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At this time, we are only offering renewals via telehealth. Please check back for more updates in the future.


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How to Renew Your Arkansas Medical Marijuana Card
Online in 3 Easy Steps

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Arkansas medical marijuana card

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How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card In Arkansas Renewed: Your Step-by-Step Process

Arkansas medical marijuana card

In the past, getting your Arkansas medical marijuana renewed may have been a bit of a pain — but not with Elevate Holistics.

Elevate Holistics makes renewing your AR MMJ card more effortless than ever before. With our advanced telemedicine platform, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your couch to get approved.

Our expert MMJ doctors have been working with AR residents for years, helping people of all backgrounds get the Arkansas medical marijuana cards they deserve. And it all happens in only three steps.

Here’s our three-step process on how to get medical marijuana in Arkansas.

Arkansas medical marijuana card

Step One:

Meet With an MMJ Doctor (Like Us!)

The first step to getting your Arkansas medical cannabis card is to see a medical marijuana doctor.

Not every doctor in Arkansas is qualified or willing to provide medical marijuana approvals, so you will need to find one that specializes in this – just like we do at Elevate Holistics!

During the appointment, your doctor will confirm that you have one of the qualifying medical conditions and answer any questions you may have. They will then complete a written certification form, which you will submit later on in the application process.

Thankfully, Elevate Holistics makes it easy to renew your medical card online. We offer secure online appointments with certified Arkansas medical marijuana doctors that can answer all of the cannabis questions you may have.

With our online renewal appointments, you can get your medical marijuana certification from the comfort of your own home. Our services are affordable and HIPAA-compliant, keeping you safe and secure every step of the way.

Oh, and did we mention everything will take less than 15 minutes?

Step Two:

Get Approved and Register With the State

Once you have your written certification from your doctor, you can complete the rest of the Arkansas medical marijuana renewal application through the Arkansas state medical board.

Or, you can mail in your application if you’d prefer. However, online applications are recommended, as they are processed much faster than mailed applications.

You should note that the application for new patients and renewals is the same

In addition to your written doctor’s certification, you will also need to provide proof of Arkansas residency and pay the $50 application fee.

Arkansas medical marijuana card

Step Three:

Get Your MMJ Card and Start Shopping!

After you’ve submitted your renewal application, the board will review it within 10 to 14 days.

Once it’s been processed and approved, you will be able to print out your medical marijuana card at home.

Arkansas does not issue temporary medical marijuana cards. When you have your card, you will be able to visit an Arkansas dispensary and purchase the products you need. It really is that simple — especially when you turn to Elevate Holistics.

Arkansas Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions

In order to get your MMJ card, you will need to have one of the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act qualifying conditions.

There are currently 18 medical conditions that qualify for medical cannabis in Arkansas. Those conditions are:

If you are unsure of whether or not you qualify for medical marijuana in Arkansas, it may be worth seeing a doctor and getting their recommendation.

There is some flexibility in terms of using marijuana as a treatment for chronic pain and nausea.

The Elevate
Holistics Promise

We are a team who believes in the medical benefits of cannabis; but, we’re also keenly aware that a large percentage of the population doesn’t know where to start on their cannabis journey. This is why we promise to treat every patient with respect, compassion, and love.

We’re all on our own journey and we promise to respect yours.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Card In Arkansas?

Arkansas medical marijuana card

The process of getting a medical marijuana card in Arkansas typically takes less than a month.

You may have to wait a few days for your appointment, depending on your doctor’s availability. Booking an appointment online through Elevate Holistics can help to speed up this process!

Once your application has been submitted, the board will review it within 10 to 14 days. After that, you will need to wait a few days for your card to be mailed to you.

Arkansas Medical Marijuana Doctors

Arkansas medical marijuana card

Here at Elevate Holistics, we have a team of professional, licensed medical marijuana doctors who provide secure telehealth consultations for Arkansas residents every day.

Our doctors will sit down with you (digitally, of course) to see all the ways that you could potentially qualify for medical marijuana in AR.

Your telehealth session will be 100% private, secure, and HIPPA-compliant, so you don’t have to worry about your personal information getting compromised.

Elevate’s doctors will walk you through the registration process, and then our agents can assist you from there, ensuring that you’re never left without help.

With Elevate Holistics, renewing your Arkansas medical marijuana card online has never been so easy.

Can Minors Get Medical Cards in Arkansas?

Arkansas medical marijuana card

Yes, minors can absolutely get medical cards in Arkansas. However, if you’re under 18, you have to have a legal guardian or parent register as your caregiver.

Caregivers are in charge of purchasing, possessing, and even administering the medical cannabis product for the minor. Anyone under 18 cannot register with AR’s MMJ program on their own.

Unfortunately, right now, we do not offer minor appointments for Arkansas residents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Arkansas medical marijuana card

Yes, the Arkansas medical cannabis act legalized marijuana for medical use in 2016.

However, the first dispensaries did not open until 2019. Patients who have a medical card can purchase up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis every two weeks.

Those who don’t have a medical card can face serious consequences if they are caught with marijuana. This could include a hefty fine, jail time, and a six-month driver’s license suspension, depending on how much marijuana you are carrying.

It’s also important to note that members of the US Military or Arkansas National Guard are not allowed to get a medical marijuana card. If you’re a gun owner and concerned about getting a medical card, you can read our blog post for more information.

You get your Arkansas medical marijuana card practically the same way you renew it! For a quick refresher, here are the basic steps:
  1. Make an appointment with an Arkansas marijuana doctor. Once your doctor approves you, they will need to fill out the written certification form, which you will then submit along with your application.
  2. Next, apply through the Arkansas Department of Health’s online portal. You can upload a scan of your doctor’s written certification, and you’ll also need to provide proof of ID and Arkansas residence.
  3. Finally, you’ll need to pay the $50 application fee, and then your application will be sent to the board for review. You can also opt to print out the application and mail it in, but this makes the process take much longer.
To get an Arkansas medical marijuana card, you will need the following pieces of documentation:
  • Signed Physician Written Certification
  • The patient registry application form
  • Copy of your AR driver’s license or state ID
  • $50 application fee

To get your medical marijuana card in Arkansas, you will need to pay a $50 registration fee. You will need to pay the $50 fee again when you renew your card each year.

Additionally, you will need to pay the cost of your appointment with a medical marijuana doctor. It’s important to note that medical insurance doesn’t cover the cost of these appointments because marijuana remains illegal on the federal level.

These fees can vary depending on which doctor you go to, but Elevate Holistics offers affordable telehealth services starting at $80 per session.

The actual cost of your medical marijuana products is going to vary depending on what you’re buying and where.

Yes, you can!

To be a caregiver, you must be over the age of 21 and a resident of the state of Arkansas. You also cannot have been convicted of a felony, and you cannot be a member of the US Military or Arkansas National Guard.

To register as a caregiver, you will need to submit a caregiver application when the patient submits theirs. You’ll also need to pay the $50 registration fee.

Once the application has been processed, you’ll receive a caregiver card in the mail that you can use to purchase marijuana for your patient at dispensaries.

According to Arkansas marijuana laws, patients and caregivers can purchase up to 2.5 ounces — or 70.87 grams — every two weeks from one Arkansas dispensary.

You may find specific possession restrictions for certain “pain patients,” but this is up to the ADH’s discretion.

Arkansas has complicated medical marijuana laws that are crucial to understand. To learn what’s legal and what’s not in the Land of Opportunity, you can click here.

No. Neither patients nor caregivers are permitted to cultivate cannabis in Arkansas.

You can only purchase and consume cannabis products, not grow them.

Any person caught cultivating cannabis will get charged with either simple possession or possession with an intent to deliver charge, depending on how much cannabis they grew. Just don’t do it.

Arkansas medical marijuana laws do allow for reciprocity. This means that out-of-state residents can access medical marijuana if they have one of the state’s qualifying conditions.

In order for out-of-state residents to purchase medical marijuana, they will need to complete a visitor’s registration form and pay a non-refundable $50 fee.

This will allow visitors to purchase medical marijuana for up to 30 days.

Yes, there are various medical marijuana dispensaries across the state of Arkansas.

You can purchase medical marijuana from any Arkansas dispensary in the area. All you have to do is find a licensed dispensary that has the products you enjoy, show them your Arkansas medical card, and you’ll be all set to start buying.

No, in order to enter an Arkansas dispensary, you’ll need to have your state-issued medical card. Fortunately, you should get your card in the mail within 30 days of applying with the state, so you won’t have to wait too long.

An Arkansas medical marijuana card is valid for exactly one year from the date that it’s issued.

Yes, you can keep track of the status of your Arkansas medical marijuana card renewal or application through the state website.

The actual status of your application will have specific icons to help you understand where your application is at in the process. To learn more, you can click here.

Yes! You will need to renew your medical marijuana certification every year in Arkansas.

To renew your card, you will need to get an updated physician’s certification, re-submit the application, and pay the $50 fee again. Luckily, an Arkansas medical marijuana card renewal is very easy to do online.

You can submit your application online through the Arkansas State government website.

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Still have questions?

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