How to Get Your Missouri Medical Marijuana Card off the Patient Registry

Dec, 2020
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At the moment, the Missouri Medical Marijuana Program (MMMP) does not send out physical copies of patients’ medical marijuana cards to them when they complete their registration. As a result, a patient would need to know how to download an MMMP card online if they want quick access to their cards whenever needed.

Thankfully, the MMMP Missouri Complia platform tries to make the process as straightforward as possible for patients, so they don’t have difficulties accessing their MMMP card online.

You can also choose to download the digital copy and have it readily available whenever you need to present it.

Or simply take advantage of Elevate Holistics add-on services to run your applications from start to finish and have the physical card sent to you upon completing your application to MMMP in Missouri.

In this article, we’ll learn how to download Missouri medical card and why you need to have it accessible at all times. 

How Do I Get My MMJ Card?

Unfortunately, the Missouri Medical Marijuana Program (MMMP) is not sending out physical copies of your MMJ license for you to prove you are a medical cannabis patient.

Instead, the state expects you to access your Missouri medical marijuana patient ID card through the patient registry, in your account. From there, you will be able to save a digital copy to your smartphone or print out a copy of it. 

When Do I Need to Show My Medical ID?

Perhaps the greatest, most important reason to have your patient ID on you is that you need it to get into dispensaries. So, if you want to purchase your medical cannabis, you will need a copy on you or on your phone. 

Additionally, you will possibly need to prove your MMJ patient status if a cop pulls you over while in possession of medical marijuana.

If you are home cultivating, you will also need to have proof that you are a MO patient, along with proof that you or your caregiver is licensed with the state to cultivate.

Basically, anytime you want to purchase MMJ or are going to be in possession of it, you should have your patient ID card ready on you or your phone. 

How to Download Your Missouri Medical Marijuana Patient ID Card

Once approved, you can only access your patient ID card through your MMMP account. Registered patients and caregivers are required to have their cards available to show when purchasing or in possession of medical cannabis. 

We recommend having a copy on you at all times. 

Follow these steps to download your MMJ patient card:

  • Log into your MMMP registry account at
  • ID cards for approved licenses can be accessed from the homepage by going to the “ACTIONS” column to the far right of the screen.
  • Click on the button underneath “ACTIONS”.
  • Save a copy of your digital ID card to your device and print it off for your records.

For those who prefer visual instruction, a video tutorial is available on how to access your patient ID card.

Get a Physical ID Card from Elevate Holistics

If you are like a lot of us, you probably want an ID card you can hold onto that is not just a flimsy piece of paper. Just having your patient license on your phone is handy—as long as your phone is charged or doesn’t have any issues (and they’re totally not known for that, right?).

Elevate Holistics is now offering to print your patient PDF, put it on a plastic ID card for you, and send it to your home.

For only $15 you can have a proper physical patient ID card that is more durable than a piece of printer paper and more reliable than an image on your phone. If this sounds like you, text 660.205.2215 to get your MO patient ID card.

Elevate is an online clinic offering certifications with compassionate registered cannabis doctors. Medical cannabis patients can book same-day appointments and get certified from the convenience of their home.

In addition, we are a medical cannabis resource that partners with other industry experts to help make MMJ as easy and accessible as possible. 

Click the link below for our full-service option and get your physical card delivered to you.

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For any other questions, contact us at Elevate Holistics today!

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