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Get Your Medical Marijuana Card in Lawton Online!

Experience the beauty of medical cannabis by getting your medical marijuana card in Lawton with Elevate Holistics. 

100% online, 100% hassle-free — and if you’re not approved, you get your money back.


Can You Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Lawton, OK?

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Yes, you can absolutely get a medical marijuana card in Lawton, OK! Lawton has had legal medical marijuana for quite some time now, allowing cardholding patients to reap the benefits of the unique plant.

The entire state of Oklahoma legalized cannabis back in 2018, and the medical community has only grown exponentially since then. 

Today, as long as you have a valid Lawton medical marijuana card, you can buy, possess, and consume the canna-products of your dreams.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Your Medical Marijuana Card in Lawton?

It’s actually fairly affordable to get your medical marijuana card in Lawton these days. At Elevate Holistics, your initial first-time appointment will cost just $75 — a price much lower than our competitors. 

Then, you will have to pay the $100 state fee to register. This fee comes straight from the OMMA, and it’s one that you have to pay each time to register your card (every two years).


Trusted by 125,000+ Patients

Elevate Holistics has served thousands of patients and is innovating to provide doctors and patients a better medical marijuana evaluation experience. Check out how we have helped these people:

Getting Access to Medical Cannabis is Easy

Watch this video to learn about our process

How Do You Get Your Medical Marijuana Card in Lawton, OK?

Thankfully, getting a medical marijuana card in Lawton is very straightforward — especially with the help of Elevate Holistics. 

Our team of expert Lawton medical marijuana doctors will help you get your Lawton medical marijuana card right from home, in less than 30 minutes, all for under $80. Truly, what more can you ask for?

Below, we’re walking you through the steps of getting your Lawton medical marijuana card for the first time.

Step 1:

Meet With Our Medical Marijuanas Doctor in Lawton, OK

First things first, you need to schedule an appointment with one of our Lawton medical marijuana doctors. Our doctors will meet with you over the phone or computer to see whether or not you qualify for MMJ. 

If you do, our Lawton doctors will send you a certification through email that you’ll use to register with the state’s medical cannabis program.

Step 2:

Register With the State

Once you’ve received your approval, you will head over to the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) to create an account and get registered. 

The OMMA has specific prompts you need to follow to get approved for medical cannabis, so make sure you follow these steps closely. You’ll need to upload certain pieces of documentation, as well as pay the $100 state fee for your Lawton medical marijuana card.

Step 3:

Get Approved & Start Shopping!

After you’ve sent in your application to the OMMA, it’s time to wait. If the state approves you, you should receive your Lawton medical marijuana card in the mail about 7-10 business days later, sometimes a bit longer. 

As soon as you get this, you can start exploring all of the Lawton dispensaries in your area.

Advantages of Choosing Elevate-Holistics in Lawton

Additional Perks

  • If you refer 5 friends or family members to book a consultation your Renewal is FREE! You’ll need to renew your certification in Lawton after 1 year.
  • If you’re not approved by a doctor we’ll reimburse you the cost of your appointment. No questions asked.
  • Our prices are the lowest among other options in the industry. If you see a lower price somewhere else, we’ll match it.
    *must share valid proof of lower price prior to appointment booking

Qualifying Conditions to Get Your Medical Marijuana Card in Lawton

Oklahoma’s medical marijuana law, SQ 788, clearly states that “there are no qualifying conditions.” Instead, a physician may follow the same judgment they would use to prescribe any other medication.

team 2

The Elevate
Holistics Promise

We are a team who believes in the medical benefits of cannabis; but, we’re also keenly aware that a large percentage of the population doesn’t know where to start on their cannabis journey. This is why we promise to treat every patient with respect, compassion, and love.

We’re all on our own journey and we promise to respect yours.

Medical Marijuanas Doctors in Lawton, OK

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Elevate Holistics is composed of a team of some of the best Lawton medical marijuana doctors around. These physicians have been working with residents of Lawton for years, ensuring that they gain access to the medical cannabis that they deserve.

Our telemedicine platform is 100% industry standard security and compliance-compliant, meaning all of your information is protected and private. 

And, once you’ve been approved, the rest of the Elevate Holistics team will work with you one-on-one to ensure you finish up the registration process accurately — and easily. (And if you want us to do it for you, we can.)

Truly, getting a medical marijuana card in Lawton has never been so easy.

The Benefits of Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in Lawton, Oklahoma

Right now, medical marijuana is the only legal type of cannabis in Oklahoma state. So, having your Lawton medical marijuana card brings you tons of benefits you wouldn’t get otherwise:

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ img 1024x329 Ohio

Unfortunately, you cannot get medical marijuana free samples in Lawton, OK. The OMMA explicitly states that “dispensaries are reminded that all sales must be taxed and reported… Free samples or giveaways of medical marijuana or medical marijuana products are not allowed.”

You get prescribed medical marijuana in Lawton, OK, from a licensed MMJ doctor like the ones we have here at Elevate Holistics.

Yes, medical marijuana is legal in Lawton; however, recreational cannabis is not.

Yes, you can find various dispensaries all across Lawton, OK! If you’re looking for a good medical marijuana dispensary in Lawton, you can read the list we have above.

No, Elevate Holistics does not have a physical location in Lawton. Our company operates entirely online, so we do not have a physical location anywhere throughout Oklahoma.

If you’re wondering, “How do you get your medical marijuana card in Lawton, OK?” you’re not the only one. Thankfully, the process is fairly simple. 

You will need to start by booking an appointment with Elevate Holistics and our Lawton medical marijuana doctors. Then, you’ll get approved for MMJ, register with the state, and receive your card in the mail just a short time after that.

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