The Top Pennsylvania Weed Brands to Check Out

Jun, 2022
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You see different brands everywhere you turn these days, and differentiating one from the other can sometimes be confusing. This is especially true for weed brands when you’re trying to identify those that qualify to be top-shelf.

We’re talking about Pennsylvania weed brands, but does the state allow it?

Yes! On April 16, 2016, Governor Wolf legalized medical marijuana, and on February 15, 2018, the first dispensaries started rolling out their products to customers. That answer leads us to another question – If weed is legal in the state, where can I find marijuana brands serving the best Pennsylvania weed?

Elevate Holistics has the answers, and we’ll tell you where to go to get the best of the best in Pennsylvania. But remember, knowing what to buy and where to buy it doesn’t give you direct access, so let’s briefly talk about the laws. 

Pennsylvania Weed

Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Laws

Simply put, you need a Pennsylvania MMJ card to buy weed in PA. According to Pennsylvania weed law, you are eligible to apply for a medical marijuana card if you are a Pennsylvania resident who suffers from an approved “serious medical condition” and has been certified by a doctor participating in the medical marijuana program. 

To find out more about the serious medical condition that qualifies a patient for a Pennsylvania MMJ card, check here

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How to Register as a Medical Marijuana Patient in Pennsylvania

If you meet the requirements and have the necessary documentation, you can apply for your Pennsylvania medical marijuana card in these four steps

1. Register on the website

2. Get certified by an approved medical practitioner. (Find a list of approved physicians here)

3. Pay the required fees

4. Get your card and visit licensed dispensaries for your medical marijuana

For detailed information about Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program, click here.

Top Pennsylvania Weed Brands

Pennsylvania Weed

So, where can you buy medical marijuana in Pennsylvania? Only licensed dispensaries are permitted to sell medical marijuana in Pennsylvania. You can find a list of top dispensaries and their locations here

When you do visit the dispensaries, what brands should you buy? Here’s the list we made for you. 


You can’t miss a step with Rythm’s exciting range of products. They pride themselves on the quality craft that goes into each strain to produce a top-quality end product that benefits the mind and body. 

Whether it’s the flower, vape, or concentrates, they promise a product from expertly cultivated crops optimized for potency and quality. Their growing and production process ensures that their products contain full-spectrum cannabinoids guaranteed to give you that entourage effect that sets cannabis apart. You will be happy to part with your cash. 


Looking for quality Pennsylvania marijuana? Terrapin is one of the top weed brands around. These guys have an in-house team of cultivators who select their best strains, including some exclusive in-house strains. 

Their attention to detail and quality is evident in the care that goes into their selection process, which is done by hand. Do you know what that means? An expert vets and approves every product you buy, so you get only the best. Another great feature is that they are socially conscious and inclusive. 

The government has recognized them for their efforts to hire more women and veterans. Their products include flowers, salves, distillates, and concentrates.  

The Bank

The Bank boasts superior genetics and top-class cultivation combined with an exquisite blend of flavor and style. They offer a wide variety of cannabis strains in products such as pre-rolled blunts and flowers in locations across Pennsylvania. Strains on offer include Bruce Banner, Iron Horse, Gush, Jack 47, etc. Don’t just take our word for it: take it to The Bank and see for yourself.  

The Lab

For vape products and concentrates, this is one of the best marijuana brands. They are consistent with their products’ quality, ensuring the carts stay clog-free and burn through the last drops. This brand uses technology, creativity, and innovation to maintain a standard that has made it a hot favorite. 


Nira specializes in high-quality THC and CBD products aimed at giving cannabis patients a new lease on life. They focus on consistently delivering products of the highest quality. Their products include oral solutions and soft gels of various concentrations.  


Pennsylvania Weed

If there’s a defining quality about Sunnyside, it’s their range; they have it all. Sunnyside makes high-quality cannabis flower, vapes, edibles, prerolls, concentrates, topicals, capsules, tinctures, beverages, and accessories. They are present at 10 locations in Pennsylvania. Hop to the sunny side of life.   


Seche bills itself as a “new category of cannabis” and is heavy on the themes of carefreeness and adventure. Its flower product comes in options like Fine Flower, Fine Grind, and Kind Grind, a combination of ground flower and kief. For prerolls, you can buy a whole pack or a single roll.  

Kind Tree

Kind Tree is an eco-conscious brand that says its primary ingredients are rich earth, clean water, and pure air. All that natural goodness comes out in a finished product grown and produced by master cultivators who ensure only the highest quality products hit the shelves. Their offerings include flowers, prerolls, vapes, resins, distillates, and tinctures.  


Select is a blend of colors, flavors, and quality cannabis. They employ rigorous in-house testing that ensures only safe and consumer-friendly products make it to their consumers. Their products include edibles, vapes, oils, and others.

There’s More With Elevate Holistics

Now, you understand what weed is like in Pennsylvania, and you know where to find top weed brands in Pennsylvania, but that’s not all. At Elevate Holistics, everything weed is our business, and we’re happy to share our experiences with our esteemed patients.

If you want to get your MMJ card or find a physician, we can help you. If it’s information you’re looking for, we’ve also got you. Book your appointment now for a virtual certification visit with one of our compassionate cannabis doctors. It’s super-easy and convenient!