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Biscotti strain

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We all know that one of the best parts of flying is the sweet Biscotti cookies you get while in the air. But, did you know you puff on the strain that’s reminiscent of the same flavors?

The Biscotti strain is a bit of a newer one in the world of weed, but it’s a strain that’s quickly capturing the hearts of so many consumers. 

Whether it’s the strain’s taste, aroma, or effects, Biscotti is one you’re sure to fall in love with at first puff. 

So let’s learn more as we highlight the Biscotti cannabis strain.

The History of the Biscotti Strain

Like many other modern weed strains, we can trace back the origin of the Biscotti strain to the Cookies Family of San Fransisco. 

Cookies is one of the biggest names in the cannabis industry, and they’re responsible for growing many of the strains we know and love today — that includes Biscotti. 

While we aren’t sure exactly when this strain was first put on the market, we know it’s been making waves for the past five years or so. 

What Strain is Biscotti?

The Biscotti strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that professionals cultivate by crossing Sour Florida OG with Gelato 25. 

Because of its indica-dominant nature, this strain is well known for being more calming than invigorating, great for those who are looking to decompress after a long, hard day. 

Along with helping you feel more relaxed, many consumers report the Biscotti strain helping with feelings of creativity and euphoria, as well. 

So, if you’ve found yourself in a bit of a creative rut recently, a few puffs of the Biscotti strain may be enough to get you feeling motivated again. 

It’s worth noting that many consumers find the Biscotti strain effects to creep up.

This means that, while you may not feel them intensely right away, these effects will eventually hit you hard — sometimes when you’re least expecting it. 

With this in mind, take your time with the Biscotti strain!

Don’t rush consuming more before the full onset of effects has kicked in. Otherwise, this sweet strain may be a little too potent.

Biscotti strain

What Does the Biscotti Strain Taste Like?

Just as the name suggests, this strain is going to be sweet. 

Many people find that the Biscotti strain tastes similar to sweet cookies — as it’s namesake represents — with subtle hints of skunk and diesel. 

Upon smelling it, you’ll pick up hints of dessert and terroir mixed together, creating a unique — and delicious — combination in every hit. 

The primary terpenes within the Biscotti weed strain are caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene, so you’ll get a great mix of earthy and sweet with this weed.

How Potent is the Biscotti Weed Strain?

The potency of the Biscotti weed strain is going to vary a bit depending on the grower and the manufacturer.

However, this strain is known for having decently high THC percentages and strong effects. 

Typically, you’ll find the Biscotti weed strain hovering around 20-25% THC, making it a powerful option for those with higher tolerances or chronic conditions. 

But, if you’re newer to the world of weed, or just have a lower tolerance, this strain might pack to hard of a punch. 

Just remember that the effects sneak up on you, so we highly recommend going slow and staying low (milligram-wise) with your Biscotti bud. 

Where to Find Biscotti Strains Near You

If you’re looking for high-quality, tasty, and potent Biscotti strains to enjoy, you’re in luck! This strain has gained serious popularity recently, and you’ll likely be able to find it at your local dispensary.

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