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Apr, 2021
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The Easy Mountain dispensary celebrated its grand opening on Feb. 22nd, 2021 to local fanfare! Patients can now find medical marijuana flowers, pre-rolls, edibles, and accessories at Easy Mountain’s dispensary at 7827 W Farm Rd 174 Republic, MO.

Easy Mountain’s dispensary menu offers online ordering and pick-up for registered patients living in Republic.

“Located in the heart of the Ozarks, we exist to educate and support our communities through the power of cannabis. We believe in being good neighbors, treating folks with respect,  lending a hand where we can, and having a good time while we’re at it,” says Easy Mountain dispensary.

The city of Republic is in Green and Christian County with a population of over 14,000 (2nd largest city in Green County.)


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Easy Mountain Dispensary Map Republic MO

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Easy Mountain dispensary in Republic is open 6-days a week with online ordering.


Easy Mountain | Dispensary – Republic

7827 W Farm Rd 174 Republic, MO.

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Saturday: 12 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Find Medical Marijuana Doctors Near You in Republic, MO

Years after the passage of Amendment 2 by Missouri voter’s in 2018, local Republic residents can execute their Constitutional rights to register, grow, care-give, and buy medical marijuana at dispensaries. But first, you must be a resident and speak with a licensed medical doctor. You can find medical marijuana doctors online in Republic MO via Elevate Holistics’ booking portal

What Exactly Are the MMJ Possession Limits in Missouri?

  • A patient or caregiver can only purchase four ounces (considered a 30-day supply) at a time.
  • A patient or caregiver (non-cultivators) can lawfully possess eight ounces (considered a 60-day supply).
  • A patient or caregiver with a cultivation license can lawfully possess 12 ounces of medical cannabis, but should not have more than eight ounces on them. The last four ounces should remain secured on the premises of the cultivator.
  • Don’t carry more than eight ounces of medical marijuana with you.

A caregiver can possess a separate limit for each patient under their care and a separate limit for themselves if they are a qualifying patient.

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