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Medical Marijuana for Cerebral Palsy

Discover the relation between and potential benefits of medical marijuana for Cerebral Palsy.
cerebral palsy

As a child, the last thing you’re worried about is your ability to move, play, and communicate. Unfortunately, for those with cerebral palsy, these concerns are a reality for children as young as 18 months old. As a parent, getting this sort of diagnosis for your child can be scary, leaving you to try anything to help them find relief. That’s what brings us to medical marijuana for cerebral palsy.

Within recent years, more families have started becoming curious about the benefits of CBD oil for cerebral palsy. To help you give you more information about this potential relationship, we’re taking a look at medical marijuana for cerebral palsy as a whole, focusing mainly on CBD’s role. At Elevate Holistics, we’ll answer all of your CP and MMJ questions, so let’s get started.

medical marijuana for cerebral palsy

What is Cerebral Palsy & What Causes the Condition?

Before we get into cannabis and cerebral palsy, we’ll talk about the condition and what causes cerebral palsy in the first place. 

Medical sources define cerebral palsy as a congenital disorder affecting movement, muscle, and posture. The word “cerebral” refers to something regarding the brain, while “palsy” refers to muscle weakness or complication. Thus, CP is a disorder stemming from the brain that directly affects a person’s movement or balance. 

Unfortunately, most cerebral palsy cases occur in babies and toddlers, with parents knowing their child’s diagnosis before they’re a teenager. CP has a few different causes, some occurring before birth and others appearing after. Before birth, the baby may experience a problem with brain development. Some of these possible complications include: 


      • Injury to the unborn baby’s head

      • Stroke causing the baby’s blood supply to their brain to be cut

      • Mother caught an infection such as chickenpox or rubella

      • Damage to the unborn baby’s brain due to a lack of oxygen supply or reduced blood flow

    After birth, things like serious head injuries, low blood sugar levels, meningitis, stroke, or asphyxiation (whether during birth or due to drowning or choking) may also lead to a cerebral palsy diagnosis. 

    Symptoms of Cerebral Palsy

    You should be aware of a few common cerebral palsy symptoms if you think your child or family member is at risk. Here are some of the most significant signs:


        • Muscle tonnage too stiff or too floppy

        • Stiff muscles with exaggerated reflexes

        • Stiff muscles with average reflexes

        • Excessive drooling or difficulty swallowing

        • Delays in motor skills 

        • Tremors, involuntary movements, seizures

        • Troubled or delayed speech

        • Favoring one side of the body during movements

        • Difficulty walking, grabbing, or standing

      This should go without saying, but if you notice any of these symptoms within your child, make sure to contact your child’s primary care physician ASAP. 

      How Does Medical Marijuana Help With Cerebral Palsy?

      With a complicated disorder like cerebral palsy, finding any sort of relief seems challenging. Thankfully, it appears as though medical marijuana for cerebral palsy is proving quite promising. Though medical studies are still a bit new, the evidence we have now is remarkable. 

      Medical marijuana — CBD oil, specifically — can help with cerebral palsy in numerous ways. The plant works within the body to naturally function alongside the endocannabinoid system. The cannabinoids within the MMJ function to provide added support, regulate chemicals, and help bring internal balance to the body. This extra assistance can do wonders for movement, motivation, and overall mood in those with CP. 

      We’ll talk about the specific benefits that CBD oil for cerebral palsy offers in a moment, but the advantages appear to be widespread. More than the physical help, though, the natural, gentle aspects of CBD can be incredibly appealing for parents avoiding filling their children with foreign chemicals and strange concoctions. And, if you’re an adult with CP looking for relief, an organic option like this one can be quite a breath of fresh air. 

      Both physically and mentally, medical marijuana may provide profound support for those suffering from CP symptoms and side effects. Now, let’s talk a bit about the specific benefits that medical marijuana for cerebral palsy appears to bring.  

      Benefits of Marijuana for Cerebral Palsy Symptoms

      The benefits of marijuana for cerebral palsy symptoms are widespread and honestly pretty impressive. We’ve broken down the two main benefits for you below.

      Marijuana for Pain

      If you know anything about medical marijuana, it’s likely its effect on pain. Medical cannabis has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that work wonderfully for deep-seated joint and muscle pains. In a study of those experiencing chronic pain from CP, most mention pain stemming from the lower back, legs, and hips. 

      When you apply a cannabis topical to pain points like these, the cannabinoids directly target the inflamed areas. Thus, the products produce a concentrated amount of relief that reduces excess inflammation, tenderness, and redness. 

      Consuming CBD oil for cerebral palsy may prove best for those who have more full-bodied pain and require more relief. These products target inflammation throughout the body — wherever you’re experiencing it the most. Alongside reducing inflammation, MMJ products like these can help regulate pain response and lift your mood to give you an all-around boost of support.

      Marijuana for Spasticity

      Marijuana for muscle spasticity is something that researchers have been looking into for years now. Spasticity is when you develop an abnormal amount of stiffness or muscle tone in an area, likely affecting movement and causing painful spasms. However, studies show that medical marijuana is incredibly effective for calming muscle spasms and improving spasticity without causing any weakness. 

      The brain is the most common cause of muscle spasms, as it’s this area of the body that most controls movement. Medical marijuana can bind to or work with the cannabinoid receptors in the brain to calm these overactive triggers, resulting in improved spasticity and better movement control. 

      If you or your child has CP and experiences seizures as a result, medical marijuana can help with this, as well. In fact, rare seizure disorders are the only medical conditions that the FDA has approved CBD use for. This is because the evidence is undeniable — the cannabinoids within cannabis work to calm seizures, reducing numbers almost miraculously. 

      cerebral palsy awareness

      Best Strains to Use for Cerebral Palsy

      When finding the right strain for cerebral palsy, there are a few things you have to consider. If you’re an adult, are you okay with consuming a bit of THC? Though intoxicating, the cannabinoid has terrific benefits that help other components — like CBD — work better together. 

      If you’re a parent looking for something for your child, you’re going to want to steer clear of the THC and stick to something CBD-based and totally non-psychoactive. Don’t worry: we’ve provided you with a mix of a few different options.

      Girl Scout Cookies

      An indica-dominant strain, Girl Scout Cookies (or GSC for short), is an excellent option for those with CP because of its pain-relieving, euphoric, stress-free attributes. With GSC, it does have high THC levels, so you’ll find yourself engulfed in waves of bliss alongside some serious body-heavy pain relief. For those looking to experience a good night’s rest or are wanting to decompress after a hard day, GSC is the perfect option.  


      If you’re hoping to avoid THC for the most part, then the CBD-heavy Harlequin strain is the one for you. You’ll find this strain in many pure CBD products because of its potent medicinal value and relaxing properties. A Harlequin CBD oil for cerebral palsy patients is wonderful for reducing pain levels, lulling anxiety, boosting mood, and helping with motivation. Feeling a bit down both mentally and physically? The Harlequin strain is the way to go. 


      Another great CBD option is the ACDC strain. This one is known for not producing any intoxicating effects, making it ideal for those who just want the therapeutic value. Many people turn to this strain primarily to help with epilepsy, making it a great candidate to help with the muscle spasticity of those with cerebral palsy. Not to mention, its earthy, pine-based profile smell and tastes as relaxing as it is.  

      Pineapple Express

      Finally, if you’re okay with getting a little bit (or a lot a bit) stoned to help with your cerebral palsy, the Pineapple Express strain is a great choice. This strain produces uplifting, mood-buzzing effects that can be wonderful for those with CP needing some cheering up. The euphoric properties combined with the pain-relieving results create a beautiful recipe for enjoying the day, getting creative, and feeling motivated. 

      Methods of Marijuana Treatment

      If you’re looking to try medical marijuana for cerebral palsy, you have quite a few options. Cannabis is one of the most versatile plants on the planet, allowing us to use it in so many forms. 

      As long as your health allows — as well as your age — smoking cannabis flower is an effective method of marijuana treatment for cerebral palsy. Inhalation provides for the quickest onset of effects, and they travel throughout the body with ease. Smoking is suitable for nearly instant relief, though the effects do fade rather quickly. 

      For those not into smoking, options like marijuana edibles or oils may be ideal. Marijuana edibles are tasty treats infused with cannabis to give you a long-lasting, full-bodied result. Edible highs last much longer than other cannabis products, and the effects tend to feel more potent. If you need intense relief throughout the day, cannabis edibles may prove most effective. 

      As we mentioned earlier, you can also apply your cannabis product directly to points of pain. These products — called topicals — come in the form of lotions, creams, serums, transdermal patches, and so much more. You don’t have to do much, either! Simply apply the topical and wait for effects. You should begin to notice concentrated relief within just a few minutes; re-application will likely be necessary. 

      CBD Oil for Cerebral Palsy

      CBD oil is the perfect solution for parents searching for medical marijuana for children with seizures or CP. Again, you don’t want to give your children anything that will intoxicate them and make them feel paranoid or not like themselves. Since CBD doesn’t have psychoactive abilities in that sense, more and more parents see the clear benefits of CBD oil for cerebral palsy.

      With CBD oil, all you do is place a few drops of the oil under your child’s tongue and have them hold it for a few seconds before swallowing. If this is too much, you can add it to their food or drink. Within about an hour or so, you should start to notice the benefits of your CBD oil. From reduced tremors and lessened pain to improved spasticity and overall mood, there’s a chance you’ll notice some profound — positive — change in your kiddos. And they’ll be thanking you, too.

      Side Effects of Medical Marijuana

      Like all medications, substances, and even supplements, there is the chance for adverse side effects. Thankfully, with something like medical marijuana, you’re not going to have to worry about anything too harmful. Unless allergic to the substance, your adverse reactions are likely to be quick and easily managed. 

      Here are some of the most common side effects of medical marijuana: 


          • Drowsiness

          • Dizziness

          • Fatigue

          • Anxiety

          • Confusion

          • Dry mouth

          • Reduced coordination 

          • High blood pressure

        If you experience any of these effects after consuming medical marijuana for cerebral palsy, don’t panic! They are only temporary and will fade quickly. Try eating a good meal, drinking some water, or even sniffing black peppercorn to bring yourself out of your uncomfortable high.

        Why Marijuana is an Effective Treatment

        So, why is marijuana an effective treatment for those with cerebral palsy? Because it helps in holistic, full-body fashion — something that most treatments these days cannot achieve.

        When you take a step back and analyze medical marijuana’s attributes, it’s clear that the plant is quite effective for CP. The organic aspect itself is appealing for many, but the myriad medicinal values are hard to ignore. 

        It’s important to realize that it’s not just adults finding MMJ successful for their CP symptoms. CBD oil for cerebral palsy is remarkably effective for children, allowing them a natural option that may make them feel like regular kids again. Instead of dealing with debilitating side effects and treatments that do more harm than good, CBD oil has proven life-changing for both adults and children with cerebral palsy. 

        With all of this in mind, it’s hard not to see why marijuana is an effective treatment for CP.

        How to Get a Medical Card for Cerebral Palsy

        Now, the only thing left to do is understand how to get your own medical marijuana card for cerebral palsy. When getting an MMJ card, a doctor must approve you for a qualifying medical condition in the state you’re in — and that’s where we come in. 

        Elevate Holistics is a telemedicine company that specializes in helping people like you get their medical cards without hassle, right from home. We operate 100% online and do everything in our power to ensure you leave with a recommendation and all the knowledge you need about medical marijuana for cerebral palsy. Even if you don’t think you qualify in your state, we’ll work with you to see what other conditions you may be able to be eligible for. No matter what, Elevate Holistics is here to help you get your medical marijuana card without judgment and without ever leaving your house.

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