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In the mid to late 1800s, the gold rush had folks coming from all over to states like California, Colorado, Wyoming, and Nevada to find some gold. In the past decade, there’s been another rush; the Green Rush.

The Green Rush has seen some states pushing towards having more lenient weed laws to give residents access to cheap, quality weed for medicinal and recreational purposes and drive their economy.

It’s no secret that the states with friendlier weed laws house the best weed cities in the U.S. And every marijuana enthusiast who knows what’s what or is looking for the best places to travel for weed in the U.S. points their compass to the best cities for marijuana.

So, where are the best weed cities in the U.S.? And what should you expect when you visit?

Denver, Colorado

If you’re all about marijuana, you’ll feel right at home in Denver. It’s undoubtedly one of the best cities for marijuana, and it sure lit the trail for most other cities to see the vastly untapped potential of the cannabis industry.

Besides the fact that Denver offers the second cheapest high-quality weeds in the U.S., the city is also home to the most dispensaries in any city across the globe!

The Mile High City also wants you to be elevated beyond the mile, with its array of marijuana activities buzzing all through the year. 

Spend your day experiencing the cannabis clubs, cannabis tours, or cannabis art galleries, then settle into the night in any of Denver’s cannabis-friendly hotels or bud-and-breakfasts.

If you’re more of a 710 fan, best believe that Denver has a lot in store for you! The state is inarguably home to some of the best canna-concentrates nationwide, with dispensaries steadily trying to one-up each other with concentrate-rich catalogs.

Although Denver does not offer reciprocity for MMJ patients, you can purchase as much as 2 ounces of weed from local dispensaries if you’re 21 years of age or older.

Be sure to check out Colorado weed laws before you head to one of the best weed cities in the U.S.

Portland, Oregon: Great Weed, Low Cost

At about $7 per gram, Portland has the cheapest weed in the U.S. and is the seventh city with the cheapest weed worldwide

Contrary to what you might think, having the cheapest weed doesn’t mean that Portland is home to low-quality weed.

Cheap weed in Portland is merely an economic case of supply surpassing demand. Oregon, as a whole, cultivates more marijuana than the residents can consume. 

And since federal laws prohibit the movement of cannabis across state lines, cannabis companies face the dire need to sell off as much as they can by offering competitive prices.

Additionally, Portland boasts 13.7 dispensaries per 100,000 residents, which is a matter of concern for some residents who think it’s a little too many. 

But for the ardent 420 fans – residents and visitors alike – it’s pot paradise!

So, if you’re thinking of the best places to travel for weed in the U.S., you should circle Portland on your map and get packing.

Wait a moment…why’s Portland ranked lower in this post? It’s long been all over the net that it is at the top of the best weed cities in the U.S.

Well, in America for Safe Access’s 2022 annual report detailing the state of MMJ access across all states, Oregon ranks #25A 3-step drop from its position in the previous year. Recall that in 2017, it was the state with the second-best MMJ program in the U.S.

As a patient visiting or moving to Portland, you should know that


      • There is no marijuana reciprocity
      • Oregon is not the best known for the protection of patients’ civil rights.
      • The cost of MMJ program registration is a bit on the higher side

    But hey, weed is cheap, and there are many dispensaries to get some from.

    Seattle, Washington

    Despite strict policies on public consumption of weed, Seattle remains one of the best weed cities in the U.S. due to its friendly laws and easy accessibility to marijuana. 

    Weed is relatively cheap, too.

    Seattle is home to some renowned marijuana shops, including the Ganja Goddess and Cannabis City, and a number of canna-tour services, including Mile High Canna Tours and Seattle Green Adventures.

    Looking for cannabis-friendly hotels in Seattle? The Mountain Views and Bed Baked & Beyond have some interesting packages you can take advantage of when passing by or lodging for the night.

    And if you’re visiting in mid-August, be sure to join the HEMPFEST to meet other like-minded cannabis enthusiasts while enjoying some great performances and invigorating hemp products.

    Be sure to acquaint yourself with the Washington marijuana laws before heading out to Washington.

    Las Vegas, Nevada

    The Sin City is pretty lax with many things that would ordinarily be prohibited, and cannabis is one of those things.

    Las Vegas is home to lots of budding cannabis businesses across different sectors, including cannabis tours, cannabis-themed restaurants, and, most recently, consumption lounges

    The city also shook media outlets recently with its cannabis hotel, the Lexi Hotel, which has some rooms where you can smoke all the weed you want. 

    Additionally, medical marijuana users are most welcome in Las Vegas. 

    Of all the states mentioned so far, only Nevada allows MMJ reciprocity and is open to patients from all weed-legal states! 

    It’s easy to see why the state is one of the best places to travel for weed in the U.S.

    Where recreational users are allowed one ounce of flower at a time, you can hold up to 2.5 ounces, despite being a visitor – as long as you have your MMJ card.

    Baltimore, Maryland

    A list like this is never complete without Maryland in the mix. In 2022, the ASA ranked Maryland as the best state for medical marijuana, as it has the most functional MMJ program in the U.S. 

    That alone is enough to qualify Baltimore as one of the best cities for marijuana. But there’s more to it.

    Baltimore has the most MMJ physicians in any city in the U.S., and with the many cannabis-themed events lined up in the city, it is clear that the people of Baltimore love their weed.

    Although Maryland is yet to allow reciprocity for visiting patients, you can still take advantage of what its recently legalized recreational cannabis market offers.

    New York City, New York

    New Yorkers don’t joke with their weed, and they have the numbers to show for it. 

    At 62.3 metric tons, New Yorkers consume more weed than residents of every other city worldwide!

    Although the city has a limited spread of recreational cannabis dispensaries, MMJ dispensaries are well distributed across all the boroughs, so patients are never stranded trying to access their medicine. 

    It definitely helps that New York’s MMJ program is one of the cheapest you can enroll in.

    Unfortunately, the state does not allow reciprocity. So, the benefits that make it one of the best weed cities in the U.S. for MMJ patients are mostly available to residents. 

    However, as long as you’re 21+, you don’t need a state ID to access recreational weed in NYC.

    The city is also considering opening cannabis lounges and bring-your-own-edibles comedy shows or movie theaters to enhance the experience of 420 fans.

    If you’re looking for a city with more dispensaries in the Empire State, you should head over to Buffalo.

    Los Angeles, San Diego, and Sacramento, California

    It’s not by chance that California has the chunkiest bite from the U.S. cannabis market. 

    California is the first state to legalize medical marijuana and also one of the top states with the friendliest weed laws.

    The state law allows state-registered MMJ patients to buy as much as 8 ounces of weed and grow up to 6 mature or 12 immature plants. 

    More importantly, patients’ rights are well protected in Cal.

    It’s consistently been in the top 5 states for easy access to medical marijuana and boasts over 3 million registered MMJ patients, which is by a very far stretch the highest in the U.S.

    California didn’t miss out on the gold rush, and it’s definitely not missing out on the green rush. The state is undoubtedly one of the best places to travel for weed in the U.S., and it has three of the best weed cities in the U.S. to show for it.

    Los Angeles, California

    Home to many celebrity-backed cannabis businesses and the birthplace of some of your favorite weed strains, including LA Kush. 

    According to a survey by the Real Estate Witch, it currently ranks as the most-friendly weed city.

    LA offers a perfect blend of canna-tourism and entertainment, with numerous activities visitors can engage in while enjoying some cheap, high-quality weed. 

    Some of the activities include the Weed Bus LA tour, weed & wine, cannabis cooking class, weed screenings, stoner dens, dispensary & grow tour, and puff, pass & paint, among others.

    San Francisco, California

    There’s a lot of sightseeing to do in the Golden City, and there is a niche cut out just for 420 fans seeking the thrill and company of fellow cannabis lovers.

    While visiting, you should check out Haight-Ashbury, Hippie Hill, Dolores Park, and the Vape Café. 

    High-quality weed is not the cheapest in SF; it is still reasonably priced.

    The dispensaries are stacked with a vast array of weed strains and weed-based products; there’s just more than enough for you to explore.

    Sacramento, California

    Sacramento is home to some of the best weed strains and cannabis farms worldwide. 

    A trip to Sacramento will have you face-to-face with lots of dispensaries offering an ounce of high-quality weed with exceptional genetics at $259.

    While canna-tourism is yet to be a big deal in Sacramento, the city is considering creating more destination spots – besides the cannabis farms – for visiting and resident cannabis lovers.

    What State Has the Best Weed in the U.S.?

    California is the best state for weed, given all that’s happening in its cannabis scene in terms of cultivation, breeding, relaxed laws, the array of weed strains and weed-infused products, and easy accessibility,

    Aside from the cities we’ve listed, California has a lot more to offer to MJ lovers in San Diego, San Jose, and the Emerald Triangle.

    Other cities not mentioned, including Phoenix, AZ; Chicago, IL; and Oklahoma City, OK, have some of the best weed and are also some of the best cities for marijuana, although weed is relatively more expensive in these cities.

    Thankfully, you can always get high-quality weed at a cheaper price with your MMJ card. 

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