There’s no denying that cannabis-derived products and medical marijuana are transforming the whole wellness landscape. However, rapid expansion doesn’t always mean immediate acceptance. Marijuana is still classified as a Schedule-1 drug by the federal government, and a lot of the perceptions around cannabis-related products are still rooted in the Reefer Madness-inspired attitudes of earlier generations. But it's wakey time for those who were poisoned by the fear-based prohibition peddlers. So let's get those marijuana myths debunked!

The best way to combat these outdated attitudes is with information, and we’ve put together a bit that should help you next time somebody wants to drag the wellness conversation back into the Just Say No days.

Myths About Medical Marijuana

MISCONCEPTION 1 – Medical cannabis doesn’t work

TRUTH – Medical cannabis has had a limited number of tests, but they’ve been quite successful

The primary reason for the notion that cannabis is ineffective is due to the fact that it’s exceedingly difficult to create a large body of medical research on materials classified as Schedule 1 drugs. Because there’s minimal literature, medical professionals are less likely to swear to its efficacy. Even with such strict regulation, there have been instances where medical cannabis was subjected to tests and trials, and in virtually all of those trials, it has been found to have ample medicinal properties. Marijuana myth debunked? We think so.

MISCONCEPTION 2 – Medical cannabis is addictive

TRUTH – A little bit yes, but mostly no.

This one is tricky because the definition of addiction can be a bit slippery. It’s true that marijuana can be psychologically addictive, but the same could be said for going to the gym or staring at social media on your phone. As it relates to physical addiction, the risk of becoming physically addicted to marijuana is far lower than nearly any other drug. Heavy, prolonged use can create dependency in some users, but when you follow your doctor’s instructions regarding your medical marijuana treatment plan, you shouldn’t have the need to worry. Medical marijuana myth debunked? Like any other drug, if you don't abuse it, it can be a highly beneficial treatment.

MISCONCEPTION 3 – Medical cannabis is a gateway drug

TRUTH – If medical cannabis gives you the relief you need, why would you try something else?

People who use medical marijuana to treat their pain and ease the symptoms of their conditions are not more likely to start moving on to more potent, dangerous substances. In truth, the effectiveness at easing the discomfort of a variety of conditions means that these patients are less likely turn to opioids or narcotics for relief. If they have a solution to their pain, why would they move on to something stronger? Medical marijuana myth debunked? Yeah. That one just took logic.

MISCONCEPTION 4 – Medical cannabis is just about getting high

TRUTH – People who want to get high will always find a way. The rest of medical cannabis users are looking for effective therapeutic options.

So the elephant in the room is that there are people who just want to out of their mind. Can medical marijuana provide that? Sure, some products have that ability, but that’s an effect that can be achieved in a wide (and ill-advised) variety of ways that goes way beyond medical cannabis. People will do what they want to do, but we shouldn’t let those individuals take away the ability of medical marijuana to provide a safe and effective avenue to pain relief to people who truly need it. To say that medical cannabis is just about getting high is to ignore all the people whose suffering has been alleviated by it, and that’s just something that we can’t get behind. Medical marijuana myth debunked? Once again, we see that cannabis is much more than a drug for getting blasted.

Separating Marijuana Myths from the Facts

We’re still in a period of transition as medical marijuana gains acceptance as a viable medicinal product. Facts and observable results will usually change minds, but everything takes time. We’re confident that medical marijuana will be able to reclaim the respected position that it held in North America for almost three centuries.

Part of taking back that credibility is having knowledgeable professionals that are able to help their customers make effective choices as they explore the wellness possibilities that cannabis products can provide. If you’ll give Elevate Holistics a few moments, we can put you in touch with medical professionals and reputable dispensaries so you can experience the effective relief that medical marijuana can provide.