aroma with a hint of citrus. This fragrant terpene is present in several plants and fruits, including orchids, mint, parsley, lavender, bergamot, and many more. 

As already mentioned, ocimene terpene gives cannabis strains their unique flavor and aroma, but it doesn’t stop there. Ocimene is a key player in the satisfaction you derive from cannabis. If you ask us: “How does ocimene make you feel?” the first thing that comes to mind is the entourage effect.

When you consume cannabis, all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds in it work synergistically to produce what is known as the entourage effect.

This terpene is so versatile that it has other applications besides cannabis. Ocimene is used to make products like perfumes, soap, surface cleaners, shampoo, fabric softeners, and antiperspirants. 

ocimene terpene

Ocimene Terpene Effects

You know a bit about the ocimene terpene now, but we bet one question on your mind is, how does ocimene make you feel?

For one, it won’t get you high. There’s this common misconception that anything derived from marijuana can make you high, but the fact is that THC is primarily responsible for marijuana’s psychoactive properties.

The ocimene terpene may work to enhance the psychoactive properties of THC as part of the entourage effect, but by itself, it can’t get you high.

You may wonder, is that all there is to the ocimene terpene effects? There are no marijuana products that contain only ocimene, so we can’t say for sure how ocimene will make you feel.

You can’t go to your local dispensary and say you want to buy ocimene oil or edibles. Still, fortunately, we can guess the ocimene effects by looking at the effects of marijuana strains with high ocimene concentrations.

With that in mind, users have reported feelings of euphoria, upliftment, and enhanced creativity after consuming strains rich in ocimene terpene. 

Ocimene Terpene Benefits and More

We have established that ocimene is not psychoactive, but when users ask, “How does ocimene make you feel?” it’s not just psychoactivity they are interested in. They also want to learn about its overall effect and benefits. 

Scientists have not studied ocimene as intensely as they have studied other popular marijuana compounds, but the existing research shows promising results. We must caution that more research is needed to establish these reported ocimene terpene effects.

In addition, these reported ocimene terpene benefits do not constitute medical advice; you should consult with a qualified marijuana doctor before you use medical marijuana.

Ocimene terpene

The ocimene terpene benefits may include the following.


Researchers conducted a study involving ocimene and a blend of other compounds to evaluate their effectiveness against yeast and molds.

The scientists concluded that ocimene might function as an anti-fungal agent when combined with other substances. The researchers specifically included human fungal species, such as dermatophytosis, a skin fungus frequently referred to as ringworm.  


One of the ocimene effects may include potent anti-inflammatory properties.

Scientists have studied the ocimene terpene as part of an element in the Oenanthe crocata essential oil and found that the oil has notable anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-fungal properties. 


Another possible ocimene effect is anti-virality. In 2008, the Chemistry and Biodiversity journal published a study that said that essential oils containing ocimene showed promising signs against viral respiratory disease and the herpes simplex virus.

Viruses are a common health hazard, and scientists may find ways of keeping them at bay using the ocimene terpene. 


Ocimene may help treat the symptoms of diabetes by inhibiting the production of certain enzymes. Scientists analyzed essential oils extracted from black pepper seed and found that ocimene is a major compound.

It was found that black pepper seed oil has anti-oxidative qualities and can block vital enzymes linked to type 2 diabetes and hypertension. 

Strains With High Ocimene Levels

The concentration of ocimene in marijuana varies; some strains have deficient concentrations, while some contain higher than average amounts of the terpene.

If you want to enjoy the ocimene effects, the following strains have significant ocimene concentrations:


      • Amnesia
      • Clementine
      • Dream Queen
      • Dutch Treat
      • Golden Pineapple
      • Green Crack
      • Jack Herer

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