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    Very confusing a little bit but thank you for the help. I couldn't done it without you. And thank you for the instructions.

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    Easy and compassionate, that is what I like. No fuss no muss. Dr. Miller was professional and quick. Thank you

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    Well worth the money. They were very helpful

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    Good Company. Great to work with.

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    I am so very pleased at how kind, patient and knowledgeable the people at Elevate are. They cover everything, and for a Senior, that is most helpful. I have already shared my experience with friends and family. This is THE place to get help. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Thank you, I really appreciate you.

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    I've used Elevate for all of my MMJ documentation, including initial application, renewals, and updates to my card. Every time, without fail, Elevate has come through for me. Most recently I paid for the full service upgrade, and they had my application done, submitted, and approved in ONE day. Couldn't be more satisfied.

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    They were very kind and helpful...they didn't stop until everything was taken care of! I highly recommend them.

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    Everyone at Elevate are so helpful and Courteous. It doesn’t matter how many times you ask a question they’re always there to help. I always you the full service when dealing with the state. Takes all the worry away from me and they handle it beautifully and.

  • Angela Newmaster
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    When I first got my medical card it was a breeze! Elevate Holistics was absolutely wonderful. Now I just finished the process of renewing the medical card and it was so much easier than I thought! I even screwed something up and they helped me take care of it! It was so easy and not time consuming at all! I'm so appreciative of everything they do in this process and I always tell people who ask me to go through them because it's just so convenient! Thank you so much for helping me out!

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    Cannot emphasize the ease of my renewal, made possible by Elevate Holistics

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    Very quick and easy process! Definitely recommend!

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    Booked an appointment at 2pm Thursday afternoon and Elevate Holistics sent me a text at 9pm Saturday night letting me know my application is ready for payment and to be sent to the state, wow. Overall a wonderful experience! Coming from a recreationally legal state to a medically legal state I honestly expected the worst (proof of prescription medications, years of health history, etc); Elevate Holistics made everything an incredibly smooth process with none of the above mentioned we're needed - just honest, chronic issues that benefit from cannabis products!

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Medical Marijuana in South Carolina

Ah, South Carolina, the Palmetto State. SC has a long history in the US, but it has been a particularly rocky one when it comes to cannabis. In case you’re planning on visiting or even moving to SC any time soon, you’ve probably got one question on your mind: is marijuana legal in South Carolina? Can you even get a medical card in South Carolina?

Don’t worry: if you’ve got questions about getting a medical card in South Carolina or just SC cannabis as a whole, we’ve got the answers. Here’s what you need to know about medical marijuana in South Carolina. 

Unfortunately, no, medical marijuana is not legal in South Carolina. Technically, doctors are allowed to prescribe CBD products with up to 0.9% THC to those with severe epilepsy, but that is about the extent of MMJ in SC.

There have been multiple attempts to legalize medical cannabis in South Carolina, but the state government has rejected each bill that comes to the table. Thus, the Palmetto State is one of the few places left in the US that has yet to curate a comprehensive medical marijuana program.

No. Neither recreational cannabis nor medical cannabis is legal in South Carolina. Cannabis isn’t even decriminalized in SC, unfortunately. As we mentioned, the state has quite strict regulations regarding cannabis.

If you possess one ounce or less of cannabis and law enforcement catches you, the state considers this a misdemeanor. The state may punish you with up to a month in jail and a $200 fine for your first offense. If this happens again, your punishment will likely be worse.

SC Marijuana Laws 

South Carolina only has Julian’s Law (S 1035) in place regarding marijuana laws. Julian’s Law states that those with severe epilepsy may be prescribed CBD products with no more than 0.9% THC and at least 15% CBD. Going through this process is the only way you can get a medical card in South Carolina.

If you have a different medical condition, you do not qualify and you cannot get your hands on CBD products with these THC levels.

Of course, it’s important to note that South Carolina does abide by most of the 2018 Farm Bill regulations. This means that the state permits hemp and hemp-derived CBD that contains no more than 0.3% THC. So, you can still get CBD in South Carolina without a medical card; it just won’t contain as much THC as if you had one.

However, you should note that smokable and raw hemp is illegal in South Carolina. 

Compassionate Care Act SC 

The South Carolina Compassionate Care Act was first unveiled — and shot down — back in 2020. Since then, legislators have put in serious effect to amend the Act, bringing it back to the SC Senate in 2022.

The SC Compassionate Care Act outlined a comprehensive medical cannabis program for the state, allowing those with various medical conditions to obtain a medical card in South Carolina. Right now, the bill states the following for qualifying medical conditions: 

However, even if this bill passed, the act of smoking cannabis would still be illegal in SC, as would dried cannabis flower. The state would also prohibit at-home cultivation.

Sadly, the SC House of Representatives deemed the bill unconstitutional, and the legislators will have to go back to square one regarding South Carolina medical cannabis. 

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in South Carolina

If you’re wondering how to get a medical marijuanas card in SC, it’s important to remember what Julian’s Law states. You can only obtain a medical card in South Carolina if a doctor has diagnosed you with severe epilepsy.

If you have epilepsy, Lennox Gastaut Syndrome, or Dravet Syndrome, you need to meet with a qualified, licensed doctor in SC to discuss your interest in CBD. After this, your physician will help you get started with registering in SC and getting your hands on low-THC products.

Can You Grow Medical Marijuana in South Carolina?

Unfortunately, you cannot grow medical marijuana in South Carolina. In fact, you cannot grow cannabis at all in SC unless you want to get in trouble with the law.

Whether you’re growing one or 99 cannabis plants in SC, the state will fine you up to $5,000 and send you to prison for a maximum of five years. Of course, more plants than that, and you’re left with a bigger fine and even longer jail time.

If the state decides to legalize medical cannabis, they likely will not legalize at-home cultivation, either. The past bills that legislators have presented regarding MMJ all state that cultivation will not be allowed.

South Carolina Dispensary

Right now, you’re not going to find any dispensaries in South Carolina — but that’s because weed’s not legal!

Don’t be fooled, though: you’re going to see plenty of shops advertising as “dispensaries” and even “medical shops.” However, these are simply smoke shops that sell CBD products, as well as delta 8 THC. But, they cannot sell you anything non-hemp-derived or that has more than 0.3% THC.

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