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Cannabis plants grow best in warm temperatures with plenty of light. However, most regions don’t have the luxury of consistent summery conditions. So, how can you keep your buds thriving when winter rolls around?

Can you grow weed in the winter? Can you grow cannabis outdoors in the winter? When is the best time to grow marijuana?

Growing weed in the winter isn’t ideal, and it takes a little extra love, but it’s possible. Elevate Holistics is here to give you the best tips for growing weed in the winter – outside and inside. Let’s grow!

Is Growing Weed in Winter Possible?

Can you grow weed in the winter? Yes! With the proper attention and care, you can cultivate cannabis year-round.

Can you grow cannabis outdoors in the winter? Growing weed in winter outdoors can result in poor harvests and sick plants – unless you live somewhere with very mild winters or utilize a greenhouse. 

The safest way to grow weed in winter is to do it inside. However, with the right tools and knowledge, growing weed in winter outdoors is possible. Growing weed in winter outside, as well as inside, poses certain challenges caused by cold weather.

So, can you grow cannabis outdoors in the winter? What’s the best way to grow weed in winter inside? 

Tips to Grow Weed in Winter Outside

Can you grow cannabis outdoors in the winter?

Growing weed in winter outside is far from optimal, but achievable when following the right set of rules. Let’s start from the beginning. 

Select Cold-Resistant or Autoflowering Seeds

The most important tip for growing weed in winter comes before you touch the dirt: selecting the right genetics. Choosing the right cannabis seeds is the best way to grow weed in winter.

Cold-resistant strains are usually Indica-dominant, such as Blue Cheese or Bubble Kush.

Autoflower seeds grow quickly and are typically resilient. Choose auto-flowering seeds to avoid growing weed in the winter, allowing for rapid growth during the summer instead.

Rather than switching the plant’s light schedule to initiate flowering, auto-flowering cannabis seeds produce plants that flower on their own after 2 to 4 weeks of growth. 

Start the Grow Indoors

Cannabis seedlings are delicate and don’t do well in winter weather.

We suggest beginning your cultivation journey indoors in a warm environment, gradually transitioning to the outdoors after they’ve grown a few nodes and sturdy stems.

A gradual transition could mean leaving your plants outside part-time for a couple of weeks and moving them inside during rough weather.

Plant your cannabis seeds as early as possible to avoid winter conditions.


Keep the Temperature Consistent

To grow weed in winter outside, it’s essential to maintain a consistent temperature for your cannabis plants.

Your best bet for growing weed in winter outdoors is to use a greenhouse, preferably with supplemental heating and lighting, or a polytunnel

Cannabis plants thrive in temperatures between 63 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit – warmer during the vegetation stage (and during the day) and cooler during the flowering stage (and during the night).

Cannabis plants can typically survive slightly outside of these temperatures, but the growth rate will dramatically slow.

Keeping the temperature consistent for your weed plants – without a large discrepancy between the day and night – is necessary for a bountiful harvest.

Control Humidity by Allowing Sunlight

To avoid bud rot or mold, controlling humidity is critical. However, controlling humidity outdoors isn’t so simple.

Choose an outdoor grow spot with plenty of sunlight to allow the sun to dry up dew and other moisture, reducing the odds of rot or mold.

Move Your Plants Inside

The safest way to grow weed in winter is to move your plants indoors when temperatures dip below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Healthy plants can withstand a night or two of about 35 degrees Fahrenheit, but it’s better not to risk it. 

Tips to Grow Weed in Winter Inside

We’ve discussed growing weed in winter outside, but even growing weed in the winter inside has its difficulties.

Now, what’s the best way to grow weed in winter inside? 

Choose the Best Grow Room in Your House

When growing weed in winter indoors, choose the best room in your house for cannabis cultivation.

A cold grow room won’t reap the harvest you’re looking for. Use a room with minimal external walls for cultivation.

Use an Indoor Grow Tent

An indoor grow tent gives you full control of the environment of your cannabis plants.

An indoor grow tent is ideal for achieving the perfect temperature and humidity for growing weed in the winter.

Use Grow Lights That Emit Heat

When growing weed in the winter, using HID grow lights that emit heat can keep your grow room at the perfect, toasty temperature.

We suggest getting a digital thermostat for your grow room to monitor the temperature.

As mentioned before, keeping the temperature consistent is essential.

Control Humidity

Purchase a hygrometer to test the relative humidity of your soil and growing environment. Water vapor in the air, which creates humidity, can cause bud rot or mold.

If your grow area has too much humidity, over approximately 70%, a dehumidifier could help reduce it.

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What Stage Should Your Weed Plants be in During Winter?

Can you grow weed in the winter? Yes! What stage should my cannabis plants be in during the winter months?

When the days start getting shorter, your plants should be entering the flowering stage.

If your plants are flowering when the days begin getting longer again, they can revegetate and reenter the growth period.

The Best Time to Grow Marijuana

Well, when is the best time to grow marijuana? The best time to grow marijuana is after the last frost.

When growing weed outside, it’s best to germinate seeds anytime between the beginning of February to mid-May, harvesting them between the beginning of September to mid-November.

Growing weed indoors allows cultivators to grow when they choose, but the outside temperature will still affect the indoor grow room.

To make growing weed as simple and quick as possible, we suggest cultivating auto-flowering seeds during the summer.

If you plan on growing weed in January or growing weed in December, it will be best to grow the plants inside.

If you can’t grow your cannabis plants inside, opt for a greenhouse. 

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Grow Better as an MMJ Patient

Can you grow weed in the winter? Yes! Challenges may arise, but growing weed in the winter is possible. 

When is the best time to grow marijuana? The best time to grow marijuana is after the winter’s last frost, keeping the majority of the growth during warm, sunny months.

In many states, only certified medical marijuana patients can cultivate cannabis. In states with recreational cultivation, MMJ cardholders typically have higher plant limits and other perks.

Thus, wherever you cultivate, you’ll benefit from having your medical marijuana card.

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